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  1. Was in hospo that night so missed that; my son took my seat and described it as mayhem when the winner went in. I stood for fifteen minutes after the match watching the celebratory gloating before retreating for a pint though.
  2. In rugby VAR is used to help the referee make a correct decision. In EPL football it's being used to make the decision for the referee. The rugby use is how the technology available should be applied - the EPL use is an attempt to pacify whinging managers who used to come back and criticise referees for making human errors - it's backfiring big time on the EPL.
  3. To be honest I wouldn't trust the word of any police officer.
  4. I've met James McPake a few times and you're right he is a genuinely nice guy. That doesn't make me forgive him for the garbage I've paid good money to sit through so far this season. But I agree, I couldn't see him lamping some bell end that's on the wind up.
  5. All the polis will know is what he / she was told by the alleged victim unless he / she witnessed the whole event in which case he / she should probably have intervened to stop it before it got out of hand.
  6. I met John Rankin in Tannadice hospo once - genuinely nice guy. Kids were Dundee mascots and he spent ages with them after the game.
  7. The view part is very much a matter of opinion; mine is that high up in The Coxy and Shankly give better overall views than any part of The Derry and same goes for Main Stand. The atmosphere in The Coxy for big games when we're doing well is better than The Derry too. It was great in there on Championship winning day against Dumbarton.
  8. I only gamble what I'm comfortable with losing and believe that everyone who likes to bet should bear that rule in mind at all times. For me it's probably no more than £5 on any individual bet and I rarely put more than £20 a month into my online Wullie Hull account. I'm currently on a 'bet up' type thing where I've put £5 on one 'banker' and then put the whole lot on the next 'banker'. In doing this I've discovered draw no bet where you get your stake back if the side you back to win draws - OK you get less odds but it reduces your risk significantly so that's to be expected. I'm sitting with £18.07 on Man United to beat Watford today, Man U odds are 4/7 and I've got 1/5 draw no bet. If it wins I'll find another 'banker' win and will put the whole £21.68 on that side with draw no bet. Gambling can be fun and keeps you interested but for me when you start looking at multiple sites for better odds that will get you another 10p if your bet comes up and when you start lumping hundreds of pounds of your own money on a 'banker' you have a bit of a problem. There is no such thing as a banker by the way, doing my bet up thing a few years back I was at around £650, put it all on a 'banker' at 5/1 and lost it (backed team drew); fortunately that only cost me £5 and it at least it was fun for a few weeks so no great loss.
  9. 100% we need a settled management team however a poor manager isn't going to become a good manager just because he's been in the same job for three or four years. We really need to revisit who our manager is for next season and for the three or four seasons after that. Maybe McPake will stay for that time but as it stands right now, and only in my opinion, he's not the man to be our manager long term and to take the club forward.
  10. I agree, the QOS goal was clearly offside - where's VAR when you want it? Pretty sure we'd have got a very clear and proper decision from there.
  11. I've been very critical of McPake all season and that's not changing because he's managed a few good performances and results recently. Fact remains that most of his performances and results this season have not been good enough. We won't get promoted and I still feel he needs to be replaced for next season or we're likely to get more of the same.
  12. In other words where we deserve to be. Some people just don't, or won't, get it BB.
  13. Have cashed in my bet on the Dundee win just in case.
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