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  1. Anyone think this actually may see us “pull the tigger” on another striker now? Perhaps Cummings? Just speculating Would like to think (I’m pretty sure) Mcpake and Nelms are savvy enough to realise that there was a big possibility that the May situation was going to play out this way.
  2. If true, it must be some offer he’s getting elsewhere!
  3. His agent has played a blinder imo. Probably managed to screw Brown out of more money after other clubs laid out how much they were willing to offer, then he simply had to beat it and May is probably going where he always wanted to go and for the most cash
  4. Re-take should have been awarded by the new rules surely? Keeper was a yard at least off his line. Actually the boy doesn’t deserve to take another penalty in his life after that shambles
  5. Saints fans on P&B stating their to sign a player on a 3 year deal and a loan deal tomorrow. No one has said who though.
  6. Certainly looks like he knows how to take a goal, either foot.
  7. Translated - he f**kin laughed at our offer
  8. dblair

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    After the disappointment of the weekend, I have to say this fairly brightened up my Monday morning https://t.co/KiBh0xqKVJ
  9. dblair

    Dundee V Peterhead Sat 20th July 2019

    Big difference for me was that Raith actually came out and had a go at us. Massive difference playing against a team who is willing to commit men forward and leave some space to exploit
  10. dblair

    Dundee V Peterhead Sat 20th July 2019

    You dinna half haver at times mate. (As do I, I know! )Sorry but I thought Mckay came across well, very honest about the performance. Just my opinion mind
  11. Just read Cardiff are considering making a move for Brophy from Killie. Could potentially have a knock on effect considering they are apparently interested in May too
  12. dblair

    James McPake Scotsman Interview.

    Dawn had a baby girl last night mate. Congratulations to the gaffer and his family. Hope all is well.
  13. Before I start I just want to get this out the way ; one performance doesn’t make you a great player, I hate to put any unnecessary pressure on players and I’m not claiming he is the next big thing. BUT Finlay Robertson take a bow son. That has to be the best starting debut (I know he’s played before) at Dens I’ve seen for a lad of that age. To stay on the park for the full 90 whilst Byrne was taken off speaks volumes about his display. Confidence, composure, ability, desire, awareness and range of passing he showed it all yesterday. And without getting too far ahead of things I hope we manage him in the right way unlike some highly talented young players we have seen breaking through in recent times. DDYB
  14. To be fair I think the 3 CH have been rotated to get them all game time agree re the midfield though, apart from ness, Byrne and Gowser I’m not sure what the plan is. We look very narrow
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