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  1. Cannae remember the year,but it was Mo Johnstone scoring fir Celtic against us at Dens.He was running diagonally towards the corner flag about 18 yards oot,when he swivelled and shot all in one movement.One o, the best goals e,ve ever seen.Was sitting in the provie road end at the time and no,eh cannae mind the score.
  2. Just read this on the Johnjames website.Wondered if anyone had any comments to make.https://johnjamessite.com/
  3. Haber,Spence and Mendy - according toRadio Scotland
  4. -Anyone else think Curran needs to stop running towards the ball-sometimes be is receiving the ball about 6 yards from kerr.He,s constantly got his back to the goal,making it easy for the defender.No wanting the be too hard on the laddie,but surely he,s got to mix it up.Also was quite happy to see nabi coming on yesterday,but my heart sank a bit when he came on as a wide player for Miller.Surely this guy is a playmaker and should be played in the hole as a number 10. Anyway, that was my view from yesterday.Oh yeah.one more thing- get our wide players practising their crosses into the box.With better balls in,we might have won that match
  5. Sorry CW,but if you can,t see the similarities between the words the rangers use and Dundee supporters sing as being distasteful(up tae our knees in arab boys/blood,surrender or you,ll die,cos we are the Dundee DERRY boys!).Ask yerself where the "derry" use originates.Makes me cringe!And no,i,m not a catholic!
  6. Until the clubs introduce Strict liability,and start punishing teams with the removal of points(fans would instantly start policing the idiots),people who go along to Scottish football matches will have to put up with this. BTW isn,t there a dark side to the Hello,Hello song that some Dundee fans sing?
  7. I,m sorry tae say i have to agree-think we have some decent players,but it,s no working out. When was the last time we had a settled lineup?A settled lineup leads to more consistentcy in my book.Every week ,seems to be a lottery who,s playing in what position.Really wanted this tae work.
  8. What,s the story wi Ralph-is he injured?If so the celtic loanee miller has been getting played as a left back,so why wasn,t he on instead of Kerr.And sorry,but curran is no a defender. And naby getting played on the left wing?When i saw him come on as a sub in his first game,he looked really lively played in the middle.Guy must be wondering what he,s signed up for.I,d like to see him played in the middle with another-not mcgowan or spence.I,d also have kerr as rb with curran right midfield-he seems to offer something going forward.Some here won,t agree but round pegs in round holes please.Imagine if mccann was asked to play rb in his career.Watching today,i thought we started with 4 guys played in the wrong position: Kerr,Curran,Naby,Mcgowan(who was later switched to his more favoured position) . Wonder how many Motherwell guys were playing on their weaker side and in unusual positions for them?
  9. Just ask yourselves this.How many times was Wighton played as a no 10,in the space in front of the midfield ,and behind the striker?Even when he came back fae injury,when he did get a start he was punted oot tae the wing-the same as Scott Allan.Square pegs in round holes anyone?Football shouldn,t be complicated-get players playing where they are most comfortable,or what is the point?
  10. The Rangers have also been noted to have in interested in the defender. Liked the use of "The".LOL YNRA!
  11. Stirring the hornets nest wi this ane Gedeee! Our game is not run for the good of the sport.This is the problem.It is run short sightedly to maximise money for the top teams.The likes of Celtic(and others) bemoan the fact that the champions league is a cartel-inhibiting new teams breaking through and replacing some of the historic "big teams".Yet this is precisely what goes on at the domestic level. The argument about 4 "old firm" games (was,nt one of them being liquadated?-sorry,that,s been rewritten) being used to attract more tv money or our game would suffer financially is often wheeled out.But the fact is ,under the current system,our game is slowly dying-witness the number of people going to the smaller clubs-this is the life blood of the game.People will stop going eventually,as they will see there is on chance of winning anything! Before anyone,says,but in the real world-the americans addressed this in their sport,so as to avoid the same team/s winning everything.Sadly our authorities will never see the bigger picture,untilthe whole thing implodes.And don,t get me started on the corruption in the gemme!
  12. Know some of the posters have vented their fraustrations about Craig being played wide left,but thought i,d try and bring the discussion together. Some posters think Craig was gonna be the natural successor to GGH-but i don,t see them as similar types. Harkins often liked a slightly deeper role,something like an american quarter back making things happen in front of him-more developing the play than being at the scoring end of things(tho he did score some beauties) Craig to me would be better employed as the no 10 behind 2 strikers,making things happen and .being on the end of give and goes.Seems this was the role Scott Allan should have been given,but no-we played him out left,instead of making him the fulcrum of our attack and building the team around him.Needless tae say,he never liked out wide and took the first chance he could tae leave. So- do we have the personnel to build a team around Craig?Seems tae me this would mean going wi a 3,4,1,2 or 4,3,1,2.Either way,we would have 7 players defending(isn,t this enough some would say?) Just seems Neil Mccann doesn,t trust the players we have to play a back 3.Then again if he goes with a back 4,does this mean we get outnumbered in midfield?It is a dilemma. Maybe the most compact solution would be the 3,5,1,1,which could revert to the Craigie Broon 5,3,2 when the opposition hae the ball.Seemed to me on Sunday,to go with two strikers,but with Wighton out wide,left us totally lopsided.Would have liked far better tae hae seen when Moussa went off,for wighton to have been used as the no 10 and the midfield bolsted as we were being outnumbered there.Please excuse the rambling,but getting back to the title of discussion-would be really fraustrating tae see a guid prospect like Craig to go the way of Scott Allan and shine for another club.
  13. Dissappointed wi that display.We seemed to start the game wi a 4411 or 442.Meant we were outnumbered in midfield wi them playing a 352.Really think we should be going with a solid 451 or 352 matching the opposition in numbers in midfield.Opposition managers watching this today will surely go with 5 in midfield.If persisting with a 4411 surely Wighton should be in his preferred position of no 10 just in behind the striker.Playing him out wide asks him to concentrate too much defensively.Our wide players should be naturally good at defending wi good engines. Other thing wid be tae stop checking back when we have possession.As has been shown in the World Cup and other tournaments recently,possession is not King-Spain anyone? We have to commit when we have the ball and not let opposition get back and in formation. Rant over😔
  14. So you think o,halloran wasn,t good enough to wear the sevco shirt?This the same guy that was ripping teams apart for the fermers.If it was announced today that he had signed for us i,d be well chuffed! BTW,who out of their current team do you think should be allowed to wear a shirt? Some players just fit certain teams ,eg Greg Stewart.
  15. OK,i,ll take the bait😌.Can i ask why this is your opinion
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