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  1. dfcman

    Hearts V Dundee

    A reliable keeper helps the defence,gives them confidence.
  2. dfcman

    Hearts V Dundee

    I was not on I usually do but for some reason left it but pal was on at 6-1. Brilliant result and I cant wait for Saturday.
  3. dfcman

    Hearts V Dundee

  4. dfcman

    Hearts V Dundee

    According to BBC Scot website Hearts have not scored in second half at home in last 6 matches and only 3 of their last 22 home goals were second half.Odd statistic but useful to a betting man....Hopefully the trend does not change and we can nick this.Sounds like we ve done well.
  5. dfcman

    Hearts V Dundee

    If we didn't have bad luck we'd have no luck at all.But there is statistical hope.Hearts hardly ever score in second half at home so we just need to keep at them
  6. dfcman

    Hearts V Dundee

    I can see the headline now 'Admiral sets it up for the General'
  7. dfcman

    We Go Again

    First match for me since the The Rangers 5 weeks ago.Can't wait!
  8. Big mistake IMO for us to extend Waddells loan deal He should have been back at Dens.In fact he should never have been loaned out.
  9. He should be given I game,the QOS CupTie to prove he is up for the challenges his team-mates face and if he fails that test then he is out of 1st team pool.He has some skill but if he is a non-trier then will do more harm than good.
  10. dfcman

    Memorable Moments At Parkhead

    Yes He scored the winner into the goal in front of the Dee fans
  11. dfcman

    Match Aftermath: Aberdeen 5 - 1 Dundee

    McIntyre has extended Waddell's loan to the end of the season so we wont be getting him back in January.
  12. dfcman

    Match Aftermath: Aberdeen 5 - 1 Dundee

    But The Rangers were basically one dimensional and pedestrian.Aberdeen just had to step up the tempo.
  13. Old Bayview was a great traditional old ground and as I recall had no difficulty accommodating that crowd with a great atmosphere.We must have had a travelling support of 12000 that day.
  14. dfcman

    45 Years Ago Today

    Dundees finest were no better a few years later at Dens when for some crazy reason the segregation was up the centre of the Cox which at the time was just a covered seated enclosure.You were sat there heard a crash of breaking glass above and of course looked up to see broken glass showering down.Bloody Hell what kind of perverts did that.
  15. dfcman

    Craziest Celebration

    Maybe a bit off-piste to make it a penalty save but Pat Liney's late pen.savein the game against St.Mirren when the score was 1-0 and we needed the win to have a chance of going top with only the Muirton game to come.Time seemed to stand still ,I remember exactly where I was stood (at the TC Keay end) when Jim Clunie strode up to take it he hit it high and to his left and we watched Liney's acrobatic leap to claw the ball out.Sheer utter bedlam including I believe in the normally reserved centre stand.We had the sense that Aberdeen would beat Rangers but in these days all we had heard was the HT score 0-0.We won 2-0 and most of the crowd stayed behind to hear the score from Pittodrie.After several minutes the chant went up'We want the score,we want the score'.In a never to be forgotten moment the guy on the mike came on to announce the score.He started in a cool measured voice'Here is the ...then he broke into a rising crescendo of a scream Aberdeen 1 Rangers 0.!Again a huge roar heard in the city centre apparently and dancing on the terraces as we realised we just had to get a point against St Johnstone to be Champions.

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