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  1. Too f**cking true, the man's a Total Disaster, he wouldn't have lasted in Industry and this is from a Guy, [ME] who's worked for Four Worldwide Blue Chip Companies, in Senior Management Positions, he would have been found out early Doors and quite rightly, shown the door. Really feel for Tim Keyes, having him at Dens pissing his money year after year against the wall.
  2. Yet ANOTHER, example of John Nelms, NOT earning his Vast Contract, plus Extras. This Guys an incompetent, arrogant Waster.
  3. We require a Big Target man up front, to hold the Ball up, we have just signed Two players, very simular to Craig, we just can't have another season, like the last one, when the Ball Never stayed up front and always came backwards, from our single Striker up front, this has to change, it didn't work last season, hence, the POOR, amount of goals scored.
  4. Really hope these two Guys do well, but they are both quite small for Strikers and their previous Goal Scoring records, aren't great. We really should be looking, for a Big Solid Striker, for these guy's, to play off, but again, welcome to Dens, the pair of you.
  5. Agree 100%, his body language and attitude, certainly didn't show, he wanted, to be at Dens, the only reason he was with us, was because we took over his Previous Large playing Contract, but over an additional year. He didn't mix with the Players, couldn't wait to quickly, get away after training.
  6. Said on here before, anyone that thought, Kane Hemmings, had any type of soft spot/loyalty to Dundee FC, are Seriously delusional, this Guy has always used Dundee, for his own benefit. With his Billy Big Baw's, attitude, he certainly won't be missed by the Dressing Room, that's for sure, with Nelson away as well, we should get a tighter Dressing Room, if the two new recruits, have a Better Understanding of the word, "Teamwork", then hopefully, everyone will play for each other. A Big welcome to our two new Strikers, hope you can score some goals, but that will only happen, this coming season, if our Slow Midfield, starts to move Forward
  7. I would have put my Mortgage, on that happening, as you say, a Totally twisted SPFL, in every way.
  8. Tim Keyes, in the main man to keep this Club afloat, I agree that us, the Special Fans, have yet again stepped up to the Plate, time after time, so well done yet AGAIN. But what has John Nelms done to earn his VAST salary package, Tim Keyes has to really ask these Questions, I also wonder, how he got on last week, regarding his change of mind vote, with the Three independent, Legal guy's, in the Hearts / Patrick challenge. I have said numerous times on here that John Nelms, is Dundee F.C.'s Achilles Heal and the quicker Tim Keyes (who I have a lot of respect for) smells the coffee, the better, Nelms does nothing, to enhance our Club's reputation.
  9. This Guy, has NOT been fit his WHOLE Career, our Medical advice, then was a joke, nobody wanted to touch him with a Barge Pole, apart from us, Sadly, he won the Lottery, signing for us.
  10. I have Zero worries about Cammy, playing for Dundee, but is that CROCK, Jamie Ness, still getting a wage, this season ahead, for a guy that only managed, I think, only ONE game, completing ninety minutes all season, out of only EIGHT appearances all season for Dundee, this guy I think is only 29 years old, but Totally FINISHED, if he had any respect, he'd walk away, guys like Cammy would run through a Brick Wall , for our Club, Not STEAL a wage like others.
  11. That's Rockyboy, signed up, I think they have missed a Trick, with the options of £25 and £30, not being available, but still a great response, from the Dee Yet AGAIN, are the Club going to announce weekly where we are with the Money, being Committed from the Fans, as it's Really their Money, something like a Target Meter, to encourage more donations.
  12. Basically, it comes down to if his Wife wants to stay in Scotland, that's why he's with us, she wanted to come back to Scotland,
  13. That's my Two, the Pair of them, have never reached the Levels of Performance, required, for the Contracts they signed, basically never paid back their Manager's Confidence in them, just picked up their Vast Wages and went through the Motions.
  14. Totally AGREE, he must think, he's better, than what we witnessed, Zero loyalty, to a Club, who stuck by him, considering, he was made of Chocolate, f**cking DISGRACE, glad he's gone.
  15. Chomp, do you have Any examples of what John Nelms has " been quite busy" achieved in the last Three months to benefit our Club, Nelms offered the refund, then Zero. Sick of picking up the Newspapers recently, reading about what that DABS are looking to build on going forward and hearing NOTHING from Dens, but as you quoted, Nelms has been "Quite busy" Sleeping, as Other Clubs Prosper.
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