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  1. Did you watch the video ? Could it have been a missile, watch and give your honest opinion or are you only here for the sh*t and giggles ?
  2. You have to see both sides of the coin Chomp it’s human nature to be curious, otherwise that’d make you completely blinkered. You’re not ex-Forces are you ?
  3. One piece of camera footage of the Pentagon attack actually still exists, watch for yourself here It’s inconclusive though and the Associated Press reported at the time that what hit the building was a ‘thin white blur’. Look at the blast and it’s dispersal straight after impact, does that look like an aviation fuel fire ? Plane or missile
  4. This is a great thread ! I’m two away from calling house in Chomps conspiracy debunking bingo
  5. I hear you Cobra, the casualties of this illegal war does stink but did the US and UK care about the civilian casualties? They were just collateral damage in their race for Iraq’s oil fields. Are you sure that the Media isn’t controlled by the State in various countries ? Totalitarion or not, the countries are all it to various degrees from Russia through to the UK’s BBC. Remember Dr David Kelly who was found in woods where he apparently commited suicide, 2 days after giving evidence on WMD in Iraq to a select commitee of MP’s ? The subsequent post mortem and toxicology reports were then classified for 70 years. America knew there were no WMD in Iraq, as they are the worlds biggest exporter of weaponry. There were Soviet SCUD missiles etc but the WMD didn’t exist as confirmed by Hans Blix in his report in 2003, America ignored the facts in the report along with the UK and then the invasion of Iraq followed shortly after and the killing started.
  6. Thanks for playing To answer your question I plan on doing absolutely nothing and watching the World burn, like most folk across the planet unless it comes knocking on their front doors.
  7. As Adam Ant sang in Prince Charming ‘ridicule is nothing to be scared of’. So here goes ... Firstly, the posts that I’ve made and the incidents mentioned are all freely available on the internet. Go check. Moving on, what I think this thread provokes is the pure reaction, it can’t possibly be true because it goes against the main stream view but there is clearly no point in debating with folks that have made their minds up. Most of the population cannot discern between what is fed daily at the time of the event and what actual happened, which is only revealed in hindsight once the facts are gathered. The truth for example is twisted, in the same way as the SAR-COVID19 situation is currently being manipulated by Westminster. I’m the same, confused by the tsunami of information at the time of the event but looking in retrospect at the detail, something really stinks about 9/11. You’ve only to look at Trump and Boris spouting lies across the MSM about illegal imigrants, the economy and the total disregard for the current crisis and generally just lying to their populations whilst smiling, so why couldn’t 9/11 have happened and been covered up during the George Bush presidency in the pursuit of dominating the middle-east long term ? But you have to keep your mind open to all possibilties here, think for yourself and apply this in these days of double speak and constant lies. Look at the bigger picture of what is currently happening with the destabilisation of Iran and the Israeli and US plans for the annexation of Palestine for example. War is king and there’s money to be made here, so the lies will continue as always.
  8. I’m no conspiracy theorist but there’s definetly something suspect about the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, although there’s no point in debating it here with folk that aren’t open to anything except the ‘news’ that’s spoon fed to them by the Media. The moon landings I’ve no opinion on but Nessie exists, my Daughter said she spotted her when we were at Drumnadrochit a few years back.
  9. Probably for the oil, minerals and natural resources of those countries
  10. The main evidence of the theory is the size of the hole made in the building, compared to the size of the plane. A Boeing 757 is 124ft in width, and the hole produced in the Pentagon is only 65ft in width. This proves that it is not possible for a plane that big, to create a hole that small. Also the Boeing 757 was carrying at least 86,000 gallons of fuel on board and this should have created a massive fire that would be uncontrollable for days. It also would have destroyed a larger section of the building and majority of the surrounding area would have been burnt. This did not happen. Even on the edge of the open hole, there was office furniture intact and a lot of items that had not been burnt. Many cameras mounted on the Pentagon and nearby, failed to capture anything. Lastly, there was no evidence at the site linking to Flight 77's 'crash'. There were no bodies, or luggage or even the engines visible at the alleged crash site. It is clear to see from all of this evidence that Flight 77 - a Boeing 757, did not crash into the Pentagon.
  11. All good points PB - Don’t forget that they found the passports from two of the alleged hijackers in the rubble of the twin towers And I remember from the time that there was an eye witness outside the Pentagon that stated that they saw what looked like a missile hugging the terrain before slamming into the building. If it had been a plane, then there would have been considerably more damage. It all was of course the catalyst for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Exactly what the Americans wanted.
  12. You stated first that it was ‘interference’ by the Government and then went onto to claim that it was ‘ a good defection after the Governments disasterous week on Education’ Thanks for the tip and sorry for replying
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