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  1. No one is saying not to stay at home and follow the instructions. I am just sharing some alternative views. I think Vernon is pretty credible. The fact that he has been banned probably makes him more credible . Anyway, this has probably run its course now. Nothing like healthy debate.
  2. ok I will look at it. Any death from flu or other infectious disease is one too many I agree.
  3. Look I really am not trying to wind people up here. I accept that the NHS needs protected after years of government underfunding (health services need to be funded much better in this global world with the risks attached). Am just posting alternative viewpoints to try and provide a balance on how this might all pan out. I do a lot of reading and like to consider all viewpoints.
  4. They were talking about this on the R4 Today programme this morning. This is the latest UK modelling from Oxford Uni. Good news if true. Please don't respond back with the usual negative comments. I am just sharing news which supports a more positive view. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/03/oxford-study-coronavirus-may-have-infected-half-of-u-k.html According to the modelling, the coronavirus arrived in mid-January at the latest, and spread undetected for over a month before the first cases were confirmed. Based on a susceptibility-infected-recovery model — a commonly used estimate in epidemiology — with data from case and death reports in the U.K. and Italy, the researchers determined that the initial “herd immunity” strategy of the U.K. government could have been sound. “I am surprised that there has been such unqualified acceptance of the Imperial model,” said lead researcher Sunetra Gupta, referring to an academic report predicting that up to 250,000 could be killed if the government maintained its plan to suppress the virus “but not get rid of it completely,” as the country’s chief scientific adviser put it.
  5. That's not how the scheme works. Staff are kept on and remain in employment. If they don't get paid from JDW then the company won't be able to claim. The claim would obviously be backdated to cover wages since the pubs shut. The problem is that profits aren't being compensated for as well. That's what will cause an even bigger collapse.
  6. Well you asked me a question a few days ago and now you don't like the answer. The moral of this is...
  7. He isn't. You are wrong, again. He is keeping staff on through the 80% of wages that the govt are paying.
  8. I shouldn't have bothered trying to expect some intelligent debate based on alternative views from an expert I the field. And I am absolutely not on the wind up. It's a bit ignorant even claiming that TBH.
  9. Read the article and then comment.
  10. Agree re Ashley but Tim Martin is a good businessman. I bet quite a few of you drink in Wetherspoons? No? He has said he will keep his staff on but that if anyone does want to leave and work for Tesco then they can. What's wrong with that? If they want to come back they will be first in line for a job when Spoons open up again.
  11. There is another option. Did you read the article?
  12. Absolutely for real and simply providing an alternative viewpoint from an expert. I hope you read it before commenting. It's always good to have another view for balanced debate.
  13. It's all blind. Read the article. There is no data on the mortality rate because lots of people will have recovered and not even reported it.
  14. No I have read them too. But I think this guy makes some very valid points. There are other experts saying this too. It's always good to have an alternative informed viewpoint.
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