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  1. Prince Buster

    Scotland Match

    Or like our team under McCann?
  2. Prince Buster

    Statement On the Flag Incident

    Didn't know that.
  3. Prince Buster

    Statement On the Flag Incident

    Steward should have approached the people and asked them to take it down, if they refused then they get the police involved. Looks like he just reached up and pulled it down which is unacceptable and definitely not the way to treat anyone. No surprise that the steward felt he couldn't approach them though, they're just scum and he'd have been subject to abuse no doubt.
  4. Prince Buster

    The New Stadium Thread

  5. Prince Buster

    The New Stadium Thread

    Thanks for the info Attilio. I'm in subsea engineering so architecture and related rules etc. are not my area but that's a good explanation for us that don't know. Got to assume you also use fag packet drawings too though?
  6. Prince Buster

    The New Stadium Thread

    OK here goes - yes, it's professionally produced however it's a professionally produced outline drawing with no detail. It represents a rough outline of the project but contains no detail such as dimensions, materials, tolerances etc. holy sh*t, it doesn't even have a drawing number or a north indicator on it so is no worth the paper it's (virtually) printed on. The best contractor in the world could not even begin to quote that project with the drawing above. The detail drawings will be with the planners for scrutiny, if they even exist that is, but are not really required when you're just giving people an idea of what is planned. If it was not professionally produced it would be termed a 'fag packet' drawing
  7. Prince Buster

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Well, if you live in Fife........
  8. Prince Buster

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Sorry, all the women I know are ladies.
  9. Prince Buster

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    One or two individuals who would happily see DFCSS dissolved and all the current board members executed in fact. I have no idea how many meetings they have every year; really none of my business. Apologies if I've got it wrong, I've had 'fallings out' with Ranking Roger on here before and the style of posting and aggression used did not suggest to me at any point that it was a lady posting.
  10. Prince Buster

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Doubting that he 'inadvertently' used Mrs. BP's account on her IPad. OK then, call me a cynic.
  11. Prince Buster

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    You are very special. Not cynicism - doubt and suspicion.
  12. Prince Buster

    The New Stadium Thread

    You don't see from the plans that the existing entry / egress to the adjacent site remains in place and that it would be very easy to connect the two sites if not already indicated as such? I realise you were in finance and not engineering / civils but surely you understand the difference between an outline drawing and a detail drawing? An outline drawing does just what it says on the tin i.e. it outlines high level plans whilst a detail drawing provides the detail - I'd imagine there will be tens or possibly hundreds of detail drawings involved in a project such as this one. What dblair posted up is a very rough outline drawing so I think that spouting about exits being narrower than entries is a bit premature. Anyway, as I've said countless times I don't think it will ever happen but hope I'm wrong (about it happening not the drawing).
  13. Prince Buster

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    I think you'll find the DFCSS membership represents a fairly typical cross section of the total DFC support. I mean it's not as if you have to be anything special, any particular age group or sex for example, to joint the DFCSS is it? I'd further suggest that the DFCSS membership is more typical of the overall support than either this forum or the other forum you quoted in post number 136. I hope that other board hasn't tainted your view in any way? If you're not sure discuss it with your 'wife'.
  14. Prince Buster

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    I'm not so sure

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