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  1. Another dab greeting live on TV hahahaha.....
  2. What a f##king embarrassment.
  3. Two things I took from today. Kallman might turn out a decent signing. Curran is not the answer - I say that without knowing the question.
  4. I started this topic about the manager as the problem because thats how I see it. The issue, at moment, is not the players. How can we judge them given we have seen goalkeepers playing behind shambolic defences, full backs played out of position, continuous changes in central defence, a midfield selection policy that baffles and strikers who think service is what starts a tennis match. The problems on the park stem from what is happening, more likely not happening, off the park.
  5. You're probably correct in that McCann will still be in place next week but is it not just prolonging the agony? Hartley was given too long and look at the mess he left behind.
  6. It's not a defeat at Ibrox that should signal the end it's the last year which has been shambolic. It's never about a solitary result.
  7. This is all too reminiscent of the last days of Hartley. Players out of position, constant changes for no reason and baffling team set up hoping to stumble on something that works. If McCann stays and somehow keeps us up, which I doubt, I can't see anything changing as I don't believe he can change. I hear McCann described as stubborn and, though this can be an asset, it's his biggest problem. As he won't change Nelms has to act and act quickly.
  8. BBC sport reporting less than 1000 at the dump Tick tock
  9. I f***ing despair. The hate mongers are at it before the lad has his jacket off.
  10. Lifted again. Could be on his way this time.
  11. Some of the posts in this thread are more embarrassing than anything that happened on Saturday, on and off the pitch. Assuming we all are over 14 years old, there are some who need to have a strong word with themselves. Probably just as well most posts are anonymous or there are a few who couldn't show their faces in public.
  12. Excellent win tonight. Another case of the scots supposedly just there to make up the numbers. Biased commentary but judges called it right.
  13. Changes are Out Dorrans, Stokes and Moult In O'hara, Griffiths and Morelos
  14. Exactly my point. Gives of his best which is all anybody can ask. But it's never enough for some folk.
  15. Criticism is only helpful when it's constructive. I'm not his biggest fan but would never post point less comments about him being useless. Look back over the last few weeks. He gets pelters from the same posters every week.
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