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  1. Would this be a good signing? Well he's strong as an ox, holds the ball up front on his own, knocks defenders about and knows where the goal is. Would he be accepted? I think so, especially after a few good performances. We will all be saying "ach it wasn't really a bite, just a wee nibble".
  2. He's apparently trying to get his current contract cancelled so he could be a free agent.
  3. Friends grandson plays for them, youth level.
  4. Told today that our neebors are wanting to talk to him....... Top flight club blah blah blah Your old man played for us blah blah blah You're too good for championship blah blah blah. Apparently that is their 'chat up line'.
  5. My best ever purchase was 30 years ago, my old neighbour was moving abroad and he asked me if I wanted to buy his car (mine had just died a few days earlier). Anyway I bought his Audi A6 estate for £600 and it was the best motor I have ever had, ran it for 8 years and it never let me down, fantastic car, eventually I put into a garage to see what was wrong with a loss of power and was quoted £1200 to fix, I deemed that too expensive for such an old car and I let it go. Had 4 different cars since and I'll tell you this, if I could get that day back at the garage with the old Audi I wo
  6. Al lot of folk cutting KH a bit of slack on here, "he's entitled to his money etc" "he's done nothing wrong". He's damaging the club, let's not pretend otherwise, he's damaging the club financially and creating negativity in the squad and fans that we don't need. Those defending him, are you the same guys that defended Billy Dodds right to his money, I doubt it.
  7. Ian Ure for me, he just stood out because of his hair. A natural defender I don't think he scored a goal for Dundee and only scored about 3 in his whole career which is strange when you include Arsenal and Man Utd as your clubs.
  8. Hemmings has to leave the club if he maintains this stance, how can he fit in with the rest of the group if they have took pay cuts and one of, if not the biggest wage earner doesn't?
  9. Apparently 11 of the 13 players have accepted reduced terms.
  10. First to do Admin (twice) the Dabs can only dream about that.................... And surviving thanks to the supporters, I'm convinced they wouldn't step up to the plate the way Dees did.
  11. Tommy Wright can't move to a Scottish club till later in the year, terms of his Saints departure.
  12. They can't appeal the arbitration decision.
  13. I don't think it actually says they can 'appeal' the decision..... I shall also grant the motion made by the other parties to sist the proceedings pending the outcome of the arbitration. If for any reason, difficulties arise with whether the arbitration tribunal is able to deal with the issues in the time available and the parties change their minds and wish the court to deal with, time will be made available for that to happen. He's saying if the panel cannot make a decision or they can't make the timescale then it can go back to the court, I'll wager they manage to do b
  14. Only thing in their favour is that nearly every penny of debt is owed to the owner in loans, hardly likely to call in his own loans and put his club in danger.
  15. Cammy Fraser and John Brown were no shrinking violets.
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