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  1. How would you have set up to keep Celtic at bay today? Would would you have done different from JM ? Just curious.
  2. Very unlucky not to hang on for a point today, Celtic had the majority of possession and chances but i thought we defended excellently and our organisation and work rate were first class. A very disciplined performance from the Dee and if we can keep up the same levels of concentration and dogged detemination in defence the rest of the season then maybe just maybe we can do enough at the other end to secure a few vital wins to keep us in the division. Cant fault the game plan or effort today and with just a little more composure we could have maybe sneaked a goal, the performance today should surely give the players confidence going forward that they can defend well as a unit and be hard to beat. Onwards and upwards . DDYB
  3. thegen65

    Dundee V Celtic

    Not looking forward to tomorrow at all, 12 30 kick off time on a Sunday i absolutely detest. Lets just hope we can put in a respectable performance to give us hope for the huge task ahead in the coming games. I think even a lot of season ticket holders will give tomorrow a miss ,i am fully expecting a low turout in the home ends,while the 4,200 away fans will be in party mode with it being St Patricks day. It will be interesting to see if Police Scotland will be more robust in dealing with any sectarian sing/chanting smoke bombs flares etc incidents that may occur ,given all the recent media attention and outcry over recent incidents in the past few weeks........i will not hold my breath, i suspect it will be sweep sweep nothing to see here...move on.
  4. thegen65

    Season Tickets

    Very strange timing releasing the season ticket package now. Going by reading the details on the official there is no proviso for any price reduction in the event we get relegated,so basically thats the price whatever so the club are virtually saying these are the prices pay or dont pay. I can certainly see a huge reduction in season tickets sold if we are in the Championship, it would be natural we would lose a few renewals because of relegation even if we lowered prices , but this package announced yesterday will be the straw that breaks the camels back for a lot of fans in my opinion,i will be honest and say i am undecided as i would would find it hard to motivate myself to P.A.T.G on a freezing Dec/Jan afternoon ,if we went down, but having a season ticket for myself and young lad means i would be there. I will more than likely bite the bullet and renew no matter what division we are in but i would hardly blame fans who decided not to given the prices. Massive own goal from the club here i fear and it needs a huge rethink. Yes i understand the club wanting to get funds in ,but in my opinion this package will not be the way to do it, not by a long chalk. Intersesting times ahead i think... i am preparing to strap myself in for another turbulent Dee rollercoater ride.....lets hope this time we dont end up off the rails and crashed.
  5. thegen65

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    I thought we huffed and puffed today ,i had the feeling from early on we would struggle to score and so it turned out. Once Hearts scored it was always going to be difficult as they are quite happy to sit back and defend a 1 nil lead. They are masters at committing niggly fouls, slowing the game down and pulling every trick in the book to grind out a win. Next week in all honesty will more than likely be another defeat ,so all we can hope for is St Mirren and Hamilton to drop points as we need to be in touch, if we start falling behind now then it will be very difficult. The 3 point lead Hamilton have over us is crucial and we cannot afford for that gap to get bigger before the split,we have to be looking to take points at St Johnstone and St Mirren,yes they will be difficult away matches but games are running out and we need to start pullling points out the bag. Aberdeen seem to have the sign over us as well so i am not confident of anything in that one so the games against both Saints are vital. Tough times ahead, i have no idea how it will pan out, its never easy being a Dee,lets hope we can get over the line and regroup and go again next season.
  6. thegen65

    Rangers V Dundee

    I think it will be a very tough ask to take anything from this game. Rangers are scoring goals for fun and our defence cannot seem to go through a game without switching off and giving away the even the most basic of goals. If we concede early then i feel it could be a very long night and Rangers could score a good few. Lets hope we can keep it tight and defend well and hold out long enough and frustrtate the Rangers attack and the home fans will soon get on their backs,and maybe we can sneak one on the break. As i say though its a big ask and i fully expect Rangers to win by a few.
  7. thegen65

