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  1. eyeothedug

    Graham Dorrans

    Well they had better start performing like Premiership players!
  2. eyeothedug

    Graham Dorrans

    Yes, agree. McGowan is definitely effective higher up. Probably his best position I think. The ball tends to stick when he gets it and he is good at those cute short balls around the box. Curran's goal v Raith was begun by a cute Gowser ball into the box. That's what opened things up. Gowser has also scored a few goals despite his terrible shooting Possibly we do have the talent but it just need the right system. McDaid and McPake are more wingers aren't they? Todd could play centre attacking mid? Think CW33 would also be good there, given a clear brief.
  3. eyeothedug

    Graham Dorrans

    Think he could do job for us for a season and then let's see. Anyway we don't have an attacking, creative midfielder at all! Or can Todd play that role? Still short though.
  4. eyeothedug

    Graham Dorrans

    What a nonsense merry go round. We still need a decent attacking mid. We have no supply to the forwards. How can this have been overlooked? Critical.
  5. eyeothedug

    Graham Dorrans

    Worrying. We are very short of players. Especially a creative, attacking mid.
  6. eyeothedug

    Graham Dorrans

    Think we should sign him for a season and see where we are. Why is it so difficult to get a midfielder who will run forward with the ball, capture space, pass forward and then keep moving forward for potential return balls. Also one with a goal threat...
  7. eyeothedug

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Probably be able to do a job for us with one leg
  8. eyeothedug

    News: Dorrans a Target for Dundee?

    Just till end of season I feel.
  9. eyeothedug

    4-4-2 / Accommodating Players

    Find his feet...FFS it's bloody football. Basic stuff.
  10. eyeothedug

    4-4-2 / Accommodating Players

    But players should be able to adapt. They can't be totally lost. It's still about a bloody ball, passing and tackling.
  11. eyeothedug

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    We really don't have any attacking or creative mids. Todd maybe but he hasn't played there. We need at least two. The wing backs aren't good enough at creating. Neither is McDaid. The team is incomplete because there isn't enough creativity and forward momentum.
  12. eyeothedug

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    That's pathetic if true. Needs to turn it on in EVERY game. That's what he is paid for. Who does he think he is?
  13. eyeothedug

    4-4-2 / Accommodating Players

    Think 4 3 3 leaves us far too open. Not convinced by McDaid.
  14. eyeothedug

    4-4-2 / Accommodating Players

    Good post. Agree. It's disappointing about Ness. Think we need a couple of creative mids.
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