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  1. This is my my my horrible Monday (again) This is my my my horrible day Will you please please please, please all crowdfund me My my my its a horrible day. From Mr T. Asghar and Mr M.Ogren. Tannadice Park . Dundee.
  2. Ha ha my mate was similar, instead of singing spot the loony he came out with Oh Scott Maloney !!! I remember him singing that 😀
  3. If i recall correctly the next lines were On the beat all day On his wife all night . Another one or two Nareys a fairy oh Davie Nareys a fairy, Nareys a fairy oh Davie Nareys a fairy. ET Dodds, ET Dodds , ET Dodds , to the tune of Here we go here we go. Milnes a villian Oh Ralphie Milnes a villian. When Mackie gets the ball, theres gonna be a goal, You wot you wot, you wot, you wot , you wot. We all agree, Dundee FC are magic. We all agree Dundee FC are magic. On visits to Perth. Muirtons a piggery. Muirtons a piggery. And in the Derry benches in the 80s Swaytime, swaytime, swaytime swaytime, when everybody swayed from side to side along the benches. Jeez ehm auld.
  4. H way the lads, you should have seen us coming We re only here to drink your beer and s**g yer f**kin woman All the lads and lasses smiles on their faces Walking down the Provie Road To see Tam Gemmells aces. We travel by bus and we travel by train We walk through your town singing Dundee s our name We drink all yer whisky and Newcastle Brown The Dundee boys are in town na na na na na na na na na na na na na He is only a poor little Shedboy With his black and tangerine scarf He walked down the street got kicked by my feet And now he dont sing anymore He is only a poor little Shedboy And Dundee he will never surpass You won the league cup, we dont give a f**k So stick the league cup up yer a**e. Wan*y Wan*ky Wan*ky Shedboys repeat x 3 And the Dee go marching on. This was sung with all the Derry giving it the wan**r hand gestures towards the Dabs.
  5. See the things next door are on the verge of appointing Steve Mc Claren to be their gaffer. He wont come cheap and will more than likely want his own backroom staff in. They are already millions in debt, and if he is indeed appointed it will be another huge salary on top of an already massive wage bill . Teams all over Scotland are cutting back and yet the things are splashing the cash like confetti. It is not going to end well..... and none of that lot across the road can see it coming.
  6. Pars mate just text me to say that Kevin Nisbit has signed on again for another 2 years....he could be at the wind up , not seeing it repotred anywhere. Edit to add he is at it.
  7. A wee bit of denner then polish meh ox blood Doc Mertin shoes , check meh staypress troosers are ah properly irned. On we the Donkey jackit, then scarf we ah the badges,patches etc then anither twa tied on the wrist. On the 28 to the Toon ,a wee play on the puggy machines and a gemme o pool in the Shore Terrace arcade then jump on the Number 20 tae Dens Road. Get aff on Dens Road hae a wee walk up Arklay Street to Gussie Park to Check oot how many awa fans buses there iz so we can pan in the windees efter the gemme. Pey into the Tc Keay end walk aroond the terracing then into the Derry. Head to the back ,climb on to the metal stanchions and join in we the sangs with the Dens Park choir. Tommy Gemmells barmy army, h way the lads old mc Donald had a farm ,Hegarty cheat cheat etc ah belted oot before the Dee run on the park. On come the Dee, running doon the wee ramp, Eric Schadler, Eric Sinclair, King Billy Pirie etc etc in that classic Admiral strip. DDYB.
  8. Get well soon JD , a proper Dee legend.
  9. Our Alexis has a crystal ball....well done fella hinted at departures from the dump long before anyone else , Your last five words were spot on !!!!
  10. For what is worth i reckon that Hearts will be in the Premiership next season one way or another, i might be wrong but that is my gut feeling. Neilson leaving will be a sore one for the "things" across the road. Imagine if Hearts win the court battles and United are denied promotion?? The "things" will be seething. I think it will not come to that though and the SPFL will blink first and reconstruction will happen.
  11. Yet another twist in this sorry tale....and it rumbles on.
  12. I have not heard that one. Where are you seeing this Valleyboy? Not doubting you fella just not saw it anywhere. Cheers.
  13. This is my fear as well as i have previously posted, i would not put anything past the powers that be. I can see it all now, at the end of next season Premier division clubs that are in the relegation and play off places arguing the case that promotion from the Championship would not be deserved due to only 27 games being played , blah blah blah , even though a precedent has been set this season with the "things" from across the road only playing 30 games i think it was. Be prepared for the same shenanigns this time next season.
  14. I know some of the lads involved in setting this up, they are all good Dees and as genuine and loyal supporters as you could get. I know a lot of time and effort has been spent in getting this up and running and i wish them every success in this going forward. All the best lads, F.
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