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    Dundee fan since Feb 28 1970. Seen us win a major honour!
    More happy memories than sad.
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  1. blueboy

    Neil McCann

    'No relegation on my CV' will be on NM's gravestone.
  2. blueboy

    Neil McCann

    Didn't have a problem with Bain having a go back at the fans, but I do recall the goals we lost in his last game were a bit odd, as if he wasn't putting himself out too much. They just kinda rolled in. 1-3 v Accies.
  3. blueboy

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    God, this takes me back to 1975-77. Strachan and John Martin supping pints in the Barn by the puggy machine. No matter how part-time his role would be, a big shot in the arm, badly needed.
  4. blueboy

    Jim Duffy

    How's he doing? Anyone heard?
  5. blueboy


    We are a right moaning bunch, but no worse than most I'd say. I saw his goal, at Cliftonhill v Hamilton. He was probably crap, so got abuse. Don't recall him setting the heather on fire.
  6. blueboy


    Good then, we can cross him off the list.
  7. blueboy


    Said we were the worst fans he'd come across for abusing players. Something like that.
  8. blueboy


    BBC saying our approach rejected by ICT. Not sure if I want him, and vice versa, bearing in mind what he said about us fans in his 4-game loan spell! Seriously, how long do these rejections last though?
  9. blueboy

    Nathan Ralph - Release Clause

    Good on him. Well done Nathan. He deserves a good move.
  10. blueboy

    Neil McCann

    Yeah, he did a mind-numbing analysis of a Hearts v Rangers game post-match, on the radio. Filling in, dropping off, technical babble. Richard Gordon was speechless at the handover, there was nothing he could add as he didn't know where to start. Obviously tactics come into it but not at the exclusion of everything else. Players get tied up in knots and spontaneity goes out the window. Maybe Steve Clarke does it better...
  11. blueboy

    Neil McCann

    McCann should experiment on Berwick.
  12. blueboy

    Jim Duffy

    We're not expecting a trophy, just some stability in the top flight. Keep the nucleus of a team for a good few seasons, none of these dodgy transfer clause deals. Loans kept to a bare minimum, though I can see why JM felt he needed to do it. In hindsight, he shouldn't have bothered. And I still miss Moussa. Blood a few young guys. Really, if Hamilton and Livingston can survive in the top flight, never mind the other dregs in the bottom six, it's well within our capabliities. I always remember when we were stuck in Div 1, looking at Prem fixtures like St Mirren v Inverness and thinking...why?
  13. blueboy

    Jim Duffy

    We should be doing better than them...eh, Jim? To be fair to him, as one in the trade, journalists can often twist your words and take them out of context. Not me, though.
  14. Thought it was the 197th minute! No, seriously, it was nearer 95. We played another 90sec I recall, and Forrest had another chance.
  15. McPake has something about him. Let's face it, any manager we can attract will be a gamble, experienced or not, as we have seen. Guys like Stevie Clarke are a one-off. He seems to be a managerial genius.
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