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  1. I think you're miles off on both. Alloa's given penalty wasn't a penalty and the not given one for us was a penalty even to an amateur referee on his (or her) first game and without being properly qualified. I really hope the referee supervisor puts in a proper appraisal like that's gonna happen
  2. Prince Buster

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Now I'm just embarrassed - honestly didn't know I would get emails, was looking for messages via the site.
  3. Prince Buster

    Disagree Button Discussion

    No response to the report from software yet.
  4. Prince Buster

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Have PM'd you. Will do a quick test ticket.
  5. Prince Buster

    Disagree Button Discussion

    I did just that via a convoluted route. Part of the message I received said - 'If you feel that that we have made a mistake, contact our support team'. Support team being a link. I clicked the link and received the following message - Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 On clicking a further available 'Contact Us' button I received a window into which I typed my objection but to date I have not received a response. I also responded directly to the message I had received from support despite it stating not to. I did this because of previous similar lacks of response to objections and reports. I only 'b***h' when I feel I've been wronged, as I do in this situation, but the repeated lack of response to my communications can only be interpreted as I stated above. Your profile is 0% complete
  6. Prince Buster

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Apologies for the down button which I've now removed.
  7. Prince Buster

    Disagree Button Discussion

    You say it's a message board 'we care about'. Well unfortunately I made a comment on Goatlord's 'Bye Bye' post from Tuesday that was removed as 'flame baiting'. All I wrote was that I had been quiet for similar reasons to Goatlord but didn't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops. I then wished Goatlord the best of luck only speaking to Aberdeen based fans because I have considerable experience of that city and it's inhabitants and for me most of them are stuck up and arrogant. If you 'care about' this message board you'll allow opinions from each side of every argument and you'll allow people to take umbrage at anything posted with which they don't agree - you wouldn't accuse a 'great poster' of flame baiting simply because he or she states their well founded and honest opinion when there was clearly no intent to illicit an angry response or of creating argument. I'll continue to be quiet for nor now for many of the same reasons Goatlord decided to go but will add now that it's clear the opinions and comments of this particular 'great poster' are no longer welcome on this once great message board.
  8. Prince Buster

    Bye Bye

    100% this.
  9. Prince Buster

    Alloa On Saturday

    Wouldn't have mattered; I reckon the decision to appoint McPake permanently was made before McIntyre was offloaded and McPake made interim manager. Applications were pointless.
  10. Prince Buster


    I see I've got another stalker - grow up please, if you have something to say then say it otherwise butt out.
  11. Prince Buster


    I've been very critical of the previous two managerial appointments - and quite rightly so - stating immediately that McCann was just wrong and taking a bit longer to realise just how bad McIntyre was. However with Jimmy Nicholl coming in along with Dave Mackay I was a bit more confident that McPake could make a fist of it. I'm already having my doubts about it though. If McPake fails there will be one person common to each appointment and should we be humiliated again on Saturday, which will be further indication that the McPake appointment is already turning sour, surely it'll be time to turn on that person and not McPake? Maybe the higher echelons is where the problem lies and not at the feet of the manager incumbent?
  12. Prince Buster

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    I'm missing the game next week due to a much better option - actually glad that I am too - actually any option would be much better.
  13. All that running round in circles probably did for him.
  14. Prince Buster

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    Oooffttt - now that's some level of sh**e.
  15. Prince Buster

    Elgin On Sunday

    Losing at home to Elgin City - yup Elgin City - is unacceptable in anyone's eyes. Maybe not time to brandish the pitch forks right now but it's easy to see why some will be starting the calls for his head now. Two successive matches and two total minters, I held off getting my season ticket this season but am already starting to feel like I've been conned.
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