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  1. They have to play both county and ITC away still. #staydoonanddie
  2. There’s still time yet mate
  3. 4/1 now for county to come back and win. Lump on lads
  4. dblair

    The New Stadium Thread

    One last throw of the f**kin dice. Yes Dayton drive in it’s delapedated state still remains. The slip road doesn’t. In the drawings above there is clearly a sliproad both exiting and re entering the kingsway from the bottom of Dayyton drive. Hence the plans show that the architect is planning to apply for a “new” access point to the site
  5. dblair

    The New Stadium Thread

    right, so an architect has drawn up plans for a future project and included a slip road that used to be used many many moons ago that doesn’t even show up when you look on google map satellite view and connects it to a car park ring road which is to be built?!
  6. dblair

    The New Stadium Thread

    Maybe a better view here, where it shows the project boundary on the south side actually being on the kingsway. From which I take it to mean that the road will be changed as part of the plans.
  7. dblair

    The New Stadium Thread

    Looks very much like to me that in those plans you talk of there is a new slip road leading to the new site #shouldhavegonetospecsavers
  8. dblair

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

  9. dblair

    The New Stadium Thread

    Having lived up at liff for a number of years (I know I know, I escaped eventually ) I am as are probably 90% of the posters on here aware of how to access the the site via the Camperdown roundabout, so I’m not sure we require to be “told” repeatedly that there is one road in and out! Im confused by your statement I have highlighted however. Maybe just another condescending remark, assuming no one else could possibly have know these things even although that road layout has existed for a number of decades Do you honestly think planning would be granted for not only a new 15,000 seated stadium but also multiple retail outlets etc without a change in the road layout/ access? And? This has absolutely no relevance whatsoever to a potential future development. I don’t even know no why I bothered with this post
  10. dblair

    The New Stadium Thread

    Fair do’s Islay, I apologise. It just seemed a very strange figure. For what it’s worth you are correct in your view in that, that volume of traffic leaving viathe current roadset up would obviously be a bit of a nightmare. That said I’m sure that Nelms has mentioned that he is in talks with transport scotland did he not. Surely this will be to try and figure out a way around this, with a new entrance/exit on to the kingsway being the obvious choice. Just as an aside, does anyone regularly attend the ice hockey? Must be a fair few cars leaving simultaneously when they finish?
  11. dblair

    The New Stadium Thread

  12. dblair

    In Hindsight

    To be honest if it does then I wouldn’t blame them for trying to bail out. I would hate for it to happen but at the end of the day Tim Keyes is a businessman who works in the investment into companies/organisation which have the potential for a return on investment through growth. Without a new stadium development and all the trimmings there is zero chance of that for him unfortunately
  13. dblair

    In Hindsight

    Thought I’d have a quick bash at your questions mate

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