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  1. I've only been twice; once when I was down on holiday when I was a nipper and 34 years later for the Speroni testimonial. My wife used to work in London from Tuesday to Thursday and I quite often went there for the weekend to save her travelling up and down every week. She wasn't keen on me disappearing for the majority of the Saturday down to Selhurst so I never made it. The best I managed was a trip to see West Ham - although I had to endure an evening at the theatre as payment.😫
  2. Aye, there are quite a few great stadiums that are always full. Not impossible to do two in a weekend with the way the games are staggered.
  3. I've relatives who are Palace fans so I've always followed them; it helped that I absolutely loved their late seventies strip. Also Schalke 04 since I was a wee lad but no idea why. I'd love to go to see a game at their place sometime.
  4. I was going to mention this in my post too Chomp. We could end up in a situation like Coventry where we can't afford to play in 'our' stadium. So we're screwed if they stay or if they go. Sweet.😮
  5. If they do have an ongoing commitment to the club, then a new stadium is the only thing that's going to stop them having to write an annual six figure cheque to cover our losses. I think there would have been progress by now if it were likely to happen; having said that, I didn't think the Marrs would get the two new stands by the SPL deadline and they managed it. I don't know how much they've put in but it must be in the millions; and that's to get us no further forward, on or off the park, than when they arrived.. A new stadium must be what's keeping them here; if it doesn't happen, they'll be riding off into the sunset. I hope it does happen because we'll be in it deep if it doesn't.
  6. Might all be different now they've replaced Nelms with Nelsm. Seriously though, I share your view that it's not going to happen.
  7. Dundee power brokers Tim Keyes and John Nelsm have issued a promise to start the construction of a new stadium this year. (Mail on Sunday, print edition) From today's BBC Scottish gossip page.
  8. About forty years. Basically, all my pals supported Dundee and one of them said his dad would take me along. No family influence at all. My dad and grandad were both heavily involved with our local junior team; I still have no idea if either of them had a preference for us or the dabs.
  9. I point blank refuse to pay to watch football on TV but my good lady has just reminded me that we've got Prime. I could have been watching the footie this afternoon instead of trying to beg for a shot of my wee lad's new drone. Palace were on too.😧
  10. Hydro Electric - the Firkin Brewery one was from the promotion season.
  11. Mine too, although I missed Tosh's beauty as I was still in the queue for my half time pie. Just glad it was a TV game so I got to see it later.
  12. It was my wee lad's birthday yesterday so I couldn't make it. Delighted with the win but memories of this came flooding back in the last few minutes.
  13. My thoughts exactly Harry. Given how desperate the Dabbies were for him to sign, if he hasn't got a decent release clause he should be looking for another agent.
  14. Was he worse than Kerno? Time for a poll.......
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