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  1. JDee

    Top Two

    I'd say we're one good striker and centre back away from having a really decent team, but the highest we can finish is 5th.
  2. Can't see us getting top six without a win tomorrow.
  3. Can you predict a Motherwell win please?
  4. O'Dea, what a defender he is. Player of the year without a doubt - Kerr struggled for a few months to begin with with or he'd be in with a shout too.
  5. Really don't know why Bain gets so much stick when nobody had a bad word to say about Rab Douglas in the club 12 season when his reactions were as slow as an asthmatic tortoise.
  6. I'd still bring in Gadz for Julen, otherwise hopefully it's the same team as yesterday. Was undecided whether to go, but gonna head through. A win would let us look at the top six and forget about the bottom two - for a bit at least! Ojamaa to get his first for the club. Away the Dees.
  7. Football players need more than passion. Anyone in the stadium can go on and show passion, it doesn't mean anything as to how he played. He has been murder for over a year. Gets walked past by the opposition
  8. JDee


    Hopefully Julen & McGowan are both dropped. I'd play Gadz & Vincent instead.
  9. Bain Kerr Gadzhalov O'Dea Holt Vincent Hateley O'Hara Ojamaa Haber Wighton
  10. That's what the dabs said when Paton was returning last season.
  11. Inverness -1 @ 10/3. Looks a banker to me. We're dreadful away from home and Inverness will see this week as the start of their rise. I think their team is better than ours tbh.
  12. Cheers for that, forgot that only home results count
  13. If there's one area that even the biggest Hartley fans can't disagree with, it's that the cup results have been pretty dreadful. I'll take any sort of win and would stick with the same team that beat St Johnstone.
  14. So many to choose from, but Nemsadze for me.
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