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  1. dfcman

    Six Minutes Added On

    Its the referee supervisor ,in this case John Beaton who decides the additional time.There were 3 longish stoppages in second half and apparently he also added on for substitutions.I am as disappointed as everyone else at losing at he death but in all truth our survival in SPL will not depend on that one result.What doesn't kill you makes you stronger as they say and I saw a lot of positives in todays performance .
  2. dfcman

    Dundee V Celtic

    This afternoon in fact-at Twickenham.Amazing.
  3. dfcman

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Hi PB Cant agree on this occasion.Tomorrow we may be bottom but I know we are better equipped to survive this.Over the next 9 games. Cant agree
  4. dfcman

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    I am right.My late brother in law won a League Championship medal in the 50's with Hearts and would have been disgusted by Leveins tactics.I have read Mickey Lawsons words through the Alan Pattullo link and he echoes my sentiments.How does this affect DFC?I'll tell you.Keep on with what we are doing the goals and the results will come.I quite fancy our chances against St.J and St M (twice) Accies Livvy and the rest.And even if we finish 11th I well fancy our chance against ICT
  5. dfcman

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Hi PB In my 60+ years of going to Dens I don't think I have ever seen such brutal thuggery as I saw from the Hearts on Saturday.Sure I have seen individual thuggery -Trebbi continually kicking Gordon Smith in off the ball incidents in the European Cup semi final for instance and at Tynecastle against United when we led 2-1 at half time in a Sc Cup Semi and J.McLean sent the thugs to work.And various other individual incidents and sometimes from Dundee players in a flare up situation,but shame on Hearts Levein has cynically put together the most cynical of the lot.So the fact that we stood up to them and only lost through a freak error gives me ground for hope that we are in fact the strongest and most likely to come through it all especially if Nelson gets fit to link up with K Miller. Keep the Faith.
  6. dfcman

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Hearts are a physically brutal team of hammerthrowers and the ref was blind especially in first half(did ref supervisor have a word at half time?) to their continual foul play and yet we were the better side overall just could not score.so I don't think you can say we have no guts.9 games to go and at least 3 will be against teams who have little to play for so I think it boils down to which of the bottom 3 capitalise against them.
  7. dfcman

    Dundee V Hearts

    I suppose Levein thinks that is a master stroke.I don't think so and fully expect that at 5pm tonight it will be our manager who is shown to have the tactical superiority.
  8. dfcman

    Scottish Cup

    Point is I would take ICT to be in the playoffs ahead of Pars and possibly Ayr so who would we rather meet if we are in play off spot.ICT probably tougher.
  9. dfcman

    League Winning Season. Victory At the Dump

    Is it not Gillie who scores the goal that is featured.Great to see.I was stood in the Arklay St terracing behind that goal but had forgotten it.I will never however forget the second ,an absolute cracker from Gillie late on to win the game.Frustrating that the film cuts out before that.
  10. dfcman

    Dundee V Hibs

    Not Saturday as per Home Page
  11. dfcman

    1963-64 Scottish Cup Final

    I don't remember it being wet or windy ,possibly a bit gusty.The crowd just rocked up not all ticket in these days.I guess they thought Hampden could hold however many came.I actually had it in my mind that the attendance was 134000.We arrived just before the gates opened probably about 1 or 1.30 and took up position right behind the goal that Kenny Cameron scored that fantastic goal in.No segregation and a fair few neutrals there .Dundees support was all over the ground and numbered many thousands.I think there were 20 football special trains and the Dundee West Station was closed for all other users on the day to cope.The day passed without any bad incident apart of course from the last 2 minutes when Willie Henderson got free of Bobby Cox,I think he went over to the left to double up there and get free of Cox. I think I'm right in saying we qualified for the European CupWinners Cup because Rangers won the League.
  12. Try turning a blind eye to it.
  13. dfcman

    1964-65 Alex Totten Recalls Shankly's Babes

    I do retain some memory of Jocky Scott in that game running free down the right and everybody saying the same thing'that lad looks pretty good'
  14. dfcman

    Livingston V Dundee

    Deng double save.OMG

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