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  1. My comment was so good you quoted me twice 😎
  2. Wighton is going to have to prove that he can produce the goods consistently though. He has moments of brilliance for us but they were far to irregular
  3. He hasn't done anything since to suggest that he is a good manager though
  4. While that was an incredible achievement I don't think It can be used as an indicator of how good a manager he is due to the circumstances and mentality around the club at that time. Since he left Dundee he has had 5 managerial jobs and barely lasted a year on any of them. No for me
  5. OK mate lets agree to disagree on that
  6. I seen the footage of him during the game that the photo was taken from
  7. A photo is a still of a fraction of a second so can't prove conclusively that he was sleeping thats what I'm eluding to
  8. Blinking for one and as some else said in a number of pictures taken of them smiling thier eyes are shut
  9. Think it was only 4 which suggests McPake was right and he is sh**e
  10. That c**ts twitter feed is obsessive. What a sad existence
  11. The coxy would be the Provie Road end but bring a 50 year Dee you would know that 👍
  12. Anyone notice how all these new posters these days as soon as questioned claim to have been Dees for 50 years 😂
  13. It's pretty easy to get a photo of someone with their eyes closed though. Like I say he look very bored and disinterested but not sleeping from what I seen on the coverage
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