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  1. Prince Buster

    How Many Games More Should McPake Be In Charge

    Should never have been put in charge
  2. Prince Buster


    Insolent? This is an internet message board, insolence is the currency on here. If you want respect I suggest you try your luck elsewhere because with posts like that you won't get it from me.
  3. Prince Buster


    A club director has no interest in first team affairs? Really? We go on as we are and any long term aims are futile. No support = no business, last night showed that as things stand the club has no business.
  4. Prince Buster

    Is This Worse Than Kernihan Season

    Name spelling police will get you for this.
  5. Prince Buster


    I think you'll find Ralph's surname is spelled Callaghan. Please don't pull me up for perceived spelling errors, it demeans us both.
  6. Prince Buster


    Ralph Callaghan was a long time ago mate
  7. Prince Buster

    Tonights Farce

    Ridiculous that you paid so much to endure that nonsense then felt justified in leaving at half time. The club has sunk a long way already and is still sinking.
  8. Prince Buster

    Tonights Farce

    Looks like they're all having a pish. Hamilton's trying to judge who's pishing furthest because, well he's no use for anything else.
  9. Prince Buster


    Ralph Callaghan?
  10. Prince Buster

    Crowd V Motherwell

    Are the rockers getting involved?
  11. Prince Buster

    If Oxygen Was Ever To Be Rationed

    I'm trying to give McPake some leeway after criticising him mercilessly earlier in the season, finding it increasingly impossible though.
  12. Prince Buster

    Crowd V Motherwell

    I'm a grandad
  13. Prince Buster


    Holy fkn sh*t Hamilton Again
  14. Prince Buster


    Byrne off for Johnson. Didn't realise Byrne was on.
  15. Prince Buster


    People keep saying this squad is capable of more however, for me at least, they've never proved it so simply aren't.
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