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  1. Prince Buster

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    Agree. The club made a massive error parading soldiers at Dens in front of the The Rangers fans in my opinion. Support a local children's charity and we can all get on board with it.
  2. Prince Buster

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    Armed forces are intrinsically tied to politics. The debate is whether this third strip is good or not and whether Dundee FC should maybe move on from supporting military charities to something else. My opinion a local Dundee based children's charity would probably encourage me to part with my hard earned to buy a third strip each for my grand kids - military charities won't.
  3. Prince Buster

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    What's Hearts and Gorgie got to do with this strip and Dundee FC's support of military charities? Remembering and respecting those that gave their lives in armed conflict is far from the support of charities that carry out a role the government should be providing. Probably best that clubs don't align themselves with military charities or institutions - bit too contentious don't you think? If people want to support these then they can do so in their own ways surely? I can see this provides another way of doing just that but for me it's 100% unnecessary. Wouldn't like to think the club were alienating some of its support through this connection but it could well end that way. I would personally prefer it not to be there but won't withdraw my support because of it; but then I'm quite passive in my dislike of the military and the way it dumps its ex employees on the street when it's finished with them. Others won't be as passive as I am.
  4. Prince Buster

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    I'd like to see that
  5. Prince Buster

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    They should be supported, and looked after, by the MOD and not charities. There's an ad on TV just now raising funds for Erskine. Features an ex soldier who was medically discharged and on it he says he left the army with nothing, that in itself is a total disgrace, and it goes on to say he's been in Erskine since he was dumped on the streets by the army (my words not his). And yet, this guy is standing there proudly showing his medals and still wearing his beret. OK probably just nonsense but it's the image they're using to sell their point and those people do exist. Why does a decorated soldier, proud enough to still wear the beret of the regiment that kicked him out with nothing, have to depend on a charity? The whole thing is wrong and token gestures of support like Dundee FC sticking out a third strip that very few will buy just encourages the regiments in the disdain with which they (and the government) regard injured ex servicemen. The top looks good however the cause it's trying to raise money for should not exist because it should not be needed. Time for Dundee FC to end this connection with military charities in my opinion. disclaimer - other opinions exist and are just as valid as mine.
  6. Prince Buster

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    I simply can't see the point and if it's £47 then I think a lot of people will agree with me.
  7. Prince Buster

    Festive Events At Dens.

  8. Prince Buster

    Welcome Home Barry

    I can't remember saying 80%. For me McCann was only 50% responsible for our relegation with the guy that made managerial appointments being accountable for the other 50%. McIntyre was never saving us as we were doomed by McCann and his signings so although he saw us down, and was an atrocious appointment, he doesn't take responsibility. As far as I'm concerned the guy that appointed him takes his share of the blame.
  9. Prince Buster

    Festive Events At Dens.

    Na, nae need.
  10. Prince Buster

    Decade Highlights for the Dee

    Probably same for me on all counts - I still have the ball that Kyle Letheren saved that day.
  11. Prince Buster

    Welcome Home Barry

    Don't think anyone's saying Barry was / is of limited ability - just not a stand out player. He went about his job as a player steadily and reliably. As a manager he was probably throw in at the deep end but did incredibly well overall. Legend? Possibly, certainly a highly respected former servant of the club. Neil McCann had pace, agility, guile and a hatful of tricks that made him a stand out player at many clubs - for me though I agree, not a 'legend' which is a label I believe we attach to that kind of player far too easily. As regards his time as manager I think we should consign that to the list of complete f**k ups the club has seen so many of in the past.
  12. Prince Buster

    Welcome Home Barry

    He saved the club from relegation after Paul Hartley was bagged by John Nelms, hence a bit of loyalty to him. He was also a 'club legend' so there probably was an element of trying to appease the fans an hoping we'd get right behind him in there - which many misguided fans did.. It's pretty ridiculous to even suggest John Nelms would have any love for the club before he came here.
  13. Prince Buster

    Welcome Home Barry

    Was thinking more of industry use of the term but it can be used in football to describe a player that moves about.
  14. Prince Buster

    Welcome Home Barry

    Well, if it's on Wikipedia...... as you say, we're all correct.
  15. Prince Buster

    Welcome Home Barry

    Jobs for the boys doesn't work in any industry. I'm not saying Barry isn't well qualified for the role he's been given, I just hope his qualifications and experience are the reasons he's been onboarded and not some misguided feeling of loyalty. I think there was an element of that with McCann's appointment and that was a total disaster as we all know.
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