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  1. Attendance 4,290. Looks like the dab hordes have decided to save their pennies for the play off games.
  2. Just watched it and agree completely. Crazy decision.
  3. I don't usually pay any attention to this bloated carcass of a once great tournament but reading about that diving, cheating little tw*t Neymar bleating about the penalty is a lovely way to start the day.
  4. OCDee

    May 2018 Accounts

    I thought we were awash with cash. Perhaps Jim M would care to comment.
  5. A gentlemanly handshake and maybe a pat on the back while returning to the halfway line are more than adequate. Any rule that gets Scott Brown sent off is a good one.
  6. OCDee

    Jim McIntyre

    I wasn't at all happy with his appointment but am more than happy to say I was wrong. The turnaround is way beyond what we could have expected and long may it continue.
  7. OCDee

    1st Class Service

    I still have the Matchwinner one but it's not one of my favourites. I thought the lighter shade of blue on it was too light and it wasn't pleasant to wear - horrible, clingy material.
  8. He came out of retirement to play for us when we needed help. First time round, he went to Hearts so we received a fee rather than taking a bigger offer from an Austrian club (Sturm Graz I think). United were also in for him but he refused to go there out of respect for Dundee. The guy's done more for the club than most players we've had over the years. Fair enough, it didn't work out for him as manager but there's no justification for calling him names and saying he tried to kill the club. None.
  9. OCDee

    Canning Away

    On the subject of astroturf and the grass being greener, does anyone know if there are any rules regarding the colour of artificial pitches? I'm sure Rangers would be interested in not having green and, as for the dabs, imagine a tangerine pitch with black lines. Actually, probably better not to.
  10. OCDee

    Canning Away

    Totally agree. Can see this going the way of Charlton and Stoke when they parted with Curbishley and Pulis. At both of those clubs, they'd stabilised at a level well above their recent status but there was unrest at the lack of further progress. With Hamilton's resources, a successful battle against the drop is the best they can realistically expect and he's consistently delivered that.
  11. OCDee

    Memorable Cup Replays

    The Ibrox 3-2 was in 1984 and was my first trip to Ibrox. We had a fantastic run there at that time - won four and drew one of my first five visits. One that stands out for me is the quarter final replay against Falkirk on the way to the final in 2003. That was a great night.
  12. Cheers Woodstein. I thought we'd followed the dabs and signed some Swedes before my time. I forget the guy's name but we had a Danish striker who played as a trialist at Easter Road; I think it was when Stainrod was manager. He actually scored in the game but there was supposedly some disagreement over insurance and we didn't sign him on a permanent deal. Can't think of any others.
  13. I know we had Swedish players way back when but how long is it since we signed one? I can't recall any since I started going to games in the early eighties.

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