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  1. He's a typically bitter DAB with typical delusions of grandeur and world fame; that's all that needs to be said about him and tells us all we need to know
  2. Exactly this, out the traps quickly and have us all excited to see the team play again.
  3. I've bought a season ticket and think I might take up your suggestion of writing to John Nelms. Or I might ask my sofa to go make me a sandwich, better chance of a response. The lack of customer communication and poor responses to customer queries has helped breed the apathy so many of us feel toward the club right now. There's an easy fix for this. We the fans consistently buy season tickets, despite our apathy, knowing that we're more likely to be disappointed than thrilled. The cure for any existing apathy lies with the club, the fans want to be excited by the team on the park and I can't remember when I was last excited about the idea of going to Dens - probably the Doon Derby.
  4. There's a fine line between expectation and hope. we go into every season hoping for the best but it's not really an expectation for me. Anyone that expects a clusterfuck of a club like Dundee FC to be consistently in the top flight and winning trophies has something loose that shouldn't be loose, however we all hope for it, every season we hope for it. To be honest I think even that shows that we all have something loose that shouldn't be loose. Until the club becomes unfucked all we'll have is hope and every time we get those hopes up they'll be dashed. The way things are right now it'll be a long, long time until Dundee FC is unfucked.
  5. The realist has unrealistic expectations you mean? Shairly no???
  6. Well, that cheered me up no end
  7. How did you manage to tie your existing seat number to the new account? Surely that would have been reserved to the previous account? Edit - forget the above from me. I just went on, set up a new account with new email address and it knew my seat number so I caved in and renewed. Just need to do the same for the kids' season tickets now.
  8. Actually, I agree with some of that. He is an elusive character, he does operate privately and he says nothing to the press which is the thing they don't like of course. How that makes him a bumbling Scooby Doo villain is the bit I don't understand. He's anything but bumbling, as anyone that's met him will tell you, and there's no mask - quite simply, that's him and what you see is what you get. Sensationalism and very, very poor journalism once again from a very, very poor newspaper.
  9. Did you find out which individual or individuals was / were causing the issue? I've no idea how this stuff works mind but I'm sure you said before what was being done but it was all whoosh to me.
  10. The club doesn't give us the forum to discuss and / or criticise the way this forum does. Certainly give money direct to the club but if you want an open forum where you can express your opinion and read the honest opinions of others it's this one. Not sure how much it costs to run a website and a forum but fact is the club had a forum that was censored beyond reason and eventually took it down because they didn't like to read the honest, heartfelt opinions of its customers. Mad used to be good but if you're not in the clique forget it, there are at least two moronic trolls on it and the pop ups are beyond the pale. Access to this site has to be worth the odd £5 donation surely?
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