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  1. Squad numbers being used tonight and a youth (Blacklock) the only player to have an already existing player's squad number which is Byrne's number 8. Certainly adds a bit of weight to the rumour. In saying that, Daniel Church also has Ness' number. (4)
  2. We'll be going for a 3 at the back system IMO. We're not finished our business so the valid point that Cobra rightly brought up will be less of an issue come opening day I suspect. (I base this on the fact that ICT beat us to signing Robbie Deas who is a CH). Obviously, that's not the point of the thread and it's based on right now, but I think more interesting is what will be our team for the season rather than right this second using the players we currently have. I'll go for: Ferrie Ashcroft -- Forster -- McGhee Elliott
  3. Nelms has appointed a few bad managers in his time, been a bit over ambitious with his forward planning that's left him with egg on his face a few times but I've never once felt that Nelms or Keyes have had bad intentions. Whilst it's not a strong competition they've proven they are the best owners we've had in my lifetime. They deserve a bit of support now that they need it. Keyes isn't a bottomless cash pit and he's obviously got issues with businesses across the board. Brilliant scheme to help the club IMO. Will be signing up come pay day.
  4. Ross McCormack who eventually signed for... no-one. Had offers down South and up here, yet chose to sign for no-one. Seems legit. Yep, Wallace who signed for St Mirren and was never signing for us (Confirmed by McPake on DeeTV) McPake was one of the pulls for us potentially signing McCormack now he's not. Now McPake doesn't even want him... None of these 3 happened. Berra is a non-starter apparently. He's the only one these 6 that we signed. Considering it ended up transpiring that we broke the budget to sign Tom Field (When the Mullen deal was
  5. If it's not him, the Courier's Chief Writer for the Perth edition is also a man named Jamie Buchan: https://twitter.com/c_jbuchan?lang=en
  6. The sad thing is, this is likely to be tied up in the courts for months upon months if not years. Even if we get the required result, the insurers will absolutely appeal it.
  7. I can't link the official 300-odd page document as I'm on my phone but here's the excerpts from the summary page for those that are interested: The insurers’ Defences have a common theme on causation – namely that the proximate cause or “but for” cause on a counterfactual, was not the “insured peril” (as they define their respective “insured peril”) but something else and that something else is the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19 and the impact of it and/or of the government response to it.191 For those with “disease” clauses, it is the outbreak of the disease other than within the Releva
  8. Some cracking strips you can cloth them with.
  9. No - but they do print quotations from the 'head honcho' when they've just appointed a new manager.
  10. The paper isn't calling him that, it's Ashgar.
  11. It'd be nice if they gave a figure update at some point. I mean, Nelms already stated that we'd only sold around 10% (Circa 350) so it's not as if a low number will be demoralising at this stage, it'd be more another call to arms. And obviously, a good size number would show the progress we've made.
  12. Dundee Direct having a sale. Last season (The Neil McCann season) home and away kits available without a sponsor for only £5. Some decent deals if you're the type that likes to collect strips. Great time to purchase to help out the club! https://www.dfcdirect.co.uk/sale.html
  13. I know this forum always attempts to sponsor a player but perhaps a better idea this season would be to raise money for ST's? A lot of people that'd love to be at Dens for the coming season will be needing to make tough choices due to the employment situation caused by corona virus and football will unfortunately be deemed a luxury. Be good if that was the aim instead in my opinion as the money still goes to the club. Just an idea!
  14. Says that we've sold less than 10% of the ST's that we normally sell. Our average (From the few seasons that we have disclosed figures and an educated guess) is around 3500. That means we've sold less than 350 ST's so far. United have sold 5000+ as per their update on the 17th June. Hopefully our marketing team get heavily promoting our ST's over the coming weeks. I'm not comparing us to United as they have a promotion bounce and can look forward to football much earlier than we can what I am saying is that there is potential for us to hopefully sell much more than we have and at a fastening r
  15. Arbroath have just announced that their fan efforts has seen them raise £75,000 so far. I'd like to think if the Dee support all pulled together we could at least get £20,000 over say a month long effort of different wee schemes. Fantastic effort so far with the sleeve sponsorship under less than a week.
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