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  1. For bringing the game into disrepute (I know, I know) and with no evidence of bullying or corruption, perhaps the SPFL can fine the Rangers and dock them points. And then throw them out of the League. The cvnts ! 🤔
  2. Struggling to see why anybody would want a refund but I agree they should be offered
  3. The decision could be taken out of Dundee’s hands if UEFA decide to abandon the season before the 28 day deadline Article
  4. Sad to hear that it’s all over for the factory as an ex employee that worked there in the 80’s to mid 90’s. Rota 3 Millman>Finisher>Forklift>MAC4. Great days, good wages and absolutely no worries.
  5. At least Scotland got Salmond into a courtroom, meanwhile down south Prince Andrew still isn’t cooperating with the child abuse enquiry. Just bringing a bit of perspective 😉
  6. From Raith Rovers to Dundee and then he completely bought into the sectarian sh**e with Rangers after Celtic had seen through him when he wanted a move. Now he's back looking for forgiveness from the Derry faithful ... f**k him He's little more than a bigoted rat, trying to ingratiate himself (again)
  7. f**k the wee rat, he changes his opinions dependant on which way the wind is blowing
  8. I think it's unrealistic to expect fans not to vent their frustrations at the game. Football fans only know one way of expressing their displeasure whether it's a poor refereeing decision or to criticise a players performance. It's always been the same and it's very effective in getting the crowds feelings across. I can't see this ever changing, especially since at the moment the gate prices are so high and our fans feeling they're not getting their money's worth on the park.
  9. It’s certainly fitting that the strip is blood red 😉
  10. There's many gripes on here about the Evening Telegraphs opinions on DFC, now you have a chance to 'have your say on the Tele's sports coverage' Online Survey
  11. Probably not, mair like a well adjusted non walloper 😋
  12. In/out: In the Kneecracker. Pre-match: The Barrels Post match: Night out in Edinburgh Prediction: 0-2 Dundee, Johnson and Hemmings.
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