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  1. Beat me too it, Thursday night vino PB?
  2. Outstanding piece of business by the club and manager. Have to say I thought it was a certainty he was away. I think having 2 proper wide midfielders and someone as mobile as Callaghan in there he can be the ideal player to supply the forward passes from midfield that we seem to have been starved of for god knows how long. The key is having the pace and mobility/runs for him to hit though.
  3. Ah deflection. The trolls best friend
  4. For a man of apparently high IQ surely that was obvious? So as “asked” how do you know this?
  5. So he wasn’t good the last time in your opinion? And you think he’s been sh**e this season? Nothing to do with lack of a certain Gregory stewart or Gary harkins or any service whatsoever!?
  6. 🤣 my “”attitude” is not accepting pish. Far far from it. But it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out why Hemmings hasn’t scored as many goals this time round with us, and to give you a wee clue it’s not because he’s all of a sudden become a sh**e player. DDYB
  7. Watch out stand in. This one has such a high IQ that they use your own insult back at you
  8. Been more than a few. Since the boy who Ken’s Dek fae kilmmac got punted last month there’s been a steady stream. One or 2 might actually have the brain capacity to go under the radar fir a while
  9. Completely agree mate but wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you
  10. Wtf is a DM by the way? 😆 @Wattie Rojaswee man, geez a message 😉
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