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  1. dfcman

    Help Required - Alan Gilzean Biography

    Gillie literally strutted his stuff on the field of play.We idolised him so much that we would watch him even when the play was not near him.n other words when we were defending.That was not for him and his most defensive position was the centre circle.He would stride from side to side in his characteristic pose loping from side to side watching the play behind then a sudden switch of direction a small injection of pace for 2 strides taking 2 if not 3 defenders with him thus opening up space for others to run into.And all with his unique posing arm extended from the elbow with a limp wrist.When the ball came to him in that position he would shimmy this way and the other taking only 2 or 3 touches before despatching the ball with accuracy and at pace almost like the shot of others to one wing or the other.Then lope off up to his hunting ground of the opposition penalty box to receive the incoming cross to often deadly effect.Not only could Gillie jump with great effect but his timing was such that when he jumped he seemed to hang in the air waiting for the ball and then that electric whiplash of the neck and perfect connection to propel the ball at extraordinary pace to the goal.I have never seen any other player able to hang in the air as Gillie did. I could go on at length about the goals both from the head and feet because he possessed a powerful shot and scored from both far out and closer but other top players can do that .It was his charismatic and stylish presence which set him apart from others.
  2. dfcman

    The Play-offs

  3. dfcman

    Dfc General Meeting, 21 May.

    Would work like this not usually go out to tender.We are months maybe a year off cutting the first sod.Pun fully intended.
  4. dfcman

    Dfc General Meeting, 21 May.

    Correct and with the loss of £1.5m from Premier status replaced by £300k parachute not to mention downturn in STs and gate money I wonder what the Commercial Department is doing about selling sponsorships etc.especially since we have so few players .I look forward to hearing of some innovative ideas and promotions to bring in money.Oh but I forgot this is DFC who have their shareholders queuing outside the doors for an important meeting which started half an hour late.
  5. dfcman

    Third Time Lucky. ?

    I don't agree.He was a skill player but held his own.
  6. dfcman

    Cammy Told To Go By Jm, Now Reprieved?

    My opinion is that CK will be best at defensive midfield as he showed in the first half against Hamilton.JM soon hooked him from that when he saw the lad doing well.Perverse or what when you think that it took until the Livvie game for him to start with our 2 best forwards.I am concerned that now he is out of contract he will be scooped up by a Premier side whilewe are searching for an honest manager.
  7. In rugby the trainer is allowed to treat an injured player on the pitch with play going on.Cant see it in football though.Just imagine the Hamilton trainer impeding a player going through on goal and ref..unable to do anything about it.
  8. dfcman

    David Tanner.

    Who is he?
  9. Absolutely agree.It was as if he wanted us not to score.
  10. dfcman

    ST Sales in the Championship

    There are some good ideas there and others will have innovative ideas to increase footfall and revenue but will the Club listen?
  11. dfcman

    European Come Backs

    I was right behind the goal at the TCKeay end second half.I think I am correct that we had never lost a home European tie at the time but at halftime it looked like that proud record was in danger .We always stood in the centre South Enclosure in these days but moved behind the goal at halftime so was right there as 2-4 aggregate sensationally turned to 5-4 in 20 crazy minutes.I thought it was Bobby Wilson who scored the winner but Norrie's book is rarely if ever wrong.There was BBC footage of it and on the following Saturday lunchtime Sportscene we got the unique accolade for a Scottish Club of opening the show as performance of the week.So it might survive in that archive if there is one.
  12. dfcman

    Nick Walsh

    Time wasting even from early on gets me as well.Like everything else its much worse now than ever.
  13. dfcman

    Nick Walsh

    Twice in the game we had promising positions stopped because the ref.chose to allow treatment for guys rolling in apparent agony with leg,not head injuries.As has been seen elsewhere this rule is being abused something rotten and urgently need changed.
  14. dfcman

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    C Kerr who showed himself to be a good centre mid prospect in the first half before being moved to RB is a must for me.Did others see that after the final whistle on Saturday he stripped off his top and ran over to the South Enclosure to hand it to someone.Was that significant?I hope not.
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