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  1. Still laughin’.......
  2. Summer 1984, when Archie signed John Brown, Robert Connor, Stuart Rafferty and John McCormack. Graham Harvey followed a few weeks into the season.
  3. Allan R Wilson J Smith J Duffy T McKinlay R Robinson J Brown C Fraser R Connor J Duncan J Scott
  4. Pathetic way for a grown man to act If that's the way you feel then you won't be missed enjoy shopping on a Saturday with the wife Of course it is......but we’ll be back when the situation is more conducive.
  5. TC was a great signing by Jocky. Our gain, McLean's loss. Oh for a Coyne, Wright and Harvey just now, eh.
  6. a. DAB McIntyre on his own b. DAB McIntyre and DAB Dodds Either way, I’m out and season ticket will not be renewed.
  7. Very poor appointment. Not going back whilst that DAB is at Dens.
  8. 100% agree. It’s bad enough sharing the same city with them, nevermind a stadium. If it does become a reality, then I won’t be going back.
  9. If our poor run continues and NM loses his job as a result, it beggars belief that a failed manager, such as Stubbs, would be appointed.
  10. I normally concur with your views, but........dearie me
  11. Let them get as far as is required to get our cash and then be pumped senseless in every game thereafter.
  12. A bit different, but very, very nice. Reminds me of WHU away strip from the early 70s.
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