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  1. Aye they get called the wee huns by celtic fans
  2. Craig Burley Dave Jones off sky - have a bizarre strong dislike of him , interupts all the time - rude irretating man
  3. No i actually liked Simon Lynch - didnt think he was as bad as made out and did score in a bad side
  4. I actually thought Burchill was going to be a real fox in the box
  5. Good shout he was before my time following the dee
  6. Who was our mot natural finisher - i dont mean best player but best at finishing the ball into the net. Grady ? Lovell ? im swaying on him Novo ? - he did struggle at start if i mind right Sara ? - i wouldnt say him as he`d miss chances that he should have scored but he`d miss 5 but then score later
  7. CC33


    Films easy to watch for me.... Jaws Lethel weapons Die hard (except last one) Rambo films (wasnt huge on the last one) GET OUT - Seen it a few times , great film No country for old men - genius but id have to be in mood
  8. Im not convinced tbh … I think he`s performed as any run of the mill manager would have .. I believe if we had a top manager then we would have either been top or at least closer to DABS. I expect much of the same next season .. in that we`ll go on a run then go on a bad spell but never be able to pressure Hearts You cant forget he`s had a bigger budget than DABS … Either he didnt perform or players didn't / or both … got to get Dorrans closer up to striker next season I cant see Hearts sticking with German manager so if they don't can only hope they get next appointment wrong - btw ive been told by a Hearts ST holder that he thinks its going to be hostile between our set of fans next season given our "VOTE" as there messagboards etc have us a villain number 1
  9. All the best Gary Didn't like the way he left the last time in using uncertain owners as excuse to leave but all in all fond memories - good player , a player that was worth entrance fee alone when playing with freedom. Very few players like him today in that he played like he was down the park with his mates. The Chic Charley comparing said earlier was spot on
  10. Nemsadze most gifted Caballero was most Raw footballer
  11. As in top players ? all I can think off is Messi / Rivaldo / Cafu/ Augero who haven't made headlines for wrong reasons , all other south americans with a name that had quality has something flawed ie lifestyle / trouble / dedication. Obv the most famous is Maradona / CC33 had baggage like the others I mentioned from south america - you`d have to admit there is a much higher percentage of talented south americans who had issue`s than what there wasn't
  12. Yes in a football sense , as players i mentioned are proof of that
  13. South americans are a strange bunch ... they always want to return home after peaking or do not deliver like they have been hyped up to do , alot are party animals too like Ronaldo / Ronaldinho. Talents that never lived up were like Juan Riquelme / Ariel Ortega / Pablo Aimar / Saviola /Mancini etc but the biggest waste of talent in football imo was Adriano - i felt he could have been best in the world if he wanted too but he was wild in partying and put massive weight on , Ronaldo at Madrid was a size but still have enough ability to warrant a real madrid shirt
  14. Aye Romano just seemed to stroll through games but i dont mean stroll in a good way tho i did think you could see he was a player but prob not worth the high wage he`d be on ... the biggest disapointment for me was Di Marchi as he had an amazing CV . Thought Rocatti was decent , better than langfield imo tho Rocatti was never worth 1million we "supposidly" going to pay
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