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  1. Was told on Friday the reason Bain was dropped was he the main instigator in the rammy in the dressing room after the Patrick game.slaughtered Hartley and his tactics.one of the reasons being it is Hartley that has told him to stop coming off his line as he wants the defence to deal with crosses.Bain is fed up of being blamed for not coming for balls as he his only following orders.he doesn't want to play under Hartley and is fed up.he needs to sort his attitude out soon.however he is still way ahead of Mitchell and we can't afford not to play Bain while we are in a relegation fight
  2. Defence were very good but wighton was our best player.never had much of the ball but hardly lost it.they resorted to fouling him every time as he was the only attacking threat then Hartley decides to take him off.would have been aswell waving a white flag at that point
  3. Haber was at fault.Should have been fizzed into Vincent square but was cut back allowing the defender to clear it
  4. Nonsense.more than deserved to be level at half time.possesion counts from nothing unless you create chances.haber had the best chance in first half
  5. Really? garner should have been off in the first half for his elbow on odea.halliday absolutely does wighton in second half with no attempt at ball.Holt gets booked for winning the ball and then the injury time . usual pish
  6. Big Ian McDonald.James Grady.Craig Forsyth.
  7. Why would you not want the marrs near our club? Personal reasons?
  8. Don't think del ever played for them.I remember telling me hated being gaffer though as the standard was rubbish and he didn't have the patience to deal with the players.
  9. A million was what I was told Boba.he was injured and the physio at wolves was struggling to get anything done and there ended up a big fall out.time will tell though as although the guy I spoke to is pretty trustworthy I still don't think the zombies or Dave king have the money they are making out!
  10. Spoke to a guy involved with sevco today.apparently signing for them.will absolutely stroll it here.hope he comes home after a few years with them if true.never be forgotten how he helped us by signing a new deal to let us get a fee for him.
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