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  1. Usually open up once the early bird renewal final date is reached.
  2. I don't remember seeing one last time I passed but it might have been hidden under overgrown vegetation of course.
  3. OK we might be denied that chance but there is a possibility we wouldn't even have qualified for it, so I would maybe use lighter language than 'shafted'. Shafted would be Hearts relegated when there's a real possibility they could avoid it or United denied promotion when they look like runaway winners, that level of judgement is a shafting. We could maybe consider it a bit unfortunate or even unfair to be denied a play off shot but it's not really being 'shafted'. IMO of course.
  4. How can we be shafted? We weren't going up either automatically or through play off, we'll be where we deserve to be come the start of the next season, whenever that is.
  5. Hasn't started in earnest but there was some activity, looked like parking hardstandings rather than building construction. Was under the impression the stadium was on hold before the virus to be honest.
  6. I'll be taking any refund offered that's for sure Only kidding, they'll be keeping it as a donation. Good statement from the BoD. I still don't think I'm ready to commit to buying my next season's season ticket, still very hacked off with performances to date this season, but will give it some thought over the next few weeks.
  7. Common sense and an easy decision, Bruges 15 points clear with one game to play and a committee to look at promotion / relegation etc. Bottom looking a bit less obvious with only two points between Beveren and Ostend. Won't be as easy for our authorities though.
  8. I think there's a difference between key workers and essential jobs though. O&G projects will be essential because if they grind to a halt it'll have serious financial and social implications down the line - fuel shortages so prices will go up and the like. However, somebody forgot to tell the government that we can't really do the projects if our suppliers are not allowed to work. We heard of a guy on his way to work last week in a fabricator we use. He got stopped by the police and fined £60 because he didn't have a note from his mum (kind of) to say he was allowed to go to work. That fabricator is now completely closed and we can't do much on the project if they're not working. I'm only in an 'essential job' and my wife works in ASDA so is a 'key worker' - without getting over political on it it's worth noting that I earn about five times her salary and probably more than twice that of a qualified nurse. Society's upside down.
  9. Wee extract from an email sent out by me employer today - I feel all important reading this sort of thing. We also get pamphlets on how best to work from home - now none of these say 'do not drink alcohol during working hours' so I have to assume this is OK. Business continuity The local Incident Management Team continues to meet regularly to monitor latest developments and government advice, and to agree necessary actions. We are also receiving helpful guidance from our industry body, Oil & Gas UK. The oil and gas industry is considered as “essential” so our goal is to continue to deliver client projects where safe and possible to do so, while ensuring appropriate social distancing measures are maintained.
  10. Agreed. Except that I'm 100% certain I won't shed any tears for them - unless tears of laughter of course.
  11. During league shutdown. Should be free to season ticket holders full stop.
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