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    Dundee fan since Feb 28 1970. Seen us win a major honour!
    More happy memories than sad.
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  1. Gowser has a lot to offer, but it might depend on the formation if he starts or not. Those of you who don't get it, you must live in a parallel universe. He's had some great games this season.
  2. blueboy

    Jack Hamilton

    Saying we should have been a goal down but for the keeper always annoys me. Surely that's the keeper's job, to save shots. Depends how easy the chance was whether the striker should have scored. Sounded to me like we could have won 3 or 4 if we'd converted all our chances but Ayr will say they could have won 2-1 if etc etc.... 1-0. That's all that matters now.
  3. Know it was only Raith but Ness strolled through that game playing in front of the back three (ouch!) and pinging balls up the park. He was class, as was Byrne, who played lot of nice stuff on the deck. The lesser teams in this division, who we've not played yet, won't be much better than Raith (I think).
  4. blueboy

    Jack Hamilton

    Have had my doubts but fair play to him. Hope he continues to shut them out.
  5. blueboy

    Dundee V Ayr

    Great. Too many moaners on here. Football was never meant to be easy!
  6. Ness, Byrne & Gowser looked very tasty at Raith. Like to see them team up again.
  7. blueboy

    Season 19/20 - Championship Rivals

    Who really cares about McIntyre at Tannadice? We're happy where we are now. Move on. I'd worry more about his job prospects than anything else!
  8. Bit ghoulish. That would be very sad. It rarely happens though. Almost every club has been revived, albeit at a lower level.
  9. blueboy

    If Today Has Proven Anything

    We'll see but it's been some ride to get to this point. We can look back and laugh at the madness of it all soon, I hope. Wouldn't swap it for anything either! Still miss Moussa (not joking). No one else though. Cult hero.
  10. blueboy

    Kane Hemmings - Officially Signs

    Perfect day then. Guy is a pain.
  11. Bit obvious. They use torches surely.
  12. Really? Come on... How long was he there? Maybe you jest.
  13. King's not a DAB, he's a Jambo... Or a Hibby. Anyway he went to Portobello High and I saw him in the dentist in Porty once. So there.
  14. blueboy

    Damage Limitation.

    A lot of our problems were down to Dunfermline getting ripped into us so fair play to them. Thought they played well as opposed to us being awful, though a couple of errors didn't help. Obviously a tactic to unsettle us. I'd be amazed if they played like that against say, Morton at home.
  15. blueboy

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    Exactly. Said that at 2-1. They played like demons from the off but were never going to last the pace. Maybe we can learn from that. Let other teams try it, soak it up then pick them off. We're good enough to control most games at this level. Nothing I saw tonight changes my opinion.
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