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  1. Yes you can bud mines is 37 pound a month email [email protected] he will send you an application or go into the shop.
  2. There were 4 belters sitting in front of me at Hamilton never saw them at a Dundee game in my life listening to their conversation I believe they were at ibrox aswell. The abuse they were giving was unbelievable especially to young Craig it all stopped when I turned round to the old man and said there ain't have some dicks that support Dundee. One of them turned around and said and I replied just saying like and it sunk in who I was speaking about. Frustrating when the team ain't playing well but made worse by some idiotic remarks.
  3. think part of the problem was when we let tankulic, Roberts and ferrie go they weren't replaced with any better than what we had. Throw in preparing your team all week for your captain to say I'm no playing cos I can't be bothered. So disappointing first half of the season which got better when Thompson left us. Odea came in and has been in my eyes outstanding ibrox and Hamilton was disappointing but in years to come we won't be speaking about finishing eighth we will be speaking about the night cw33 relegated the dayglos. Gowser and Harkins sorely missed the last 3 games of the season has shown that over the season we are decent when we have our first eleven on we can play decent enough but the replacements on the bench arent good enough or ready yet. So overall we need a better squad for next season the two boys from Inverness will bring that and to be honest I would be more devastated losing gowser than losing Greg Stewart.
  4. Wightons for me 33 years in the making
  5. My feelings exactly a top 6 finish or relegate the dabs I would chose to relegate the every time.
  6. I was a ball boy and you see me shouting you dirty Arab barstewad clear as day if you can lip read. Got a clout in the lug fae my granny when we watched the highlights
  7. Put this on the coupon 128/1 for a quid less hearts game
  8. Clarkson done a job for us like heffernan and Thomson there now history .... Hemmings is signed up for another 2 years and if he leaves before that it will be for some decent cash
  9. The day they won the league at dens a young dundeeman burst into tears there was no soothing the pain I felt that day. They have berated us for years and for the first time in my lifetime I believe there are no false promises being a dee. Never seen them in a league below us so my theory is phuck them it's time for them to take their medicine.
  10. There a bunch of sore losers question is tho why are you giving them chuntos money. not that I'm telling you how to spend your hard earned cash
  11. The dees singing beautiful Sunday at half time was one of these girfuy moments
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