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  1. I am guessing its the Scottish cup tie at Dens where we drew 1-1 ,with John Brown scoring with a header. We lost the replay 2-1 at Parkhead with Bobby Glennie sent off. I feel we would have won the replay if we had 11 men the whole match , we had a right good side back then. If its not the match i mention please ignore my post
  2. thegen65

    Andy Dales - Officially Signs

    Josh Mulligan netted for the Dee maybe thats who the Saints fan was meaning.
  3. thegen65

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Pretty decent price in my humble opinion .
  4. thegen65


    Exactly this.
  5. thegen65


    In my opinion some bits quoted in the paragraph is not bulls**t . Just my opinion though.
  6. thegen65


    Cheers for the info fella.
  7. thegen65


    Cheers R, Can i ask what is the level or borrowing now or was that disclosed? It used to be £50,000 is that correct?
  8. thegen65


    Thank goodness you are still living on Islay. You have previously posted if you were living in Dundee then you would stand for election to the DFCSS board. With that type of attitude i sincerely hope you are never voted on to the board if you return to Dundee, and you wonder why members are dwindling????
  9. thegen65

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    If this is the case then lets hope its not as bad as what has been rumoured, in hindsight i should have waited before i posted what i heard.
  10. thegen65

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    Never saw it on Mad L, just passing on what i heard, thats why i posted if it was his CL then we would not see him in Dark Blue this season.
  11. thegen65

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    I am hearing he has done his cruciate ligament probably wont see him in Dark blue this season i would reckon.
  12. Things not looking good on the injury front, lets hope we can get a couple in this week, if not we are really down to the bare bones. Get through the cup game unscathed injury wise would do me at the minute...anything else would be a bonus.
  13. thegen65


    Anyone any news from todays meeting?
  14. thegen65

    DFCSS Email - Purchase of Shares

    My take on things is we would have struggled badly if we continued under DFCSS stewardship and Gardiner as CEO. or whatever position he held at the club i cannot quite remember. Interesting times ahead i think for the club again.

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