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  1. Even worse - £10 is a lot of money to someone as poor and impoverished as myself.
  2. Again, not disagreeing and, like you, I know very little about players outside of Dundee FC. But I think that as a clueless fan with at least a bit of common sense and the ability to think I've learned enough over the past couple of seasons to know that if a striker, for instance, isn't prolific in the French 12th tier he's highly unlikely to be prolific in the Scottish Championship. Likewise if Ross County fans are saying 'he's always injured' or 'he runs around in circles and does nothing' then the chances are he's always injured or runs around in circles and does nothing. I need to at least think the players at the club will be exciting to watch, as it stands we have a couple that fit into that category, a couple that possibly could fit into that category, several absolute crocks, older players, kids and the players we're being linked with so far are terminally uninspiring. Not enough for me to part with £360 I'm afraid regardless of how much it costs to watch United.
  3. Don't disagree however given some of the signings that have been made over the last few seasons, along with the fact they've appointed a complete rookie as manager (again), who could blame anyone for not feeing entirely confident the club is going to get it right this time? Last season represented zero value for a season ticket except to extreme sado masochists so for some people something has to be seen to be changing. The only change I see so far is that the club isn't announcing masses of signings of players from the French twelfth division and non league English clubs - which is good and for me is progress at least - but I now want to at least have an idea of what I'll be watching before I get a season ticket. Blind faith saw me buy season tickets to watch the likes of Wolters, Moussa and Mendy, it won't see me buy a season ticket to watch any more nonsense gambles. If I think the squad looks like it might entertain me and it might be worth diverting from the other options I have I'll buy a season ticket; otherwise I just won't.
  4. So we should consider the season ticket good value because that lot might be charging more? doesn't work for me I'm afraid. Have you seen the players we're signing for this coming season? No, neither has anyone else. Sign some decent players and people might just buy into this season.
  5. Wasn't the strip's fault we were sh**e and got relegated
  6. Not saying I don't like it but I'd prefer if it was dark blue.
  7. Traditionally dark blue - not that shade of blue
  8. I get the impression some people would accept similar sh**e signings as the last few seasons just to see someone sign for us. Then no doubt whinge like bitches later that we rushed in to sign players that weren't good enough.
  9. If they're just giving scouting jobs to mates with no more football knowledge and experience than the rest of us then it's good news.
  10. Maybe just me but why does the window closing 2nd September mean 'starting pistol is fired tomorrow'?
  11. He's not 'objectionable' he speaks his mind whether people like it or not and he also thinks he's being funny when he just isn't a lot of the time. Ever heard of The Strachan Football Foundation? Look it up, us connected to something like that would be fairly unique in Scotland. Also look at some of the players he signed as a manager, boy can spot a player.
  12. Pirie and Sinky too. Players like Murray might have been allowed to watch them but could never have got near them.
  13. I wonder if DSA members with season tickets still get priority over humble non DSA season ticket holders?
  14. Signed yesterday and some are already moaning about his hair. Pity help the guy if he doesn't track back.
  15. Good keeper but what a belter he is. Scott Bain's a bit of a cracker too.
  16. I do support the players, I never criticise players unless I feel they deserve it but if they deserve it why shouldn't I, or anyone else, do it? Nobody is above criticism surely?
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