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  1. I was at the game but didn't see our goal. Some boy had been lifted but managed to break free and I was watching him legging it when we scored.
  2. Up there with Morten Harket at his peak. No greater compliment possible.
  3. OCDee


    I've got a couple of Macron Palace tops and they are very figure hugging. It's fine for me with my finely toned physique but ladies of a larger build may be exposed a little.
  4. Can't speak for anyone else but I've got forty years of loving the Dee behind me and find it difficult to motivate myself to go these days. Work, family and logistics make it hard. The thing that gets me to put other things aside and go to games is my feeling for the club - there's absolutely zero chance I'd ever go to see an amalgamated team.
  5. OCDee


    And that referee failed to award Hearts a stonewall penalty early in the game.....
  6. OCDee

    All the Best Marcus Haber

    I was really impressed with him in the early days. A real shame he couldn't sustain his form but he made a real contribution. All the best to him.
  7. OCDee

    Happy New Year 2019!

    Happy New Year everyone. Think of me working my 13th straight 1st January.
  8. May be simplistic but a £150k fee for Kamara would allow us to pay Adam about £7k a week until the end of the season. Bums on seats with a signing like that too. Not enough to cover the outlay but it would be a boost to the whole club.
  9. Schalk's playing regularly for Servette (and scoring a few) so I doubt we'd be able to get him.
  10. Cheers. Sounds about right.
  11. Kallman's a young player in a new country - and he's just coming back from an injury. I think he'll do well for us. Moussa just isn't a footballer and I'm genuinely baffled as to how he's managed to make a career in the game. I'd love to know how the decision to sign him was arrived at.
  12. OCDee

    Calvin Miller

    Could be that JM''s not confident of getting the unwanted ones off the wage bill so these three have to go to give him some room to get his own men in. Are Palace not paying all of Inniss's wage anyway?
  13. Totally agree Rev. While it's not exactly inspiring to be linked to these guys, we've no time to bed players in so getting in guys the manager's worked with before seems sensible.
  14. OCDee

    Boxing Day 1963

    Aye, men were men in those days. Defenders face down in the mud as the winger dances past them, lighting up another Woodbine while in full flight. They played reverse fixtures two days later - Ipswich beat Fulham and West Ham won at Blackburn. Crazy.

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