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  1. Don't see Dundee losing out. Our promotion hopes were slim and I'm happy to give Championship another go. After all, some were saying we'd go down again...
  2. Quite moving. Well said Dundee.
  3. It would be hilarious if Hearts were relegated, except they might run away with the title next season. As for the Arabs I'd feel more sympathy for them if season was null and void, not sure why.
  4. Who played for Leeds then? I was at Bradford University 72-73 and went to see the classic Leeds team quite a few times.
  5. Was it a Peter Lorimer benefit game you're thinking of in March/April 1978? Ray Hankin played for Leeds, big money signing. That's all I remember, and Lorimer played of course, maybe for both sides. Jim McLean I can't remember.
  6. This happened for real when Jocky rolled the ball to Pirie for a neat goal v Morton at Dens, Christmas Eve 1977. Ask me anything about Dundee in the 70s or 60s music, the rest, forget it!
  7. Looking forward to the novelty of fitba in June (fingers crossed) and maybe even a game on my birthday in July. But not missed it too much. My interest peaks at game time and drops off dramatically after that, in a normal week. I actually get more wrapped up in DFC the worse we're playing. If we're doing well, nothing to worry about, move on!
  8. Dalglish mazy from his own half in 4-0 Scottish Cup hammering at Parkhead, 1972. I was there but barely remember it, it was on TV though, so will be carefully catalogued in BBC archives, along with the 3-3 Cup tie at Hibs and our 3-2 win at Ibrox in 1971. And of course all those 60s TOTP shows. F**kin idiots!
  9. Meh Goad, Si and Slane are hard to pick up at times, and you have to work out who they're talking about but Gowser comes across well, easier to understand. Will tune in to a few of the recommendations. Thanks!
  10. Can see the case for ending the season early now, though would prefer to finish the games. Clubs would then get much needed end of season payouts. Again I believe all debts are off for now. Banks have to extend overdrafts. The money will come. No club should or will go out of business; not their bloody fault! Voiding the season is a baffling argument. Why? Reconstruction could then come into play if the season is terminated. No bad thing. Though anything that gets Hearts off the hook makes me cringe.
  11. Have to bow to this, legends par excellence.
  12. Best played for Hibs at Dens in a 3-0 win for us March 1980. He had a goal (header?) chalked off at TC Keay end. All I remember about that game! He scored against us at Easter Rd too, neat finish one on one with Ally D, 2-0 Hibs. Then he played against us in a midweek game in Div 1 at Dens, think Hibs won 2-1. I was at the first 2 games.
  13. Jocky was blessed, on his day. My favourite Dundee player, he had a George Best quality.
  14. Agreed. I'm all for ending the season now after that and relegating the (mighty) Hearts. What an embarrassment. But in the real world I feel strongly that the season has to be played to a finish, which includes Utd going up. The rest is crap. Convoluted when it's so simple.
  15. Just called Sky. Pausing sports package will be available online from tomorrow, so don't waste any time on the phone.
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