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  1. Hopefully a decent and proper Experienced Manager, Please Please
  2. Said the Exact same to my next door neighbour and my mate across the road this morning, both used to be Big Dee's but stopped going after the Elgin game, both used to be season ticket holders, by now choose what games they go to, they now PATG, but are totally Sickened, with our Dire displays this Season, they honestly couldn't believe how BAD we've become and how Totally Ineffective our Defence is. Both said they the "might" return if a Proper Manager was appointed.
  3. Cobra, any chance of you getting McPake Banned from Dens 😅😅
  4. Not the case, it was Always JMP as far as Nelms, was concerned.
  5. Only EIGHT, yes EIGHT wins out of 21 games in the Championship, that's only a 38 % win rate with a Minus Four goal Difference and only 26 goals Scored = 1.23 goals per game. Disastrous runs in Both Cups and McPake is still our Manager tonight ,Why ??? and he's in the paper's today, stating he is best man for the job, to take us forward. John Nelms, with the Budget that Tim Keyes, has Brilliantly supplied to you and your Golden Child Manager, do you honestly think, that anyone apart from you, would have believed these Statistics were possible in the Championship, with Tim Keyes Investment. Crowds NOT turning up, DIRE, DIRE, performances every week. Therefore, John Nelms, earn your VAST ex pat package and do what's best for our Club and get rid of your Golden One, The Club is far bigger than your stupid Pride here.
  6. f**cking Walter Mitty, this Clown is, Not even qualified, to run an Under 16's Lochee Park Girls Team, blathering Fool.😤😤😤
  7. McDaid yet Again last night, never got past the Dunfermilne Full Back once. No wonder Ayr United fans were happy he left them, more on his backside, looking for fouls, because of his miss control/first touch than being able to get any crosses into players, totally and utterly overrated, plays one decent game, then 10 shockers, that's why he didn't make the grade at Partick Thistle and Morton .
  8. McPake on the radio, stating we require URGENTLY another two or three new players, Nelms don't give your Golden Child ANOTHER penny, he'll waste it, if there is any money for Players, then give it, hopefully, to a New Experienced Manager, who would improve us, we are going backwards, results don't lie.
  9. For the money we may have , Danny Lennon for me, honestly don't think he would be any worse than the previous THREE, he would at least get us better organized, fitter and would get respect from the Players, but more importantly keep us up.
  10. Said on here Numerous times over the last three years, Nelms doesn't listen to anyone, only likes Yes men, sorry I take some of that back, runs after Strachan like a puppy dog, why do you think Gordon's Grandson was a Substitute tonight, because he's a great prospect, dream on.
  11. McPake post match interview is on BBC Scotland, basically blaming his Senior Players for not taking on any responsibility and taking on board his tactics, which he takes responsibility for, that their not working again. Get rid now, everyone in Scottish Football are laughing at us because of his appointment and lack of knowledge, Journalist, fellow Managers, ex players and Football Pundits, come on Nelms admit this is your THIRD f**k up and get rid of tonight, earn your Wage, you Disaster of a Man.
  12. I think that would be Nelms get out of Jail card, being, zero contract pay off, but this Foolish thinking, will be too late to save us from going down, damage has been done.
  13. Great question, I would really like the answer to your post.
  14. Agree, his just loves his time playing the "Laird" of his Scottish Estate, what's this Soccer game about again.
  15. He was available in the Summer on a free, but sadly McPake didn't rate him
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