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  1. But if that was dundee it would be admin 3 blah blah blah
  2. That honestly wouldn't surprise me mate.. Nothing does with that rag or that horrible club.
  3. Can I also say if this was dundee it would be front of the tele with a headline along the lines of "financial trouble at dens" but because its United let's see what they go with.
  4. What a minter of a club they are! And just incase anyone hasn't said it yet F**k them
  5. I'm sorry but anytime I have read or listened to Spence when he is talking about Dundee it's always negative stuff and everything is positive with United.. Can't take him serious at all.
  6. Everyone having a good Sunday aye? 👍
  7. Brings a tear to the eye Cobra! Your grandad would be so proud. It's all about helping the club out as much as we can and giving them as much as we can afford too. I've already bought season tickets for me and my son and today I was just browsing on the official site and decided to buy a few things from the shop.. Spent £60. Still to buy the away strip for me and my son too. Just trying to help the club out where and when I can and if we all do that i believe the club will come out of this just fine.
  8. If anyone needed proof that they are all about pro dundee United and love to stick the boot in to Dundee and publish negative things... There you go.
  9. I see they have just went in to administration.. Gutted for them. You get the feeling more will follow.
  10. Brilliant mate! Me and my son have got our season tickets and I'll be buying us both the new away strip aswell when it's on sale
  11. Really encouraging to hear the club shop has been busy the last couple of days with season ticket sales and I'm sure some would have picked up a few other things whilst in the shop.
  12. If you don't want to buy a season ticket that's your choice but why are you telling us all that? Also if you think we will sell more season tickets without Nelms your wrong. We need true supporters that will buy season tickets if they can afford too to help the club out through these hard times. I dare to think where this club would be without Keyes and Nelms.
  13. Would not be surprised at all if this is Arabs starting rumours about us.. We are in the same boat as nearly every club in Scotland right now with not much income coming in but there will be teams that are in a worse financial position than us. We also might get a break if this pandemic insurance pays out (I know most of us won't be holding out much hope of that happening)
  14. 3 ends.. (not sat in shankly but I used to clean seats in it before matches) does that count? 😂 I used to sit in the derry but now have a season ticket in the Bobby Cox
  15. The person that text you are they in the know? As someone has already said we wouldn't be offering new deals if the worst was away to happen.
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