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  1. Been away for the weekend so just getting round to reacting to this. This is a terrible move by the society board, the man's a serial complainer who doesn't give the club a minute. He goes to Dens a few times a season but will find several items to complain about at every visit and constantly pesters them about every detail. What's he going to be like when he hears some of the comms between society and club? Any hope the society had of reconciling with the club board has probably taken a massive retrograde step with this appointment. Between him and the other problem they have on the boar
  2. I'd better get a refund on my season tickets - last season and this season - if I don't get into Dens soon.
  3. Never a keeper. Needs a keeper to stop him biting people.
  4. There's always multiple ways to look at any situation. The team went into decline under Paul Hartley due to a change in player sourcing policy which ultimately cost a promising and hard working manager his job. Successive managerial appointments since have been farcical resulting in relegation, the perfect time for Tim Keyes to act and remove the cause of those failings? Probably, but instead he kept him on board and a player came to us who has stated for years that he'd like to play for Dundee some day. A massive coup? I'm still not fully convinced by the most recent managerial appo
  5. Not strictly true. They'll always be judged by their predecessors' actions. And by the fact that a particular individual is still involved of course.
  6. Ian pretty much held it together, no idea why he resigned but that's him and Bob Hynd away now. Might suggest something aint right?
  7. Agreed - baffled as to why anyone would be pleased by this.
  8. Are they not quite a young (generally) and inexperienced squad though? Also still looks a bit short on numbers to me. My mate extols the fact that Dunfermline have a young, fit and pacey squad; but that's all he seems to see and thinks it's the be all and end all - we've been there, exciting but not always effective. Whilst it looks like we'll be much more experienced and possibly that bit slower. Personally I see benefits in both 'styles' and can see our midfield being too classy in possession for most sides; however I can also see the likes of Ashcroft, Kerr and Forster struggling
  9. Ian Baird has resigned and they're now looking for people to increase the board size to 7 or 8. I think it might be on its last legs.
  10. Maybe confusing it with another humiliating tour they went on. Actually I was probably thinking of Nigeria when the term Dundee United was adopted there to mean idiot.
  11. Thought it was from a team they lost to in South Africa?
  12. Any tangerine is too much tangerine. However I've been to your place and for a tangerine mob you're OK.
  13. Mate of mine is a Dunfermline fan and is absolutely adamant they have the best squad in the division after Hearts. Saying that I get the same from him every season. I've looked at their squad and I think he might have been on the mushrooms but then I barely recognised any of the names and can only see 16 listed. Can any of you more knowledgeable individuals enlighten me as to the strength or otherwise of their squad? I realise they're supposedly swimming in Deutsch Marks but none of it seems to be showing in significant signings - yet.
  14. Don't get too excited, my Pars supporting mate says his legs are gone, he's too old, he's just here to milk what he can from the club, he's too slow and it'll put us into admin. Admittedly he was vomiting profusely between words 🤣
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