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  1. hopefully he was shoplifting magic beans. the boy needs them
  2. i know transfer windows are p**h with the odd bit of excitement. heard about anichebe potentially off to killie. would love us to rifle in about that bit very unlikely given McCanns gripes about the budget
  3. personally i would cash in on caulker now if theres any acceptable bids. by acceptable i mean £1-1.5 million. if we run with 2 centre backs um hapoy with meekings and Kusunga with jeffries and Waddell providing back up. Kamara on the other hand would be so difficult to replace unless McCann can pull another belter out the non league in england. risk losing kamara next summer for nothing just to see a midfield 3 of him, elton and Karl. thats mouth watering! id also be willing to put soence out on loan this season at the likes of falkirk. he could do with a decent run of games.
  4. evening all, dont post on here often these days but heard a few rumours i thought id share with you all. these could be a load of sh**e as heard through a friend who has a friend! still any rumours are better than hearing nothing. 1. calvin miller is coming in to challenge ralph at LB. dont know a hugedeal about him other than he is young and very highly rated at celtic as an atticking left back 2. winger Michael Johnston is coming in from celtic. massive talent but obviously it would be him or miller.think we are reasonably covered on the left wing though. 3. sam jones deal is dead in the water. not enough of a wage hike for him to move his life up here. that or he watched the moose on saturday and thought "play with that, yeah right" 4. New striker coming in on trial this week. clubs tight lipped about it which is incredibly boring but i do like that approach from the club. Could all be sh**e but there you go! ETA - i meant to say there is no chance of stewart coming back unfortunately. he wishes to find another club down south and is keeping aberdeen waiting on an answer as he tries to find one
  5. longtime since i was on here guys. booth is not an improvement on holt by any means and would be a very underwhelming replacement. 2 of the 3 lads in have been signings that have come out of nowhere so hooing for a young LB in a similar mould. perhaps with booth in as well. im on the fence about murray to be honest. hard working on the pitch yes but would like to see us look elsewhere. personally i think jack hamilton could be a fantastic signing for the club. talent doesnt disappear overnight only confidence does. so far ive been very impressed with the clubs yransfer dealings.
  6. glad to see someone get back on topic. Never made the game tonight so can't judge but I still believe ferry can be a quality player for the dee.
  7. Haha sorry have been busy of late. Can't help but think that would hae to be a bloody big bed. As you can see by the time I'm posting still not got to a positive solution but persevering. Roll on Killie so we can get this season started. Perhaps that's the cause Haha sorry have been busy of late. Can't help but think that would hae to be a bloody big bed. As you can see by the time I'm posting still not got to a positive solution but persevering. Roll on Killie so we can get this season started. Perhaps that's the cause
  8. Now think about it lads this might happen. We still haven't had that "what are they thinking!" signing yet!
  9. I also agree Colin was too often unfairly criticised and looked devastated when he left. Did we not try to register him again later in that season but some sfl rule prevented us? I also agree about eric paton and think Paul mchale deserves a mention. Steady player imo
  10. Update for you all, got into a patern of sleeping 5ish hours a night so was a massive improvement but unfortunately back to square 1! Getting fobbed off at the docs with the usual pish about discussing troubling matters etc.... Begun self medicating with past prescriptions I know make me tired so hopefully this has a positive affect.
  11. over 20 professional clubs for a man his age is crazy! Makes sense when you think about it though. ...He's a complete knobend!
  12. Andee


    Can't wait till the season kicks off, some folk will b***h about anything! Dundee fc are clearly not equal opportunities employers therefore fine ph!!
  13. My best moment as a dee is also my first. The moment I got to the top of the provie road steps and the stadium unfolded in front of me!
  14. I feel really dissapointed in j mac. Thought he would have signed on by now as, like harkins, I feel him and DFC are a fit.
  15. For what it's worth I think this rumour is a lot of sh**e and I fully expect GGH yo be with us, and playing a key role, neXT season. Even unfit he gives something different to the team that would be sorely missed!
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