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  1. There is no certainty that Iinsurance claims are going to be paid.So dont hold your breath for that.The Insurance industry generally is resisting claims for lost revenue due to the Covid virus.There are apparently lots of claims and court cases across the country and our Club statement 10 days ago said they were awaiting seeing how these Test cases turn out.
  2. Over £3000 collected already.Well done.Keep it going .
  3. I think it was the previous season where the St Mirren GK was prosecuted for match fixing.We only scored 5 that day in a match which was filmed by BBC for a Grandstand feature.It was shown to the nation on the same Wednesday that we were plying United and BBC kindly showed it again at a later date.
  4. Agree with much of this And it gives me the necessary push I needed to buy the STs. The cost of Testing has been concealed .From what I hear from EPL players need to be Tested every 3 days.EPL can handle that . Scotland cannot easily handle that cost especially with reduced income. I think BC you are taking the cost at £50 a time.This might be reasonable but needs to be verified.But even at £2000 per week it will be unsustainable for most. That would soon use up the generosity of Ann Budges philanthropic friends but would be a fair use of it spread across those who are actually trying to resume playing. On a national scale I expect there are economies of scale to reduce the per head cost . On Social Distancing people are suggesting the distance may be reduced to 1m.
  5. I thought Calvin Miller looked quite good when he first arrived and he could put in a cross.Then his form went down.He has a talent but can we get him to use it?
  6. TV deal money and whatever Season Ticket advertising and sponsorship will keep them going for a while.And you can add a few more to your list. Its like the Pied Piper ,with SFA,SPL and others with vested interests leading Scottish Football closer and closer to the cliff edge. In their headlong blind charge to start the season have they considered the financial hit if the worst happens?.They go ahead with taking employees out of furlough ,back into training then there is a second spike and we have to go back into Total Lockdown again ,losing expected revenue from TV etc but still being responsible to employees for full wage costs and everything else. Many clubs will not survive. I earnestly hope this will not happen but it makes you think perhaps we are better off out of that and Hearts might be too.Then you cut your cloth accordingly.It is all about damage limitation and survival.There will be no second chances.
  7. Sports Minister Joe Fitzpatrick announced that after a meeting with reps.of' 'elite'Scotish sport.He will allow Premier Clubs to reastart training from 11 June.'Non elite'(thats us) they will keep talking about it.We really must make a noise about this or we could be sidetracked for years.I agree that Mr Fitzpatrick probably has not given this much if any thought.If this actually happens I would love it if our American owners took the Government on for acting in restraint of trade.If we want to get our players training then we should be free to do so in line with the 'elite'.Then our American owners could take the players on a money spinning tour in USA.
  8. It is discrimination for Scottish Parliament to allow Premier 'elite' only to start training in mid June.Even if there may be no Championship or Div 1 or 2 matches till much later this is Dictatorship against the 'non-elite'.If we wanted to start training in mid June in order that we could participate in say an American Tour before the Championship does start does that mean we cant.
  9. Fair point but lets say we are in Champ.with or without Hearts.How much appetite is there for PPV.I suspect not enough .Football TV coverage is largely about the spectacle/fan atmosphere.So if there are no fans who will watch.Did anybody enjoy the German matches recently broadcast.And would they watch again.Broadcasters are savvy to the advertising revenue so how will they view the prospect of paying top dollar for OF matches with no crowd .To me its sterile football with no crowd even if its a second division match with a few hundred is better than a top division match with no crowd. As I say at the beginning its a Question so here is another one-Might TV companies insist that OF matches all 4 of them are played towards the end of the season by which time crowds might be back.
  10. Question?What appetite is there for Pay per View /Closed Door matches.I would happily do this for Dee matches and would pay for a 'season ticket but suspect it may be a minority who are like that.So the 'Take' from a match might be paltry-Say £20000 at 2000X £10 each.No hospo,possibly a bit of match advertising ,limited sponsorship. On the other side of the ledger is no police or stewards may have to share PPV receipts with away teams.If so we would get the same though mainly from Dees not home fans Match day costs for groundsmen,pitch maintenance,ambulance people ,ref and linos,cleaners,laundry and in winter under soil heating,floodlights on top of usual electricity costs and there will be other things I havent thought of.Would £5000 be a fair guesstimate. Then there is the cost ot Covid Testing where I have seen differing costs quoted from low thousands to £10,000 but say £ 5000 Players wages travelling costs and medical treatments ,insurance ,all have to come out of the rest.But £10,000 wont look at it . Short of signing a team of juniors (possible for some) it requires either a further major investment by owners or can income be increased.I do not detect a huge appetite for fans to make Standing Order donations,although there would be some-more if they got some recognition;Advertising /player sponsorship comes to mind and our record on this is not great.But could be worked at imaginatively.Even possible to do Online HT draw/Golden Goal to add interest .And stagger matches so other club fans can do PPV for instance to see how Craig Wighton and Bobby Linn are doing at Arbroath.but realistically that is limited. I might be well off the mark in these figures but it would be good if others can comment on how they see it The bottom line to me is that without well supported teams in the Championship to boost the PPV Dundee will struggle which is a huge argument that we should be admitted to Top League where PPVs would be much more for most. The other conclusion which I come to is that the OF will be the worst affected.Their loss of gate receipts will be tens of millions .And doubt how much would be replaced by PPV.Its just not the same watching closed door football and the 'high flyers 'have furthest to fall.Its going to be the 'real'fans which other Clubs have but OF have proportionately less of who will do PPV.
  11. His Mum lived in Wormit.I think Gordon Strachan boarded there when he was a young player.
  12. Big Ian McDonald still in this area.In Financial services.Really nice guy
  13. And if you think about it there is also the fair prospect of 4 derbies in Dundee ,Edinburgh,possibly others ,these are the games which fans relish most and even TV companies might come to realise there is life beyond the OF.
  14. Were we the first and possibly only team to play in a Tartan strip?Tour of South Africa early 50's.
  15. 16 Team League.Play 30 then split .Result is 4 OF matches assuming they finish in top group.
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