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  1. Yeah agree and hope we keep him as he really started to prove his worth last season. Think it says a lot that if he did leave it is highly likley he would be moving up a league so we shouldn't be letting boys like him that go unless it's for a decent fee.
  2. Is Byrne injured as noticed he wasn't in squad again
  3. A good dilemma to have. Could we actually see a bit of rotation between the two of them during games.
  4. Hamilton Christie Ashcroft McGhee Marshall Byrne Adam Dorrans McDaid Jakubiak Nadir 😜 Get the ball up front to the big man and get runners aound him. Quick direct football to hurt teams instead of this slow build up sh**e.
  5. I'm sorry but completely disagree the biting incident was what 5 years ago and the reaction to it all was a bit ott imo. In the heat of a Derby match tempers flare and things happen. Paul McGowan has been involved in far more controversial incidents off the pitch as a Dundee player and the club have stood by him and also what the manager is currently being accused of doesn't look great. The simple fact is that Nadir Ciftci was hated by Dundee fans long before that incident because in his time at United he was a very good player who wasnt afraid to mix it. If he was sh**e we wouldn't
  6. For me he is the type of boy love in your team and hate playing against you. If he could get back to near the form he showed at United he would be a quality signing. Our squad is crying out for a big strong guy up front who isn't scared to mix it. He signs and bangs in a few goals his past would soon be forgotten.
  7. Have a look at his twitter page. The boy is Derry'd out his f**cking nut
  8. You have absolutely no idea or proof that this is about money. So stop spouting absolute nonsense.
  9. We don't know that any deal has fallen through yet and who is to say it is down to Adam himself or due to money? Could be a number of factors causing the delay. While Adam might well be a Dundee fan there could be any number of factors that he or the club are taking into consideration before signing any deal. So let's not be jumping to conclusions. Let's not forget he is potentially uprooting himself to another country and leaving his young family 300 mile down the road. Think it was JMP who made comments last summer about deals for players taking weeks and at times longer to be ag
  10. McGowan has never played for Scotland. Yeah Ferry has said that a few times on podcast but he also admitted that his back was absolutely f**ked when he signed for Dundee and he was never anywhere near fit. Worth noting though he never played in championship down south was only ever league 1 or 2. I know they still play same amount of games in championship as league 1 and 2 but think it's generally accepted the championship is one of the most competitive league going so think Charlie should be fine. Although I thought Joey Barton would have been a decent player signing for
  11. Very surprised by that. Petr Czachowski (sp)
  12. Dariusz Jonay hernandez CC33 Brent Sancho Kelvin Jack
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