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  1. Alex Pringle, real psycho. Played few games in early 70s for us.
  2. Billy McKenzie, but not 100%. Was he a Dee?
  3. Arbroath Rd... You've got me all nostalgic! And I only live in Edinburgh. Must be Dawson Park?
  4. Kelvin Jack, definitely not all there.
  5. Not sure why, but I have a feeling fewer games will suit us 😏
  6. Saw the 3-3 game but had to work that night. Crowd sounded scarily huge. Some performance beating that Hibs team, though they had their flaws, all in defence. Loved the game at Tannadice when Utd went 2-0 up after 50min or so and Hibs beat them 5-2. Where is the tape of 3-3 game BBC?! Seriously can someone ask them?
  7. Me too. Played well in the semi v Celtic, prob best semi I saw them play against them, and I saw a few in the 70s!
  8. Never been one for season tickets and was at maybe 2 home games last season, 2 away, but I'd definitely buy a virtual one for all the home games next season streamed live as the club needs us. As long as it's no more than £10 a match, say.
  9. I'd pay a small fortune for a recording of that match. I was there, breathtaking. And I get high on nostalgia. What a goal by Jimmy Wilson. My guess is it was wiped. If not, we demand it!
  10. There were only about 2000 there, guessing 1000 no longer with us, few hundred more memories not what they were, leaving me.... Got a few more obscure highlights where that came from... Ian Scott's double v Morton, Shades turning to the Derry and praying for a goal v Raith for starters. Little moments that stuck in my mind.
  11. Anyone else remember Jocky dribbling the ball round the Brechin keeper in a Forfarshire tie at Dens in 1972, then dribbling all the way back to the centre line for kickoff? We won 9-0, midweek game.
  12. I'd be really surprised if there wasn't a new setup. For one main reason. Hearts. And to a lesser extent, Falkirk & Thistle.
  13. I wondered about the legal side of that... Slander? Did Dodds say JN was a liar? Had there ever been such a fall from grace for one of our heroes? Dodds said he felt a lump in his throat when taking off his Dee Jersey for the last time I recall.
  14. Dodds & English have no idea of everything that's gone on, neither do we. Hold your fire. Only thing that's disgraceful is condemning a man without all the evidence. Really hope they're made to choke on their words. People far too quick these days to spout off. Suppose that's what keeps this going of course!
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