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  1. dblair

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    This could be a huge step forward for us if we could persuade him to join. Stephen Wright is head of development so I’m sure so he wouldn’t be directly in charge of youth but more of an overview of the whole system at the club. Whilst being able to assist the first team with his massive experience and contacts within the game.
  2. dblair

    Neil McCann

    I agree. He was a terrible manager for us, but I’m pretty sure he’s a top coach. He needs time to work out how to become a better manager at a lower level imo, like where most guys of managers cut their teeth and made their mistakes
  3. dblair

    Who do you think will be next?

    Yup, totally agree. Gowser said almost exactly the same yesterday too. He couldn’t believe it when after reaching top 6 in our first season back up that there were so many changes at the end of the season.
  4. Having thought about it some more perhaps we could see an experienced manager who perhaps doesn’t have as much Scottish experience paired with Mcpake as assistant? It’s amazing the variety of manager/assistants out there. Take arbroath, Dick is the manager but it’s his brother who takes all the training and sets the team up, while Dick does the “management stuff”
  5. That’s how I interpreted it too
  6. dblair

    Who do you think will be next?

    Yeah I know that’s how they work bud, just hadn’t seen him on the list at all before today
  7. dblair

    Who do you think will be next?

    I see Temuri Ketsbia has been added to bookies list now at 10/1. I’m guessing names are added as it’s made apparent they have applied
  8. Have to say my respect for him has gone up even further after listening to him in this and his prematch interview on tv. He repeatedly mentions how much he owes the club for how they have treated him and his family and how much he loves working at the club. It’s seems to me that he is fully invested with us. He also reiterated when asked that the full time job hadn’t even entered his head as he had been too busy getting on with work, and there had been no talk with Nelms other than to answer his call to take the team this week. To be fair the interviews with him and Gowser have probably been the most open and honest/best listens all season. Gowser sat and talked for about 15 minutes about our season, he would only give Ralph pass marks, he didn’t agree with McIntyre, he feels the way forward is (like many of us) stability and less turnover of players. You could see how much it actually meant to him. He also said when asked that Mcpake could take the club forward as he knows the place inside out and has the respect of all the players. Another interesting point Mcpake made was he along with McCann asked the sfa at the start of the season to allow us to play 2 15 year olds in the cup matches. He really does value the young lads and says there has been 4 training this week and should be involved at the weekend. Overall it makes me feel a bit brighter going forward knowing we have someone who genuinely cares and gives his all for the club involved, wether that be as under 18 coach or whatever else
  9. dblair

    Inundated With Applications

    Thanks for the overview Islay. I’ve always wondered how well it’s attended, is there a decent turnout? Sorry should really have a separate thread
  10. dblair

    Inundated With Applications

    Any other gossip, or info worth sharing with us “youngsters” Islay? Or do we have to wait until we are senior to be privileged?
  11. dblair

    The New Stadium Thread

    Have to say that looks f**cking awful imo. What’s with the “floating” roof over the square boxes? And the big gap at the corner of the ground?
  12. dblair

    Who do you think will be next?

    Exactly this. Alan wrote the Scotsman contacted him and he has only said he enjoyed his time in Scotland and is looking for another job. No where does it say he’s applied, intact he states he’s never applied for a coaching job unless encouraged to do so! Looks like another Charlie Adam story with an ex pro who has links to the club being asked/touted for the job. This tells me that the media are simply second guessing everything now and that Nelms and the candidates that have applied haven’t let anything leak yet.
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