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  1. Happy with his appointment, good player, seems like a winner and although he’s young he’s got good experience. I’d also imagine that he’s well liked around the dressing room, if so it will also be a positive move for the players. The worry is how many will accept new deals and stay and how many will say no and look for a free transfer out. Our squad is very tight and low on numbers and unless we can generate a lot of income, by the sounds of things we won’t be in the market for many signings.
  2. I hope it’s big big sizes 😂😂
  3. What a pile of crap!!!
  4. If we had got a Gordon Strachan figure in during the first two years of Hartley then we could have been looking at a very different picture, but we didn’t and unfortunately the rest as they say is history. What I’m hoping though is that we have learned our lesson and with good football people now involved (Strachan, Nichols,Wright) we can move forward with a bit more optimism and the last 6 weeks of the season I think showed signs that that optimism and work was paying some dividend.
  5. We should have waited the full 28 days before voting and watched them piss themselves into a financial Armageddon before putting the final nail in with a NO vote unless the reconstruction had been agreed!!!
  6. Did anyone hear sport sound yesterday afternoon. This farce just keeps on going. I’m told from a Dons mate that Dave Cormack of Aberdeen was on and he said they were thinking of voting No, he gets a call from Doncaster at 16:40 about the vote, Doncaster informs him that there’s no point in voting No as they already have the required amount to get over the line so Cormack changes to Yes. Now maybe they did have enough votes but surely that is morally wrong. How many other clubs who were swaying on what to vote for got similar calls and got told similar untruths and so switched to Yes. Scottish Football is corrupt to the core with those who are in charge and before any reconstrthere should be a full and independent investigation into this sorry mess.
  7. Shocking. Nelms, you’ve bent over and taken firmly up the jacksy!! Off course clubs you spoke to would say yes to talking about reconstruction, they were skint and just want the money as they had no insurance. You should have said ok, I will vote yes but let’s see the reconstruction be taken further, you still had 22 days up your sleeve. I hope I’m wrong but for me you’ve sold this club and it’s fans down the Swaney again!!!
  8. While Nelms might yet pull a rabbit out of the hat, I fear this shows he is not fit to be a CEO of anything let alone our football club. He legally had 22 days to submit his vote, any sensible business minded person would have used that time to fully secure what was required to benefit there business (in this case Dundee FC). They wouldn’t have dropped there pants and taken a heavy spanking on being told there will be a task force who will look into possible reconstruction. As I said, maybe he’s got a rabbit to pull out of the hat, but as it stands it looks like he’s amateur at best or been bullied and bought at worst!!!
  9. There’s one other scenario, Ueffa come into the picture and declare all top flight leagues null and void. Therefore Utd still win the league but Hearts aren’t relegated and Utd don’t go up 😂😂😂
  10. What I don’t get is we still had 22 days to resubmit our vote. Therefore why not insist on the restructuring talks taking place now and before our vote is cast and with a place on that committee so you can at least try to influence those involved to restructure. I will wait and see what comes of this but initial reaction is we have bent over to save Doncaster, Lawwell and the other self important cronies.
  11. Fantastic response. Well said Jogn Nelms
  12. FFS, that chunt is probably trying to work out why Bayern of Munich aren’t involved in the talks
  13. You could always send the club an email saying that you no longer want your first decision to stand and under the consumer rights your changing your mind and expect a full refund 😲...not much different to what Nelms did with his vote 🙈😂
  14. That’s a great shout reference the friendly our pre season tournament. While that would generate some potentially big income for the club the longer term implications would far out-way it for me. Even down to Players, granted they tend to go for where the pound sign is but some may think twice about moving to a club that’s willing to sell its soul to Celtic, Doncaster et all.
  15. It wouldn’t benefit us. Vote Yes and the money is paid out, therefore ICT get the money they need to survive.
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