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  1. Hopefully not true like.. Would be a sore one and we would never hear the end of it.
  2. Reliable source? Hopefully doesn't happen but if it did it would be a sore one and he would never be forgiven for it by our support.
  3. Even if its Freddie Daquin we are being linked with.. Just anybody!! Ok took that too far but this is boring. link us with someone to get us chatting
  4. Yeah it was happening to me all day yesterday but seems to be fine now.
  5. This is a beautiful thread and should always be around.
  6. Live on free sports (virgin channel 553) for anyone that wants to watch it
  7. My pal Freddie Daquin is back!! I can feel it..........
  8. Thats all well and fine but you not going to be happy for me tonight?? all kidding aside I'm absolutely delighted but I'm gutted for Brentford.. Would love to see them in the Premier league too
  9. Lads Fulham are my English team.. Supported them since I was a wee boy so you can imagine my delight when we signed Kevin Mcdonald.. Nervous about tonight and we are underdogs but you just never know in a one off match.. Mcdonald to come off the bench and get the winner.. Its in the stars 🤞🤞
  10. When times are hard we have the best fans in Scotland! Don't care what anybody says 💙
  11. Too many to chose but I loved Brian Irvine's header
  12. That's ridiculous that hearts will get 6 home matches out of our mini league top teams and we will only get 3.. Seen some people say that our fixtures don't bother them at all and I take my hat off to you because its pissed me right off.. Let's pray we are strong on the road this season and play well 4 times on the plastic pitch.
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