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    To be fair if it's possible to log on to an obsolete system it kind of confirms my point about it looking a shambles.
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    System looks a shambles. Just logged on to check my status and it's asking me to renew my season ticket, doesn't seem to recognise that I've already renewed.
  3. Hi folks I've been informed that there is currently a new biography being produced about Alan Gilzean and that the author, Mike Donovan, is keen to include a chapter to be titled 'Gillie’s People'. The idea of this chapter is to include ordinary supporters' reminisces of either meeting Alan, watching him play or indeed just of the legacy that he has left at the Club - maybe you met him once, you remember a particular goal, you cried when he left, or your dad regaled you as a tiny Dee of how much of a star he was and how we'd never see his likes (mine did). Mike has been working for about a year so far on this biography and during that time, he's visited Alan’s old school, the houses he stayed in at Coupar Angus and he's met with a number of players, both from the Championship year and currently on the staff so the majority of the research is complete. He's also gathered a good amount of similar info from the Spurs side but the book would never be complete without this DFC related input. If you've got some memories, a story either directly about Alan or his legacy of any sort can you please post them up here or alternatively PM them to me and I'll make sure they're passed on to Mike. If you want to leave your name best to PM and I'll make sure that it's passed on and details deleted, if you post up on here I'll just pass on your nom de plume. Obviously if you would prefer to remain anonymous just say so. The more info Mike can get the better.
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