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  1. The problem with GS is while he is a massive name for a club of our standing there is absolutely no guarantee that what he is doing will positively impact the first team and even if it does its probably a minimum of 5 years away and that's got to be something the club will have to weigh up.
  2. I agree I think Spence is alright and doesn't take himself to seriously on social media. Cosgrove is another matter and he doesn't try to hide it
  3. Wouldn't lose any sleep over it mate if we go bust you can just follow one of the hunners of clubs waiting to come up 😂
  4. Surely the EFL have a lot to answer for in relation to fit and proper person considering they took over less than a month ago
  5. Should have called it a Deewok 😂. I will get my coat
  6. Also agreed to amended terms. Him and Gowser setting fantastic example.
  7. Pretty sure they have been teetering on the brink for a long time
  8. Let's not forget sacked as England manager in what was the second shortest reign as manager in history (Sam Allardice being first), sacked by wolfsburg after one season, forest lasted ten games winning only two before quitting, second time round he resigned from Twente after criticism from fans, Derby County sacked after 18 months, Newcastle sacked after 9 months, returned to Derby and sacked after 6 months, QPR sacked 11 months in after winning 1 in 15. The Wolly with a brolly would be a good fit at Tannadice I reckon. Give him a 5 year contract then have to pay him off about 4 and a half years of it. The sh**e he blethers I struggle to understand how any professional footballer could take him seriously.
  9. A hefty pay off when he gets punted in three months?
  10. I am likely in the minority as I think this is anything but a coup. He may well be a biggish name but his career has been on the slide for years and it shows how far he has fallen If he is willing to come to a newly promoted provincial Scottish club. He has had a couple of decent spells as a manager but he has been sacked or resigned from most of the clubs he has managed becuase his performance has been piss poor. He is also an absolute walloper with some of the sh**e he comes out with. A recent example being after Brentford beat Fulham 3-0 he stated "I feel sorry for Fulham, its not a 3-0 game but the scoreline reflects the game". Makes Boris sound decisive Has a reputation as a very good coach but don't think he is a very good football manager. And he won't be coming cheap. Also how long before he starts putting on a Scottish accent in interviews. He's a f**cking idiot.
  11. The thing is with how poor and injury prone he has been since he signed who is going to offer him anywhere near the type of contract he will have signed for us back in 2017 particulalry in tbr current climate. No loss whatsoever anyway an absolute bombscare of a centre half
  12. I think it would be a bit of a kick in the teeth to the boys taking wages cuts if we were to be signing/attempting to sign boys like Gordon who won't come cheap
  13. Think there are two guys from corrie who are dees but from your description think you are referring to Sam Robertson. If he was Chocolate he would eat himself
  14. Could also probably get one considerably closer to home.
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