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  1. Aye, mind when we beat Man City, and we thought Tankulic was a world- beater!
  2. Did the Kop complain about Toshack and Keegan being “backward “ or “not entertainment “? No, too busy enjoying endless goals being rattled in.
  3. Agreeing the wage cut then changing his mind few days later leaves a bad taste and the brevity of the club statement is telling. Won’t be missed.
  4. Not surprised they moved. More light from the Comet sign than thae floodlights!
  5. Getting the Tynecastle game behind closed doors could work in our favour. If it is.
  6. Do things make any more sense up there?
  7. Sigh. Bring back the ice rink under the Derry. It was at least semi realistic.
  8. Cannot see any reason this hasn’t been in the Courier/Tele other than it’s too much of a good news story about DFC.
  9. Think Jim got someone else carried off also. Excelled himself that day.
  10. I was at Dons v Hibs 78/79 ish. 1-0 Dons I think. League Cup, not Scottish. Pay at the gate!
  11. That was a great defence with Robbie, big Brian Irvine and Barry. Big Rab in goal as well, no wonder we did well.
  12. Agree, terracing could be magic, really miss it.
  13. Do you need help with the miles? I’m doing about 20km weekly, would be happy to add it in if needed.
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