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  1. Exactly my point, there's very few Revenue Streams available to the Club just now, so it doesn't take much brains, for the Club get a really decent Product, for us Fans to watch, that is better, that the previous system. As usual, I have bought my season ticket early, when they first came out and I believe, that I am entitled to watch games, through that, but I am more than willing, to pay Extra monthly to view a far Superior Product and watch the games Live.
  2. Wattie, I would pay for a Properly working, new streaming service to watch, live Dundee FC, matches this season. My only worries, were when I had previously paid for the Previous "out of the UK" services, it never worked, that was a total waste of money and I gave it a good shot, from Four different Continents. Let's hope our so our called Technology/Communication Dept, get it Correct, this time, as other smaller Clubs, than us can manage this easily.
  3. Yep the York 9's President is a "Dee", he says it, in his Profile. So yes that looks like that's the Link, to us. It's in the Blood.
  4. I agree we certainly require a Proper Striker, my St Mirren season ticket mate, couldn't understand why we signed the Buddies, ex two players as our top of the line Strikers, he said Mullen played as a no 10 , behind the Main Striker, exactly where McGowan plays for us and Alex Jakubiaak, played wide cutting in and created numerous chances, for their front pair, with his Direct link up play, he also really rated him.
  5. Gordon Dee, it doesn't matter how many excellent cross balls delivered into the box from our good midfielders, if we don't have an out and out Big Striker and his partner in the box, to put away these Chances. We have suffered the past couple of seasons, because of this tactical fault. We require a hold up play Striker, capable of scoring goals ASAP. Cameron and McGowan up top is NEVER, going to get us goals, must be the smallest front one/two I can ever remember, playing for Dundee. Come on McPake, these tactics, won't get us up and before I get pelters, I know it's only a friendly, but the
  6. Sadly only one up top, with no Strikers, I think, on the subs bench, that really worries me, the lack of depth, in that area, for a second season running.
  7. Or Ness, not fit yet AGAIN, said at the time he would turn out to be a Shocking signing, the guy only managed One, ninety minutes game last season, a Total waste of a wage, the guy was finished, 2/3 years ago.
  8. Just opened, my Best bottle of Red Wine, in my collection a Gran Reserva, 2004, Faustino 1. Hopefully head will be ok in the Morning, so cheers, to the best bit of News, I've had in 2020, as it's been the Worst I have ever, endured. Again thanks to they deal maker's and Charlie, for coming home. 🍷🍷
  9. Who are the Guys behind this Amazing news, their names and also their Company's. Also heard Micky Mellon, greeting on the Radio this week, stating, he requires Premier League standard players signed, not the Mince, he has at the Club just now, yet Another DABS Manager having a dig at their Owner, I wonder how long it takes, before he walks, after false promises?? Boy the DABS, would just love, to have Dorrans and King Charlie, in their pitiful midfield. So well done to ALL involved in this deal, yet Again, proud to be a Dee. Those who haven't bought a Season Ticket yet, come on, others are Sta
  10. To me another big Striker, is our no one priority
  11. That scenario, went through my mind.
  12. I was at this match and the score flatters, the DABS, couldn't believe we let them score four against us that day, we truly took the foot off the pedal, they were there for a good thumping.
  13. I would have loved to have had Charlie at Dens, but for someone to have stated, many times in the Media, that he wished he could finish his career, at his beloved Dundee FC, for me has dragged on for a hell of along time, he is a Multi Millionaire, so surely, it can't be all about the Money, also we require a Big Target Man up front, because no disrespect, to our two new forwards, they are not, a typical number Nine, who holds up play and feeds his other strikers and midfielders
  14. Charlie Adam is a Multi Millionaire, plus he picks up a decent amount, being on Talksport, money, shouldn't mean anything to him.
  15. The more I think about Charlie coming in would be amazing, but like you, extremely worried about the lack of pace in our midfield, Jamie (made of Chocolate) Ness = Zero pace, Dorrans and Byrne slow and don't track back and tackle, which leaves Charlie as the Playmaker, but he would really require, a young guy that tackles and has decent pace, to help him out. We can't afford to have another season with a slow static, Midfield, letting Teams run through them, yet AGAIN, if we want to win this League.
  16. I know it's a Big statement, but, I go home an away every week, travelled on the Team Plane,to Perugia, never missed a preseason friendly in England and in Administration, my family donated a Significant amount to Keep the Club going both Financial and Fund Raising Events, even handed in my Late Father's and my Rare DFC collection, of DFC memorabilia, to the Late Maurice's Auction, when we were in the "sh*t", So if that's not enough, then, I don't know what is???
  17. Thanks, never knew, it's not Easy anywhere just now.
  18. Good post Chomp, I've made the commitment, to put in a decent amount every month and I'll make sure, when I'm past and gone, that commitment, stays, to release monies, out of my Estate, when I'm Dead and Gone, its the future of the Club and Supporters, I want to protect, Not some of the Mercenaries, that we have signed the past twenty odd years. Its us Supporters, that make this a Great Club, no one else.
  19. Question for you guys, if Byrne and McDaid, were Half as good as your making out, then why were we behind the DABS by 18 points, Yes 18 points ahead of us in the Division and a very poor Caley Thistle, 4 points above us in the League, we had a Goal Difference of +1 and that only moved from a minus when Berra, was signed, I love Dundee more than most on here and YET again, myself and my Family, have stepped up to the plate in a really decent way, in the past Month, to help the Players, I know they are taking a Pay Cut ,but at least they still have a Job, as my Wife has just lost hers, but you
  20. 'Cobra, McDaid only choices to play and put Effort, when he wants to, Usually when the T.V. cameras are at the match, he did the Exactly, the same, also at Ayr.
  21. Byrne is a con man, Getting paid a small for fortune, for his current contract and giving Zero back on the Pitch, hides far too much for me and my mates, would have Robertson, playing every match before him and Robertson is far more Talented, than the, Zero pace, back pass Byrne.
  22. You could have put your mortgage, on Celtic or Aberdeen, never receiving a points reduction or Major fines, but if it had been Dundee FC, we would have been relegated, to the Juniors, with a £100,000 fine, yet AGAIN, different rules, for different Favourite Clubs, the SPL, are just a f**cking Joke, of an organization.
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