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  1. First impressions are that it's the best we've had for years. If it looks as good in real life I'll be getting one for the holidays.
  2. Totally agree Rev. Best Dundee side I've seen. We didn't win anything but, for a couple of seasons, it felt like we were so close to a breakthrough. If the dabs hadn't come back in the '87 semi, if JD hadn't done his knee at Ibrox...... Without wishing to sound like an old fart, it was a much better time to follow football. There was always the chance of a club like ours putting together a good side and challenging for cups and even the league. The best we can hope for these days is top six and if we ever have players of the calibre of Brown, Duffy, or Connor we'd probably get half a season from them before someone spirited them away.
  3. He came in at the end of that season . His fantastic performance for Morton in a 0-0 draw at Dens at the tail end of the season pretty much cost us a place in Europe. What a player he was.
  4. I'd never heard of him either so just looked up Wiki. Still none the wiser as to why he should be on the list - unless someone in the know has put a few quid on him......
  5. Woods away, Parish in talks with St J (according to the Daily Express).
  6. Mark Lillis - came up, watched a game, didn't fancy it. John Durnin - went to Portsmouth instead. Paul Harvey - Stuart Cosgrove actually announced his signing had gone through on Off the Ball. Ivan de la Pena - didn't turn up at the airport for Giovanni, or am I imagining that one? Alex Bunbury - red tape stopped him signing. Jackie Dziekanowski - I'm sure cowboy tried to get him in. Red tape again.
  7. Two year player / assistant manager deal with the promise of the manager's job at the end of it once Strachan retires after taking us up, getting top six and winning the Scottish Cup.
  8. I thought Stewart's comments were 100% correct. I'd guess he thinks McIntyre's failed badly enough to get the bullet.
  9. So far, I haven't passed the affliction on to any of my kids but if they really misbehave.....
  10. Hi BCram. It just seems odd that they would make a big deal of promising to buy back Dens if they were always of a mind to move to a new stadium. If it was always one or the other they should have said so when they came in. I don't think many people would have been against either option if both had been set out from the start.
  11. You've met my other half Billy, normal would be choking to get away from the house on matchday.
  12. I guess we'll find out soon enough......
  13. Pretty much where I'm at Rev. I had a ST for many years and very rarely missed a game, home or away. In 2006 I started a job which involved weekend working but I still made 10 to 15 games a season. I now have three young kids and live an hour away from Dens - I feel pretty guilty at clearing off for a big chunk of a day off to go to a game.
  14. Thanks Islay. I didn't think there was mention of a new stadium at the outset.
  15. Although there's a lot of space-filling corporate BS, it's good to see the club come out with a statement like this; it's very welcome. Maybe I missed it when FPS came in for the club but was there mention of going to a new stadium right from the start? I thought the initial stated intention was to buy back Dens and keep it as our home ground. According to this statement, a new stadium has always been on their to do list.
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