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  1. If he's not signing up, we simply have to take it. Straight on the look out for a decent right back though.
  2. Aye, after writing I went and checked YouTube to see if there was any interviews. Boy speaks better English than McGowan!
  3. If we relegate them and folk start saying FTD16 - I hope their families disown them. Minter.
  4. Hopefully. He's not even here yet. Straight in goal - without training - with a make shift back four and nobody knows if he can speak English? They'd be better off persevering with the Pole.
  5. Was definitely injured/hobbling. Most likely as a precaution. Morris is Out, Durnan is out. They have three available CH's. Dillon - McGowan - Gunning. They can't possibly go with Mixu's preferred 3-5-1-1. They're in disarray. They could of course drop permanent 'I'm nakerd, get me off' Demel back, but against Hemmings? He'd be off by 20. Absolutely nothing to fear here. Get right through them.
  6. Looks like they'll all be in there anyway, they've a 'rebel' night on tonight.
  7. I'm not debating that point. He's out injured a lot too, though. How would replacing someone who is out injured a lot with someone who is out injured a lot, improve anything?
  8. Isn't Osman out just as much as KT? As crazy a shout as the Murray Davidson & Jackson Irvine ones.
  9. They should all be put in that club 67 in Stobbie before the game, all 3,000 odd of them. Then torch the f**ker.
  10. You are at it! 100% nae danger. Nut. Never again. Non comprede. MayDay - MayDay.
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