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  1. I know mate it’s all in jest really. But see if the society all of a sudden tries to put a stop to the nou campy because of access issues 😡🙈
  2. The lunatics have well and truely taken over the asylum 🤯
  3. Really 😳some of the finishes in that video were pretty decent. Looks quick and 2 footed also.
  4. Can play as a striker or a winger it states. Perhaps it’s the other wide man we’ve been needing. Like many have said he’s a complete unknown (to us, hopefully not Mcpake) so lets not start the judging him because of that fact or his YouTube highlights.
  5. Strong team, but I’d seriously worry about our lack of width. We don’t have fullbacks of the Andy Robertson standard I’m afraid.
  6. Just sitting wondering if the club has maybe intentionally let this leak to the press to gauge the fans reaction? After what happened when McIntyre tried to bring Dodds in as his number 2 it wouldn’t surprise me if they have
  7. 🙈 of course mate. Glaring omission. Apologies
  8. Posted this in the biter thread. But take him out since we haven’t signed him Hamilton ashcroft Forster McGhee elliot Adam. Robertson Mcdaid Dorrans Mullen Jakubiak You could argue for a back 4 but with the central midfielders we have then it would leave us narrow perhaps? Hamilton Kerr ashcroft McGhee Marshall elliot Adam. Robertson Mcdaid Dorrans
  9. All the bagage and history aside, IF we were to sign him then imo it would be a very big piece of our squad building puzzle completed. After signing Charlie this week I feel we would then only require another center half in the door and we would be in great shape for the season. Although a wide player would be nice too Hamilton ashcroft Forster McGhee elliot Adam. Robertson Mcdaid Dorrans Ciftci. Jakubiak Subs- Ferrie, Kerr, CH, Byrne, Ness, Mulligan, Mcgowan, M
  10. I can just see it now, he slots home a penalty and runs to the Derry to be greated with chants of “ye dirty Arab b*****d, he dirty Arab b*****d” whilst celebrating.......alone 😆
  11. Interesting that Mcpake never even mentioned him when discussing his other midfield options apart from Charlie. He spoke about Gowser Finlay, Dorrans and even Byrne but no mention of Ness. A real weird one.
  12. And that’s all you’ve got to say about us signing arguably the best player in near on 20 years 🤷‍♂️
  13. The young left back church who was released from Celtic mate
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