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  1. Chomp, do you have Any examples of what John Nelms has " been quite busy" achieved in the last Three months to benefit our Club, Nelms offered the refund, then Zero. Sick of picking up the Newspapers recently, reading about what that DABS are looking to build on going forward and hearing NOTHING from Dens, but as you quoted, Nelms has been "Quite busy" Sleeping, as Other Clubs Prosper.
  2. I am thinking the same as you, really surprised, Zero has been offered to our Season Ticket Holders, through, e-mail or the post. I won't be looking for a Refund, basically, as a very small thank you to Tim Keyes, for the Vast amount of Money he has put into our Club. In saying that, John Nelms disrespect of the Fan's yet AGAIN on show here. This man just doesn't get it, it's Always about HIM.
  3. Agree, but he's got previous, falling all over Celtic for some reason. As you stated, he couldn't be that STUPID, could he??? Considering what risk that would put our Club in going forward, I just hope what the Daily Hun, are saying is Way off the truth.๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
  4. One thing for sure, if I was in John Nelms shoes just now, I would be speaking to a Top Lawyer, regarding the SPL , leaking the story that Dundee still had to vote, thus naming a specific Club. These polls a supposed to be confidential information, the SPL have hung Dundee out to try and their actions are not ethical and undemocratic, not the way to run a Professional Organization.
  5. And he can't stand John Nelms and Dundee FC after losing his job at Dens, its always been about HIM, Know someone through Business Links, that worked with him at Tynecastle and she said he wasn't liked in Edinburgh, because he was an Arrogant a***hole.
  6. Scott Gardiner, has waited years, to get back at Dundee FC and John Nelms, don't believe, his isn't lying, but he couldn't help himself, to put the knife in.
  7. Dee1893, I honestly hope so. Could someone from Dens be the "Whistleblower", one thing for sure, we have to come out and make a statement, because the Wolves are waiting at our door, but hopefully the Silence means, we have the Truth behind what's being going on, if not, we as a Club will be Slaughtered.
  8. Been saying the Exact same for weeks, we are a f**cking Defensive, Boring and Unbalanced Team, with Zero attacking Options, with a midfield stealing their wages.
  9. He's a good Guy who just wants the Best for Dundee FC, he's never once complained about the amount of Money he's put into His/Our Club, I don't have his Ear, but we don't always speak about Football and I honestly don't care what Politics he supports as it has never come into our conversations, how many Guys, would have kept going with his Backing of our Club, with the Results, we have had the past few seasons, but how long are his Pockets??
  10. Your are one hundred per cent Correct, we are NOT going to get into the play-off final against the Premiership team with McPake and his signings, let's face it, we are still Minus one on Goal difference in March, we don't and have the tactics/capacity to Score Goals that WIN games. Not replacing Johnson, with another Striker, will be yet Another massive mistake, glad Berra was signed but why, bring in a left back when he's stopped playing a flat back four and a right back, when we have cover there and a right sided attacking wide player, when he also doesn't play him.??? It's a Tombolla team week in week out, I will get the usual digs at my so called negative posts, but come on guy's wake up and smell the coffee, by the way, you'll find it hard to get a better and bigger Dundee FC supporter than me Financially and games home and away watched, I just don't see us improving under this this so called large Management Team, I feel so sorry for Tim Keyes, who I have conversations with, great Guy, but being let down by John Nelms and his Appointments.
  11. Yes I do and even he Can't understand, why we don't Score, considering the Budget, we had at the start of the Season, but I keep telling him to keep his chin and Tail up.๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Would not be surprised, he keeps getting away without making any contribution or tackles All season.
  13. Yet another, of many Strange Substitutions, this season, we bring on a left back, instead of a Forward thinking Player, our Minus one goal Difference in Mrach, says it all.
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