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  1. Dundeefc1783

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Somebody on Pie and Bovril saying we are announcing three new players tomorrow Stevie May, Cummings and another. From a reliable source apparently. Can’t see it
  2. Dundeefc1783

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    Think you can add the pitch to that as well. The bounce on it was unpredictable as f**k and it seemed very slow at times. To be fair that’s the refs responsibility to stop the game not up to our players particularly towards the end of a game when we are chasing a win.
  3. Dundeefc1783

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    One of those nights tonight against a well organised side but we should have sealed it second half. Not many teams win up there. Impressed with young Robertson looks a good player.
  4. Dundeefc1783

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Hopefully he has a stinker if he plays
  5. Dundeefc1783

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    I thought I heard something about hearts signing Steven Naismith on radio tonight
  6. Dundeefc1783

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Difference of opinion I guess but I don’t see him having much impact off the bench either. If Wighton ended up at any of our rivals I wouldn’t lose to much sleep over it as just don’t think he is good enough to be consistent at this level.
  7. Dundeefc1783

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Totally don’t understand why some fans are so desperate to see Wighton back to be honest. He played almost a 100 times for Dundee (yes I know a lot as a substitute) however other than a few flashes of brilliance he has never performed on a consistent basis and has done nothing of note since leaving Dundee. People are all going on about him being a number “10” and wasted out on the wing. For me I have not seen enough from him to suggest he can perform consistently at this level. Far too often in games Wighton is absolutely anonymous and offers absolutely nothing and at this point in time we cannot afford that. If Gowser is played in that position he might not always be outstanding but we all know he will chase everything and pressure the midfield and defence high up the park. Wighton for me will not offer that. We all bought into the Wighton hype and all hoped he would have a big future but he so far has flattered to deceive. He may have ability by the bucketload but Sometimes that is not enough.
  8. Dundeefc1783

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    That tweet is surely not just a random tweet? Strachan announcement perhaps?
  9. Dundeefc1783

    Jim Goodwin-lucky Escape?.

    They play on plastic?
  10. Dundeefc1783

    Raith V Dundee

    We certainly know all about that
  11. Dundeefc1783

    Whats Still Required ?

    Notice Davies is still tweeting selling his Herbalife sh**e. Surely he should be back by now if he is coming back.
  12. Dundeefc1783

    Whats Still Required ?

    I’m just going to make it that far.
  13. Dundeefc1783

    Whats Still Required ?

    I just wasn’t entirely sure that you meant it as you did that’s why I edited it. Not being confrontational at all but I do find it an odd thing that a supporter would not go to the game when they could especially for that reason, particularly the first competitive game of the season just down the road. Im working down south this weekend but would be raring to go the game if I was home. Different strokes I suppose.
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