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  1. Sport and politics do not mix.
  2. Talking about Wighton did you see the look on his face in the celebrations for their 6th goal.He was trying,but failed to show he was happy.I really feel for him and think he may be out on loan soon.
  3. We were not well prepared for last night.Hearts have dangerous players.They will cruise this league and their upcoming Cup Semi final against Hibs will be a test but i expect Hearts to win against an overrated Hibs side. So forget them and hope we can put this behind us starting on saturday.Its in our hands to get 2nd spot and we have the players to do it. If McPake uses his 5 substitions well then we have the class with Dorrans and Adam to stretch the other teams in this league to feed Afolabi and Mullen . Last night it was all stacked against us with GK errors(Others know how
  4. Some of more astute Hearts fans are concerned they will be charged with bringing the game into disrepute for their Twitter comments and face a points deduction.
  5. Not often that we read such good sense.Now the task is to turn it into reality and GS and the coaching staff deserve all the support possible. Would like to see a monthly update from GS on what progress has been made.Put the Youth Coaching more to the heart of the Club.
  6. Wow! Afolabi That is how to hit the ballAll a matter of timing and right up with the best of the classic strikers who could hit a shot like that .Bit like Bobby Charlton in fact.
  7. I buy the Tully on a Friday to check out the Saturday Racing Few evening papers in UK provide that coverage and sometimes the Ted Rose Tipster article is quite insightful but annoyingly its not always there. All time best Sports newspaper was the Sporting Post.In the 60s by the time I had walked down town from Dens it was on the streets.Amazing.And never forget the clever headline one day after Killie had beaten United 'Killie had a King and a Queen but Jack was the Ace'.Brilliant.Sadly there is little or no clever newspaper coverage these days.Old pal Paddy Barclay was clever but is now
  8. That makes 3 pro. Glasgow Clubs if you include Clyde which really are Glasgow which are worthy of the name 'Club'
  9. Its pretty commonsense apart from toilets which are a problem.However the Scottish Government will want to throw a large sum of money into a Commission of some sort to determine a strategy which no-one will understand.
  10. Our most performance man Doug COWie.
  11. Arthur Albiston ,played for Manchester United ,didnt play for us,just turned up and took a wage. Jim Leighton at the same time not much better,think he at least tried but had no confidence after having his ego deflated .
  12. Cookies Bar in the Hilltown,lived in Carnoustie-same man?
  13. Aberdeen should have a points deduction of between 3 and 6 points;Celtic of between 8 and 12 and so on .Individual players who have transgressed should be suspended for between 6 and 15 games,and fined 75% of their wages during that period and tagged when not at their Club.Not being funny this is no laughing matter when the entire Scottish Football game could be put into lockdown threatening the livelihood of many people as well as the hopes and aspirations of all the fans.
  14. Do not see why we cant win that Group.Starting off thinking you cant/wont win is a sure recipe for failure.
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