    Scottish Cup

    Was down at Plymouth v Portsmouth 2 weeks ago. Docklands Derby its called even though the 2 teams are 170 odd miles apart. Got the train from Fratton Station in Portsmouth at 7.30 am. Huge police presence at the station when the train pulled in at Plymouth with some officers all kitted out with the riot gear on, dont know why as the 20 or 30 odd Pompy fans on the train were left to walk out the station unescorted and to go various bars etc. Huge Police presence at the ground and surrounding area and leaving the ground after the game and there were only 1200 travelling Pompy fans due to a reduced ticket allocation as they are building a new main stand. I could not believe the amount of Police they deployed. Apparently this was a high risk game due to previous fan trouble between the clubs and also the history of the dislike the two citys have for each other sadly trouble at football in England is still a big problem ,thank goodness it is relatively rare up here these days.
  8. thegen65

    The Released Players.

    My thoughts as well, i wish him all the best ,always tried his hardest when wearing the shirt.
  9. thegen65

    Dundee V Hibs

    I think it will be a really open game on Friday eve with both teams going for the win. Hibs new manager tends to employ the high press tactics with his teams so we will have to deal with that approach. It will be a tough ask to pick up the three points , but given our run of fixtures coming up we must try and accumalate as much points as we can before we head into the split and i feel Hibs and Hearts at home we have a chance of nicking something.....Rangers away and Celtic at home will be a huge ask to take anything. Even though Hamilton lost at Hibs on Sat i believe they too are improving under their new manager so every point now will be vital until the seasons end, as i have stated before i think it will go right down to the wire. The team are giving 100 per cent on the park, its time for the fans to give 100 per cent backing from the stands ,it gives the players a lift and pushes them on. DDYB.
  10. thegen65

    Jim McIntyre

    When JM was appointed my thoughts were lets just see how he does , i was neither underwhelmed or really pleased at the decision to bring him in. He has brought in some good players this window and the work rate and effort all over the park has improved without a doubt, and also has us playing at a much higher tempo and getting at teams a lot more. My concern sometimes is that in some games when he seeems to settle for what he has quite early in games, St Mirren at home i felt we could have pushed on a lot more for a winner but he seemed to be quite content with a point,also Hamilton away as well once we got the goal he seemed quite happy to settle for the one instead of going for the killer second goal, to be fair at Hamilton it nearly paid off , but i really thought we could have pushed on and got a second. He has got us in a position in the table where we now have a chance of finishing in 10 th spot ,it is going to tough to maintain this and i reckon it may go down to the wire, a lot of hard work still to be done ,but you have to credit him with bringing in players who in their performances on the park have given us a bit of hope and belief we can scrape to safety, which under Neil Mc Cann i am sorry to say it was not looking good at all, we were sinking fast and i feel we would have been detatched at the bottom of the division if we has stuck with NM. To sum up he has recruited well this window and got us organised and working hard and fighting for the jerseys, i am hopeful but not expecting the safety of 10 th spot, a lot of twists and turns to come i suspect. DDYB.
  11. thegen65

    Hamilton V Dundee

    Simple solution then fella, if you feel that strongly about the way the manager sets the team up to try and get the points needed to survive in this division and it gets to you much then dont go and watch, simple as that, save yourself the angst and frustration and see what pans out watching Jeff on Soccer Saturday.
  12. thegen65

    Hamilton V Dundee

    Always tough down there , not got a clue what to expect today from us line up wise....a 100 per cent battling commited performance will do me. Hopefully the players JM has brought in will have enough quality to see us safe over the remaining matches of the season, i am going for a score draw today , but would be over the moon with the 3 points. Come on Dundee DDYB.
  13. thegen65

    Being Semi Realistic.

    Thought you said realistic Only joking fella, it would be good top bring in players with the quality of the ones you mention Adam and Mulumbo, but i feel they are way out of our reach. Rossiter is made of glass, i would avoid at all costs.
  14. thegen65

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    That is it in a nutshell mate.

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