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  1. Is anyone actually leading on or off the park? They look utterly rudderless.
  2. United attack (i.e get the ball forward) quickly and in numbers. We’re so laboured that it’s incredibly difficult to watch. I hate to say it but what I’d give for a player like McMullan.
  3. Great result. I thought McPake got the lineup spot on, although I would’ve taken Hemmings off sooner. Keeper looked comfortable, Forster was a rock, McDaid was a nuisance, McGowan was McGowan. This victory can’t be understated. To go to Ayr and win 2-1 (remember Yinitit got turned over 2-0 last month) after last week’s capitulation shows heart. I’m still not convinced this team can win the league, but winning ugly against one of the division’s top sides is a massive boost.
  4. No less than we deserve. We’ve been f**cking awful for most of the season. McIntyre gtf—10 defeats in a row SURELY makes his position untenable.
  5. Free header from a corner ... 3-0.
  6. We look like a team full of strangers.
  7. Seriously, what have you done with Cobra ...? 🤔
  8. I don't care if it's his pal, but he needs someone suitably qualified to help get us out of this mess.
  9. I hear what you’re saying, but it was already a mammoth task without Jim being hamstung by not having his own backroom team behind him. Personally, I couldn’t do my job to the best of my abilities without a solid team in my corner.
  10. Feel your pain, mate. I normally avoid posting after games as it’s still too raw, but last night was death by a thousand cuts. I’m not quite at the apathy stage—my hoarseness will attest to that—but it’s in the post.
  11. Must admit I felt some sympathy for Jim McIntyre last night. Without an assistant he looked totally lost—he didn’t know which way to turn for advice. I’m no fan of Dodds, but we need to sort out this number two saga one way or another before it’s too late.
  12. I felt like greetin’ watching that guff tonight. What an utterly spineless, pathetic rabble of imposters. A lack of talent I can just about accept, but our lack of effort—especially from our midfield—was a slap in the face. The way Hearts cut through us time and again would’ve been laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Absolutely f**cking furious at the mess of our squad. Make no mistake—we’ll be playing Championshio football next season. Spewing.
  13. Utterly underwhelmed. Perhaps a safe pair of hands, but it seems like just another stop on the merry-go-round of mediocre Scottish managers. f**k it, nothing else for it than to get behind him. Welcome on board, Jim—we’re a demanding but handsome bunch.
  14. Jim McIntyre would be entirely underwhelming--the managerial equivalent of Ovaltine. Gordon Strachan gets my vote.
  15. It was great to have luck on our side for once. Maybe ... maybe ... just maybe this is a turning point. McCann still has a lot to prove but tonight we celebrate.
  16. Behind the bushes in your front garden. Your new furniture looks great. I’ve refrained from posting recently, it’s been too painful. Hopefully McCann gets a result on Saturday to keep our peckers up.
  17. Aye, I’ll be there. Not sure if it’s boredom, stupidity or loyalty ... 🤔
  18. Yep, he has to go. I’ve been a big McCann fan, but enough is enough. This team is in freefall.
  19. Positives for me at half-time: 1. We came into it much more in the last 10 minutes and could probably have scored with a little more composure. 2. C. Miller is excellent and will be a big player for us this season. 3. United are still sh**e. Negatives for me at half-time: 1. Our defence gives me the boke. 2. The midfield is toothless. 3. Well, there isn’t a three, cos the first two are bad enough.
  20. Could be a long day. We look like we’ve never played football before.
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