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  1. As I've tried to say all along but it fell on deaf, deliberately so in some cases, ears. Taking legal action because you feel hard done by is never going to end well for you.
  2. Can you imagine being ten points clear in eighth place, league splits, your points are reset to zero then you're told you're getting another three games at home all of which are against the bottom three sides. You then have to face the ninth, tenth and eleventh placed sides at their middens? Then imagine going on a slump where that ten point cushion would have been useful but ending up relegated. Uproar.
  3. But we all know it doesn't necessarily work like that.
  4. 100% this, the current set up is unattractive enough.
  5. I don't think we can be selfish in this situation because it's possible (maybe even likely) that clubs will go to the wall because of this situation, any that can't survive without fans through the gates won't. Agree the level we're currently at might suggest we could be looking at future relegation possibilities but if the worst happens we could just as likely be looking at barely enough clubs to run a league. Bigger picture needs sorted before we can think about possible relegation for any individual club in two years time IMO.
  6. I see where that's coming from but as you say it's not absolutely explicit and surely must be up for discussion after six, twelve and eighteen months? Only a feeling but I think (hope) this whole clusterfek forces serious consideration with regard to our entire set up from top to bottom. I kind of agree with Strachan to an extent and I believe there are too many small clubs with a say, however these clubs have as much right to exist and to compete as Celtic, The Rangers or Dundee do. I'd be all for a pyramid set up of two divisions of 12 (or 12 and 10) to form a 'senior professional league' below which there are other semi professional / amateur leagues. There would need to be minimum financial and competitive guarantees in place for clubs to be promoted into the semi professional and then professional leagues. No ideas what these guarantees would be because I'm not clever enough but surely the chairmen of the top 22 clubs in the country could put their heads together with the current SPFL bosses and come up with something reasonable and achievable at both levels?
  7. How do you work that out? Two sides go up to top tier - United and ICT - the other eight stay as they are in the second tier with six third tier clubs joining them. The remaining clubs, however many remain able to take part, make up the third tier. Nobody would go down a tier at all. The suggested construction is perfectly reasonable and people need to rise above the very clear fact that it's only proposed by Budge to save Hearts' erses. It's the right way to go at least in the short term.
  8. Don't remember much about it. Pretty sure I was there though. ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿป
  9. Met Jim Hamilton working as a storeman for Wood Group at a TOTAL warehouse in Aberdeen but that was good few years ago.
  10. Good point. Can't think of another game of that era that had a crowd big enough to pack the stand and the enclosure like that though.
  11. Didn't realise you'd corrected yourself. Did we win that first game 3-2 with Wilson Hoggan getting the third from the spot?
  12. I think it is yes ๐Ÿ˜…
  13. If it's the Hibs 3-0 game I'll be in that picture - somewhere above the Ford hoarding in front row of the stand. Can you see me?
  14. Let's not glorify and reminisce about the days of football casuals as if they were something to be proud of - they weren't and the people involved should really be ashamed of themselves not proud of their 'achievements'.
  15. The trains were always (very) old rolling stock and probably considered unsuitable for normal passengers. People used to pull the chain at various points along Riverside to make their walk home shorter. Great days following a good team.
  16. Agreed it was certainly a top class save, the ball doesn't have to be hit at blistering pace toward the keeper to need a top class save to keep it out; a well placed header can be every bit as difficult to keep out. There's a picture of the save hanging in the Dens corridor, that probably shows good and how vital it was. I have the ball too.
  17. Why? Celtic were away with it, correct decision was to award them the title. Relegation is a completely different issue.
  18. I think you're right. SPFL runs the League Cup and look at the shambles that is these days.
  19. Forgot about that one. Yeah it was pretty mental that night - I notice time has clouded the facts a bit and have read a report that it was Dundee fans 'refusal' to change ends at half time that caused the fighting. I remember us all walking along the terrace and the Ayr fans forming a kind of wall to stop us getting round which caused a kind of crush then it kicked off. We went onto the pitch to get past the Ayr fans who basically wouldn't do the accepted pass to each side of each other. Big fight outside the ground afterwards that I got involved in but came out of with sore hands and otherwise unscathed, unfortunately a mate got a bit of a doing. There was no back left side window in the bus when I finally got back to it and the journey home was pretty chilly and less than comfortable. At Dens the Ayr fans were suddenly not quite so happy to cause the trouble, presumably due to being massively outnumbered, but there were some fights on the way back to their buses. I have to admit I put a couple of bricks through bus windows that night just because I could and because they deserved it.
  20. It's Der Bundesliga!!!!! Now I want you to paint 'Der Bundesliga' 500 times on an appropriate wall - and I'll be watching.
  21. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  22. Arthur Montford was brilliant; could make a boring game more interesting and a cracker less interesting just by his ridiculously monotonous voice and by use of words like 'sensational' and 'incredible' when actually it just wasn't. Saying that he was usually fairly neutral; Morton fan I think. Still, nothing could beat Archie's 'words of the week', one word that he'd heard or read at some point that week that would be repeated several times in commentary. Always OF or Dindee Yinitid biased and a complete bell end of a commentator too.
  23. Only remember four instances of 'in ground' violence @bp33. Once when Rangers were losing at Dens and they started fighting amongst themselves, once when United visited and there was temporary segregation in The Derry - some scary stuff thrown that day, once at EEP when the Dunfermline fans were lobbing bottles over the chicken wire segregation and smashing them on the steel struts above our heads showering us with glass then once at Easter Road when a group of us were out our heads on Pomagne Hibs fans threw gravel at us and we launched our Pomagne bottles back in revenge. I suppose others will have plenty examples of other instances that I didn't see and it was probably more commonplace than many of us realise.
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