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  1. Just came across this, just imagine the stripes being red and white all in to the sampdoria mid nineties kit! Make by same maker also.
  2. A lot of the younger academy players still train with these football “schools” like Campbell’s one, skilz, 360 ft and box soccer. There’s a tonne of them out there now. I’m assuming by what he says he’s coached a number of our academy players in his own sessions and even mentioned lyal Cameron by name.
  3. JN- Yeah come on over Mark, let’s have a bud light and I’ll see what I can do for y’all. JN- God damn, this is all I could find 🖕🏻
  4. Why not? It’s just essentially a raffle where 50% is given (or kept) by the club and the other 50% is allocated for cash prizes. The fact that it was at half time of a match doesn’t really stop it being a valid money maker 🤷‍♂️
  5. Seen that too. Looks like it was a ST sales ploy
  6. If anyone wants to walk to raise money for the Dees, the community trust are organising a sponsored fundraising walk from Arbroath to the Ferry in August 2nd 👍🏻 https://dfccommunitytrust.org.uk/walk2020/
  7. Just bought some tickets. Great way to donate to the club while having a chance of winning something at the same time. 👍🏻
  8. Wtf?! Even after £1000 worth @Cobra still didn’t win! 🙈 Eta- hats off mate 🎩 one hell of a gesture 👏🏻
  9. Baffled me too. He just got Tranmere relegated 🤷‍♂️ Oh right but it’s not a dfc story so it’s ok to put a positive spin on it
  10. Some might say I post on here too much! But f**k Dundee United!
  11. Or perhaps since his newly found friendship with oor John, he’s the new “mole” 👀
  12. Or perhaps since his newly found friendship with oor John, he’s the new “mole” 👀
  13. Haha good luck with that! It’s a pretty damn good painting though
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