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    More happy memories than sad.
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  1. blueboy


    For an Arab he seems a likeable guy, not a bad player too.
  2. blueboy


    Tonight's game has some ghoulish appeal. Think people have been a tad harsh on Clarke. Those were 4 tough games and thought we made Russia look very ordinary first half.
  3. Thing is Cobra I don't care what Scotland do. I hate it when we get carried away with the odd good result. All this tartan joke stuff too. Tartan Army, See You Jimmy hats... Make me cringe! Not the fans but Tartan Army as an expression.
  4. blueboy

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Well Irvine is in deep sh*t. Jazza seems more controlled.
  5. We're minnows and no mistake.
  6. blueboy

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Really, if he's had a pint thrown on him, who wouldn't go mad? Provocation has to come into it. We need to know all the facts. A bunch of Arab witnesses no doubt. We'll see what happens eh?
  7. blueboy


    Never doubted Byrne after the game at Raith (OK it was only Raith etc). Thing there was Ness looked at home in front of the back line, they can't both play there. Byrne was further forward, playing short passes.
  8. So Cammy on bench was a good move I take it. McDaid MoM?
  9. blueboy

    Arbroath Game.

    Well, we'll see... Jazza must have a cunning plan. But he's under bit of pressure today.
  10. blueboy

    Rip Les Cameron

    Bit before my time but sounds a great guy of many talents.
  11. Commentator last night was practically willing the ball in for Utd. But they couldn't get lucky like they did against Arbroath. In fact they were lucky.... That they didn't lose 3 or 4-0. Very enjoyable. Oh, and a horrible looking bunch they are too, in an awful strip.
  12. Very very impressed with Alloa. They were OK at Dens but not as good as that. Should have won by more.
  13. blueboy

    Jack Hamilton

    Bain's injured. Don't think Gordon would be ahead of him on the bench. Hamilton has improved but can't get that final St Mirren game out of my mind. The first Saints game he was unlucky, it just f**ked us for the whole season!
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