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  1. I had to read that twice because first time I read it as 35 year old Andy Goram
  2. Dundeefc1783

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    Not concerned it’s similar pattern to his first time here. He will come good.
  3. Dundeefc1783

    Graham Dorrans

  4. Dundeefc1783

    Graham Dorrans

    Absolute tosh
  5. Playing the way Liverpool do puts massive pressure on the full backs. They are left fairly exposed but also expected to contribute in the attacking third of the field. Our players do not have the ability or the football intelligence to play this high risk high reward style of play. Our midfield and defence struggle when there has been 9 of them.
  6. Dundeefc1783

    Alloa On Saturday

    A knock? He needs to toughen up like. Seems he’s one of these boys that the slightest little thing will keep him out.
  7. Dundeefc1783

    My Season Ticket

    As other have echoed a great gesture from one of the good guys. Ps make sure you get them to sign some form of waiver that they can’t sue you for the misery you are about to inflict on some poor b*****d .
  8. Dundeefc1783

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    Any truth in it though? I would think the betting company would find that a highly irregular bet due to the level of the game and amount of the bet. Even if they split it into 5 bets it’s still a strange betting pattern.
  9. Dundeefc1783

    4-4-2 / Accommodating Players

    Maybe it is rocket science after all
  10. Dundeefc1783

    Elgin On Sunday

    A loss to alloa is not going to make me call for the managers head. We need to give him time to get it right cause sacking managers after a few bad results will get us nowhere. Like I say a ridiculous attitude to have.
  11. Dundeefc1783

    Elgin On Sunday

    The Derby was a disaster but who gives a f**k if we are out some two bit cup that nobody cares about. Sacking a manager now is a f**kin ridiculous shout.
  12. Dundeefc1783

    Elgin On Sunday

    Here we go. In pre season we all said we needed to be patient and give McPake time. First week of September and roasters are calling for him to be sacked. Absolute madness.
  13. Dundeefc1783

    Elgin On Sunday

    Get a f**cking grip.
  14. Dundeefc1783

    Derby: In/Out

    It’s a pretty pathetic tactic he is using to try sell a few extra books. Imagine it will increase his sales by about 3. Book will be in the bargain bucket by next month.
  15. Dundeefc1783

    Derby: In/Out

    Aye a good book to get you to sleep. Got to be one of the most boring high profile footballers ever. An audio version in his monotone voice would be a best seller amongst insomniacs
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