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  1. OCDee

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    Another season after this one - three year deal.
  2. OCDee

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    Apologies Gedee. I assumed it was Cobra replying.
  3. OCDee

    Big Team

    Agree with most of this but Archie's mid eighties team were better by a long way than Duffy's mid nineties one.
  4. OCDee

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    Hopefully Cobra. I've lost interest in watching it too; can't wait for an international break to be over so that we can get back to the real stuff.
  5. OCDee

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    Fair enough Cobra. The way I see it, we're behind lots of countries we should be ahead of and ahead of maybe Greece and Bulgaria who I wouldn't expect us to be above. We should be doing better.
  6. OCDee

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    In spite of having the second highest population of any of the home nations, we're way behind the other four. We're also miles behind Croatia, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia and Iceland. We have a bigger population than most of those and in others football isn't even the number one sport. Compared to other European countries, we're massively underachieving.
  7. OCDee

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    Scotland were on an upward trajectory when the t*ts in charge decided to get rid of Strachan; we'd be in a better situation now if he'd stayed on.
  8. OCDee

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Not sure I'd want Dorrans to be honest - we haven't done too well with French players recently.
  9. OCDee

    Scunnered Beyond Belief

    Agree with all of that.
  10. OCDee

    Scunnered Beyond Belief

    Eight attempts on target, six goals. Not great stats for Hamilton.
  11. OCDee

    Scunnered Beyond Belief

    I remember being texted the score after the last 6-2 game by the guy I sit next to at Dens. I was so furious that I texted back saying that's it, I've had it with this lot etc. He reminds me of it every time I take my seat at a Dundee game. We've still to play them three times and one hiding doesn't mean they have the league won. From memory,, we thumped St Mirren and Gretna in their promotion seasons and it didn;t mean we were better than them over the whole season. United are still sh**e and we can still finish above them. Their ultimate failure this season will be all the sweeter after the start they've made.
  12. OCDee


    6-2 again anyone? Regardless of how bad this is (and believe me, I'm raging), we need to take it on the chin and move on.
  13. OCDee

    Derby: In/Out

    Out - away on holiday Pre - wandering about finding a pub showing the game and with no whiff of citrus. Post - depends on the result Predicttion - 4-1 the mighty, 3,500 in the brick at full time.
  14. OCDee

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    I think it was Dumbarton; 1,975 rings a bell in my Rainman head.
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