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  1. Slane is irritating as f**k
  2. Think we could do better. Can't fault his effort but he has very little football ability or intelligence
  3. Like you say hopefully true but would be a shame should any club go under because of this.
  4. "I can see diarrhoea running down your leg, you posh little tw*t"
  5. Rev maybe start with when he interviews Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove. Worth it for the Frank Macavenie story alone
  6. Didn't realise Wetherspoons were still open for takeaway food 😂
  7. He is a prick. He has told staff they are not getting thier salaries until the end of April and was he not saying last week that pubs were essential and he wouldn't close Apparently worth about 500 million and treating his workers like absolute sh**e.
  8. Tim Martin is running him pretty close
  9. Did sturgeon not coming out agai and today ordering all non essential business to close? Imagine if companies dont listen that they will take further action. Also notice that sh*t monger Mike Ashley saying he thinks sports direct is essential so staying open. They have also added 50% onto popular items used for fitness at home
  10. Honestly take a day off. All we need to know is that this is rapidly killing thousands of people and millions of people all over the world are at a high risk of losing thier life as a result of it.
  11. The way I see it governments around the world would not be closing countries risking economic armagedon if they had another option.
  12. Honestly is this guy for real? Stinks of just trying to be controversial and edgy. Experts all over the world are telling us the measures we need to take but he quotes some unknown obscure source. Quite frankly we are taking this very seriously we have a 3 year old who because of bad asthma is in the high risk category and we are having to isolate for three months. I'm classed as a key worker so I have had to move out to continue to work (will do so as long as I can) so am faced with the prospects of not being able to see the wife and kids for 12 weeks apart from at distance. I feel this is extremely serious and could potentially make our wee girl very ill so it has to be like this as we couldn't live with ourselves if something did happen and we hadnt taken every precaution. He can quote the low mortality rates all you want but the simple fact is if a single one of us lose a loved one to this we won't be giving a f**k about low mortality rates. Tell the thousands of folk that who are mourning all over the world
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