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    More happy memories than sad.
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  1. What happened to him at Livingston anyway? Twisted knee while celebrating?
  2. Can we/should we play like that in other games? Squeeze the life out of them, hit on the break, even at home. I'm all for it. If we can do it against Celtic, the best team in the country...
  3. blueboy

    Six Minutes Added On

    Absolutely no reason why we should defend any different in the last 6 minutes, so it's all our fault. Celtic are beings from another planet too, mind.
  4. blueboy

    Relegation Battle

    Really angry tonight. We're in a mess and deserve all we get. All that p***ing about late on v Hamilton and Killie. Not to mention not scoring against Hearts though that was down to the Gods. Would be delighted with play-offs and give us more than 50-50 there. But if we go straight down so be it.
  5. blueboy

    Dundee V Celtic

    Wonder what odds KM is to score v Celtic? Should be pretty good. I was visualising 0-1 last night, willing it to happen, near the end, and I'll do the same with Kenny scoring on Sunday. It will work!
  6. blueboy

    Dundee V Celtic

    Just seen the highlights of Hearts game, so unlucky not to score. Miller's header goes in 9 times out of 10, he's celebrating a goal. In fact if you keep watching it, I'm sure it will go in. Then he is robbed of one, two at a push, against Hibs. Kenny's time is nigh, mark my words. He will be our oldest goalscorer!
  7. blueboy

    Relegation Battle

    Killie were due a win, as predicted, though I said 2-0. Had a wee bet on them, so win win. Saints rode their luck v Livi it seems. Time for a late sickener against them. But bloody hell we've got to get the finger out.
  8. blueboy

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    I like O'Sullivan, he rarely loses the ball and has something about him. Very solid. Worth a start.
  9. blueboy

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Just been speaking to a Hearts fan who accuses us of exactly what they were doing, fouling Ikpeazu and getting away with it. What? they went down with a puff of wind and got frees all over the shop.
  10. blueboy

    Relegation Battle

    Killie are due a win, so 2-0 them.
  11. blueboy


    There was so much wrong about yesterday, it's hard knowing where to start. We were poor, a shade unlucky not to get a point though. As for Hearts, they are an absolute mess of a team who refuse to play football and instead disrupt the game at every opportunity, falling over at a whim. About 50 times I reckon. It was only in the last 15 or so the ref twigged and ignored them. Prices are a joke. Hearts Category B? F***ing Z more like. Owners are treating us like mugs, but I realise the whole point is to rip off away fans, not us. The bigger the team is, the less I'd want to pay as we're almost certain to lose, this season. Tea £2.20? Stop it, now. Pies at £2 is reasonable so how can they justify the tea prices? Boiling water and a bag that costs about 1p, and tastes like no other tea I've ever had. Finally, the Derry toilets. Come on, what would it cost to upgrade them? Oh and I'll be ecstatic to see the season end, no matter what happens. We deserve much much better than this.
  12. Never saw Gerry play, but remember seeing his son Neil play for Arbroath at Dens in the late 70s.
  13. blueboy

    Dee Experience V Arab Experience

    Guy's obviously having psychological problems, bit like having a sex change.
  14. blueboy

    Dee Experience V Arab Experience

    United mean nothing to me and they are a small-minded club. They've had some great teams over the years yet look where they are now. VG couldn't have been a more appropriate sponsor (hope I'm right there). Bunch of toerags. Dundee FC, on the other hand, oozes history and class, although admittedly we haven't got it right on and off the park for ages now.

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