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  1. No. But he scored as well. Link meltdown
  2. No, he was on trial for the u20's
  3. Haber was playing for the u20's yesterday.
  4. If Gowser could pass and finish I doubt he'd be at Dens. The rest of his game is excellent and his attitude is tremendous. He's been our best player pre-season and has improved under McCann.
  5. I thought he played quite well today Passing not great as always but he completely ran the midfield.
  6. With Haber forced to play in the u20's today (and scoring) then it's likely he won't play for us again.
  7. Allan is clearly a class player. He starts. Kerr and Holt are starters. Bain starts. O'Dea starts. McGowan starts. Deacon starts. It's any 4 after that. I've no idea what our best 11 is and neither does McCann it would appear. We're not ready for the derby yet, let alone the season. It looks like El Bak is injured, along with Wighton and McCann has fallen out big time with Haber. Moussa is a big gamble. I'd say we have a much weaker squad than we started with last season. McCann has a big job on.
  8. I'd say we are definitely entitled to know why last season's top scorer and our most highly rated young player aren't in the squad.
  9. Haber has a decent scoring record in a terrible team last season. After watching our last 2 games it is crazy.
  10. Haber and Moussa would be a good partnership to unsettle defenders. It's crazy that we seem to have dumped Haber when we finally get someone that could play in a 2 with him up front.
  11. We've got a lot to do before that team is ready for the SPL. To be honest Vincent and/or Hateley might have to start along with O'Hara. Gowser has probably cemented his place again, he's been good last 2 games. Rumour today that Haber was forced to turn out for the u20s. That would seem ridiculous given that we are struggling to hold the ball up front. There's no way McCann can accept that level of performance today.
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