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  1. Why? Can you not see the bigger picture here? We are hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate with very little coming in so the reported £500k losses in the past 3 months will continue to mount. This insurance we have won't pay out either. I do not blame fans for not buying season tickets i made my stance a couple of month back that I wouldn't return till after Nelms goes and many are the same. I feel we will sell more season tickets if he went.
  2. We nearly never had a club not long after of course it was a disaster! Its not all their fault entirely though we were terribly mis managed. I wonder if we went through with the sale of the club/merger before this period how many dees would be supportive of the city club nowadays?certainly not me!
  3. So no investigation or reconstruction. We will now play in a championship next season against a very strong Hearts side and Dunfermline, caley and Ayr. Oh and Mr Nelms still running our circus.
  4. I cant see keyes going soon and i never said anyone will be wanting to buy a football club after the pandemic is over. What i said was WHEN. Nelms has to go and soon
  5. Along with many others i have been unhappy for a while.
  6. Its very sad that he seems to think he is doing a good job
  7. We will pull through when the yanks go. There will be someone willing to take over. Hopefully Nelms goes and is replaced.
  8. I wont be back until he is gone. Questions need answered. What has Nelms actually done for us?
  9. If there is a benefit in it i and many others would love to see/hear it.
  10. I said the other week i wouldn't be renewing my season ticket so long as he remained at Dens. We have been made to look like total idiots along with Nelms himself. Laughing stock once again
  11. I wont be buying another till Nelms is away.
  12. Some of the idiots that sit in that section are never going to take responsibility of their own actions. Some of them have very little interest in DFC (are only wanting to get out their puss as has been mentioned above) and going to games whether it be home or away is an inconvenience for them hence why some of them stay in the pub at away games.
  13. Our fans in the derry were a hell of a lot worse reacting.
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