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  1. No - but they do print quotations from the 'head honcho' when they've just appointed a new manager.
  2. The paper isn't calling him that, it's Ashgar.
  3. It'd be nice if they gave a figure update at some point. I mean, Nelms already stated that we'd only sold around 10% (Circa 350) so it's not as if a low number will be demoralising at this stage, it'd be more another call to arms. And obviously, a good size number would show the progress we've made.
  4. Dundee Direct having a sale. Last season (The Neil McCann season) home and away kits available without a sponsor for only £5. Some decent deals if you're the type that likes to collect strips. Great time to purchase to help out the club! https://www.dfcdirect.co.uk/sale.html
  5. I know this forum always attempts to sponsor a player but perhaps a better idea this season would be to raise money for ST's? A lot of people that'd love to be at Dens for the coming season will be needing to make tough choices due to the employment situation caused by corona virus and football will unfortunately be deemed a luxury. Be good if that was the aim instead in my opinion as the money still goes to the club. Just an idea!
  6. Says that we've sold less than 10% of the ST's that we normally sell. Our average (From the few seasons that we have disclosed figures and an educated guess) is around 3500. That means we've sold less than 350 ST's so far. United have sold 5000+ as per their update on the 17th June. Hopefully our marketing team get heavily promoting our ST's over the coming weeks. I'm not comparing us to United as they have a promotion bounce and can look forward to football much earlier than we can what I am saying is that there is potential for us to hopefully sell much more than we have and at a fastening rate. We've raised £10,269 so far (Which is absolutely fantastic and a massive well done has to go to Wattie) Arbroath have raised £50,000+ over a longer period. Again, not pairing ourselves with Arbroath's effort as they've done it over a much longer period and it's been ran by the club rather than 1 individual, it's just to point out that we can easily boost the amount in the club coffers if you can afford to and if you can't, at least spread the word that the fantastic initiative is ongoing! We're in the mire once again - This time through no fault of our owners thankfully - but those that can dig deep really need to do so once again. Been a fantastic effort from all concerned so far and it makes you really proud to be a Dee, but hopefully we can boost those ST figures substantially and in short order!
  7. Arbroath have just announced that their fan efforts has seen them raise £75,000 so far. I'd like to think if the Dee support all pulled together we could at least get £20,000 over say a month long effort of different wee schemes. Fantastic effort so far with the sleeve sponsorship under less than a week.
  8. Based on the votes, there's people within the fanbase that'd accept a new name, a new badge & a new stadium! What's left of the club we support then?
  9. Back in 2007 (Or round about that time) our owners decided that the way forward was to just focus on one of our badges to focus on 'building that brand'. Ever since the other has been mostly ignored except for on some off the pitch style merchandise. I've always preferred the other that we don't currently use. And since it's the down season with not a lot to talk about, I thought I'd poll the good people of TDB forum to see what by and large the Dundee support prefer. Just a bit of fun and undoubtedly been asked before! I know there's a bit of differing opinions on shield or badge etc but for the purposes of this poll, this shall be considered the Shield: Badge: Both certainly have their place, but I must say I prefer our badge. (I also realise that there's several different designs of each - just the general design is what I'm going for). I've also chucked in a question about whether or not you'd ever accept a re-design as that seemed to have been the popular thing down South for a bit. I'd be a definite no on that front.
  10. It was absolutely not worth shafting all the small businesses that we did and it was absolutely not worth risking the club for but speaking purely as a fan that saw us come out the other end? It was worth every second. I got to see players that I never thought I'd see and talent that really should have been challenging for the title in Scotland rather than scraping 6th place. These players are my heroes in the same way that the older generation of Dee's hold up the likes of Steele & Cooke. I'd say the after effect of that on the pitch was having to suffer through Kernaghan and Rae (Who wasn't all bad either) and after that you can't blame the Bonetti era for anything after that IMO. Massive disappointment that we never achieved anything during that spell, but to see what would be the equivalent of Sergio Aguero signing for Dundee today actually happen was an unbelievably exciting time and they are memories I'll cherish forever.
  11. Think with the Championship voting the way it did: 9 against, 1 for was a clear GIUY directed at Scot Gardiner. Absolutely no surprise to see Dave Mackinnon (Now Morton CEO) call Gardiner out on lying: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/morton-chief-trashes-inverness-null-22014426
  12. Totally understand this view, particularly in this time of financial uncertainty for the future as well. I will be buying one at the beginning of next month with disregard to ever seeing a return ie, with the horrible (Hopefully very unlikely) potential of us not having a season next year. Just have to look at what the likes of Hearts, Raith, Cowdenbeath & Partick Thistle are having to do right now - and there will be more to come. A football club is just a financial noose round whoever owns that respective club right now and I don't think it's dramatic to say that this could easily be as serious as both of our admins. Not everyone can support the club with £300-odd though and as you say, there's too many questions for many people to put that sort of money into anything even if they could afford it! But for people than can spare something, anything, even the odd £1 lying about, it could make a massive difference for the state of our club at the end of this. There's much more important things than Dundee FC going on right now and people will rightly have other priorities, but for those that can and are willing to give anything, then now is a time better than any. (Sorry Weighorst for the ramble when only a tiny bit was riffing from your point!)
