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  1. There's many gripes on here about the Evening Telegraphs opinions on DFC, now you have a chance to 'have your say on the Tele's sports coverage' Online Survey
  2. Gnasher

    Slavering Obsessed Arabs

    Probably not, mair like a well adjusted non walloper
  3. Gnasher

    Derby: In/Out

    In/out: In the Kneecracker. Pre-match: The Barrels Post match: Night out in Edinburgh Prediction: 0-2 Dundee, Johnson and Hemmings.
  4. Gnasher

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Billy King replaces King Billy Pirie
  5. Gnasher

    Call Me Naive....

    Coke users going down like flies due to heart attacks in middle age, it'll catch up with them sooner or later
  6. Gnasher

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    My tangy friend (I know, I know) said that the Argentinian left back Sporle is a complete dumpling and makes Walter Rojas look like a good signing.
  7. Gnasher


    Saturday was the last straw, as indicated in the posts above. The service is just not up to scratch, the stream is unstable and you just can't rely on it .. So after a few years of having DEETV, I'm not going to bother renewing my subscription
  8. Gnasher


    Get big Morten interviewed, he’s the only one that would be fully backed by the Derry
  9. Miller couldn't give two f*cks about Dundee, get him to f*ck
  10. Gnasher

    The Dundee Picture Thread

    Returning to Scotland in April 1963 after the European Cup semi-final against AC Milan at the San Siro.
  11. Moi Gedee ? I'm referring to the poor level of journalism these days, the folk that write these articles must be straight out of school
  12. That article is a load of bollocks, Justin Fashanu who played with Airdrie & Hearts in the 90's was openly gay
  13. Gnasher

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    If it's Kenny Miller as next manager just shut the f*cking doors, bad enough having an arab in charge but Miller being appointed will be a disaster
  14. Gnasher

    Aberdeen Match

    Same here, absolutely useless
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