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  1. As you can see from that clip Randy and Si have a bromance going on. They are good pals off the pitch
  2. Just had a look on the Posh fans forum. They don't seem to be too excited about their new signing coming from a pub team. That's not bad coming from a team who have zero history. Their only history is constant failure . All the best Mark, I think you are going to need it.
  3. I think it was Archie Knox who signed him. Boy, could he spot a player or six. Loved these days
  4. Rivers, i always enjoy your thoughts and good on you for them. But, will I have to eat your left testi raw or slightly grilled on toast as I have a feeling Gardyne may come to Dens. The only reason is because he is experienced and can deliver a ball into the box which our wide men have been unable to do all season
  5. Forwards need about ten chances in a game and they will be happy to convert two or three if possible. Who many do our forwards get
  6. How many goals would have Salah scored in our team this season. It's all about deliver to feet, crosses and being given a chance to score. Something our forwards were never given
  7. Cobra, the thing that really gets to me is if you have a wide man and he occasionally gets past a man his cross is no where near our forwards. I don't care how old he is or wether we sign him or not, but we need quality crosses into our box. Our front men are starved of opportunity and get slated because of that
  8. Just a simple question. Moussa and then Murray have had a lot of flack on here for not scoring a lot of goals. For me ANY forward needs to be given quality balls into the box to give them a chance of scoring. Do you think they have received many this season. For me, they have not. Our wide men have been very disappointing. Gardyne for me does deliver a quality ball into the box. From a free kick or open play. He did the other week agains us and through out his career. Just a thought
  9. Had to p*ss myself with all his comments. Unfortunately he still can't tell the truth about what actually happened. Also liked the bit where he said he had the backing of his team mate's. He is more deluded than the DAB'S and the Zombies. Total pwick of a man
  10. I think that's my partner's sons scarf. It has his tears on it. Pleasing
  11. Apart from being overjoyed with tonight's result, I was soooooooo engrossed with their failure again I forgot to get my posh crisps from the kitchen. Feck the crisps, the DAB'S are staying down
  12. Yep, let's hope Livi keep it going. Got my beers and posh crisps not really into popcorn
  13. Agreed. Still think we require another experienced keeper as back up/competition for Elliot but we still have two young keepers to continue their development
  14. I can understand your concerns but the one piece of good advice I was given when I started my career was, by an Aberdonion strangely enough, was there is more than one way to strip a cat. (I apologise to all cat lovers on here plus I have one myself so no offence is meant) but that always stayed true. There is always different ways to put a deal together
  15. Just read Simon's interview with the Scottish Sun. For me, I found it very interesting. Firstly he said he has dreamed about scoring a goal at Dens since he was a wee boy. Because of that dream (and tell me who hasn't. Well apart from me because I was a keeper) he feels he has put too much pressure on himself. I know he can be better and he admits that himself in the interview. As some people have already said and I agree with them, he just needs a lot more coaching into the role we would want him to play. He came into senior football at an older age than normal, serving his apprenticeship and then going to Australia with his three mate's for a year. To being playing for three full time clubs since then,in my humble opinion is a testament to the character of the guy who has never been near a football academy in his life. He is probably Mr Marmite you either like him or not. For me, I have always loved players who play for the shirt. We have seen so many who don't over the years. I still think there is a player in there with good coaching and I think NM is the guy to bring that out of him. If he was to come to Dens full time , he would be dropping some amount of money to play for his boy hood hero's
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