  13. The 'cashflow' thread has naturally turned into a discussion about the virus in general rather than about ways in which we can help the club. I note that Tommy Young said purchasing ST's etc will be a massive help for the club. This is the perfect time, in my opinion, to start a crowd fund for the club. Can perhaps even be run by the forum? I noticed that there was a wee donation button added for the club recently on the website. More importantly, Raith, a much smaller club than us, have raised almost £12,000 in 24 hours. Is this something we can look at? Even if it's not something official from the club - putting a call to arms out, I'm sure we could get about half of that within a few weeks. Not everyone can necessarily afford a ST so an option for people to just chuck in even a quid could go a long way. The board might not put out a call for help like Raith have done, but considering the amount of money Tim Keyes has put in (Not going to get into the pros/cons of Nelms' running of the club) I reckon we should do what we can to help support the club in this time of zero (Or very little) income.
  14. Barry Smith re-signed GGH. Absolutely agree with your last point and said as much myself in the post! Bomber's signings were: Kyle Letheren, Steve Simonsen, Peter MacDonald, James Thomson, Dan Twardzik, Steven Doris, Gavin Rae, Carlo Monti, Adam Cummins, Sean Bonnett-Johnson, Willie Dyer, Christian Nade, Craig Beattie, Stephen Hughes & Don Cowan (Might be wrong on the last one).
  15. Lot of rewriting of history going on here. Bomber quit - we tried to tempt him back. The board (Well, Gardiner at the time) were wanting to keep him on. Bomber had brought embarrassment to the club. He got into petty arguments with club legends and told them not to come back. His previous appointment was at Clyde in which he lost the dressing room and is generally regarded as their worst ever manager. His time at Clyde is explained well in this article: http://www.tellhimhespele.com/john-bomber-brown-clyde/ His signing policy was ridiculous and whilst McPake's signings may not work out, they are at least understandable on paper. Bomber's signings included: Carlo Monti - A LB that had fell out of full time football, had transitioned into being a striker at junior level and Bomber attempted to make him his main man. He even resorted to taking Ryan Conroy (& Matt Lockwood) off penalties to try and justify Monti as a decent player. He tried to sign a keeper to replace Rab Douglas that was on the transfer list in the juniors. Then there was the Stephen Hughes debacle. We also weren't 'joint first' when he resigned. Joint first isn't a thing. We were 2nd and didn't look like finishing top hence why Bomber quit - He even cited himself that he didn't believe he had the ability to carry the squad he had assembled to the title. It was widely accepted that our squad that season wasn't even in the top 2 sides. Hartley, the week before on radio Scotland, had stated that we were the 3rd best team in the league and this was largely due to Bomber's signings. He - Like McPake - Had a huge budget. But unlike McPake, it was the highest in the division by far with only Falkirk being realistic competition budget wise. Finally, Bomber came in and absolutely fractured the fan base. We were never Brown's passion. Even when he was manager, we were second fiddle to Rangers that has an impact on fans. For example, Steve Simonsen - a good replacement for Rab was recommended to Rangers by Brown and Simonsen has since stated that we never even offered him an extended contract and that he wanted to stay here. To an older generation Brown was known as a hard battling player, that pulled a Novo and refused to play for us so he got his move to Rangers. To the younger generation, he was known as the laughing stock that was 'howling to the moon' on the steps of Ibrox ranting and swearing. It is entirely expected and acceptable for McPake to get more time than Bomber did. Two totally different scenarios and their profile alone pays testament to that. Bomber will never get a managerial role again. McPake - should he fail at us and eventually be removed from his position will likely have a Barry Smith-esque managerial career with a few lower league teams. This post isn't a defence of McPake - far from it. He's done a terrible job in charge and we've only looked like turning a corner recently - and even then it's still not good enough. It's a dismissal of the culture of Bomber who seems to have gained some loyal followers over the years due to the terrible reception he received when he was appointed. To his credit, he really steadied the ship and in certain situations he's the perfect man. For example, last season I'd have much rather been in the 'trenches' with him than McIntyre for the latter part of the season - that however, does not make him the beacon that all future managers should be held against.
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