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  1. Dundeefc1783

    Derby On the 27th

    If they dont think they can beat that mob then McPake can take himself and everyone of his staff and players and get to f**k. No Dundee team regardless of form, quality of players etc should be f**cking lying down to that mob.
  2. Dundeefc1783

    Arbroath Ticket Information

    Is it any f**kin wonder crowds are dwindling when you can't pay cash on the day to get into a half full stadium. Absolute madness.
  3. Dundeefc1783

    Why Can't We Get the Ball Forward Like This?

    Agree Haber was a bit marmite amongst the fans but when he was fit and in the mood he was a great asset. Its just a shame he couldn't find it more consistently
  4. Dundeefc1783

    Why Can't We Get the Ball Forward Like This?

    100% agree BB Have said numerous times how much I wish we had a Willie Falconer in our team these days. The only decent spell we have had in last few years was when we had Haber up front doing a job for us
  5. Dundeefc1783

    Arbroath V Dundee

    When do you ever see groups of kids playing football in the street these days? Rarely. From the age of about 6 into my early teens that's all wee ever did most nights and even at school during lunch time etc. These days when kids are playing football it only seems to be during coached sessions where they are told what they are doing all the time. For me kids are coached far to much these days rather than being able to think for themselves and develop their own skills. That for me is the biggest problem. It doesn't have to always be organised drilled coaching sessions.
  6. Dundeefc1783

    Why Can't We Get the Ball Forward Like This?

    I f**cking loved George Shaw
  7. Dundeefc1783

    McPake Poll

    My biggest concern re McPake is his ability to motivate the players. I thought one of his strengths given how he was as a player. However it appears to be the complete opposite his body language for me is terrible and has been all season and he just seems dour all the time.
  8. Dundeefc1783

    Arbroath V Dundee

    Should be a game against a local side that we should all be looking forward to. Absolutely dreading it. Arbroath will certainly be up for the fight
  9. Dundeefc1783

    And While We Are In a Moaning Mood....

    Might be a popular opinion but Keyes is partly to blame for this debacle. He is the man in charge and he is allowing his mate to made these f**cking ridiculous appointments and allow him to waste shitload of money rebuilding squads. He is the man at the top and has to shoulder some of the blame imo
  10. Dundeefc1783

    We Want Jim Duffy Back!

    Or a sign that he is not particularly fussy
  11. Dundeefc1783


    That should include the players seats in the dressing room, but the dugout and Nelms' are big comfy seat in the stand
  12. Dundeefc1783

    Keep Oot the Tully

    What do you expect them so say? "The managers tactics are sh**e and we can't be f**ked" Wouldn't worry about the sh**e printed in press
  13. Strachan wants nothing to do with first team affairs he has made that perfectly clear
  14. Think you should just shut your pus
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