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  1. GregTeamDee

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Copies of a few emails sent from DFCSS to FPS and vice versa that Shaded has put up. http://boards.footymad.net/showthread.php?t=38238624&page=14
  2. GregTeamDee

    The New Stadium Thread

    Regional sports center going well and a hint that we could use it in the future. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/video-take-a-look-inside-new-32m-sports-facility-at-dundees-caird-park/
  3. GregTeamDee

    The New Stadium Thread

    The formal application process, should be straight forward enough in terms of the main headaches will have been ironed out, sorted and agreed before hand. Just the general public and councillors to get pass, then all going well, spades will start hitting the ground. Nelms and Keyes both love this club, despite the issues this season they both want us to be successful and have tried new ideas that haven't come to pass but they don't give up trying! They know that a new stadium and training ground will put us into the elite clubs in Scottish football. Thats why, even if we do get relegated we still need to go for the new stadium, after all its much more than just a football stadium, it will be an arena/conference centre for the whole city, that long term will only aid this club and benefit us for years to come and I hope generations after me, won't need to endure the pain of administrations that we have had to face and this is what the new arena will offer us, endless possibility of its use within a city that is now known worldwide for its ambition. Yes short term (this season), hasn't been great but we have been through a lot worse and I think every support needs put this into perspective. I understand the fear that supporters have of businessmen in general involved in our beloved football club with the trouble that we have had in the past. But there is nothing to suggest that the Keyes family would harm us in anyway. Five years they have been involved in Dundee FC, putting in millions of pounds worth of their own cash. Some fans just have personal dislike towards them which then overdrives their conspiracy theories, which is fine not everyone can be liked, it's the world we live in. The Keyes family have made Dundee FC a stable, professional club, something we have lacked for decades.
  4. GregTeamDee

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    4 tickets bought today, the shop was busy with season ticket sales as well! Good to see!
  5. GregTeamDee

    The New Stadium Thread

    Transport Scotland and planning permission is different things mate. Transport Scotland is just for the access roads in/out of the complex. In terms of the planning permission, the general public will have their say on the formal application that will go to the council (there was issues with the Regional Sports Centre, something about nesting of birds and trees in Caird Park). When you put your formal planning application into the council, and with the scale of development, it is expected that work behind the scenes will have been completed, with agencies such as; transport Scotland, Scottish Gov all agreeing in principal of the application (ticks boxes for the planning committee). If not, then it's a waste of time/money and resources putting in the application, when that work hasn't been carried out (you need their agreement to move forward). Basically DBPH will be trying to get as many hurdles down before putting forward their formal application, but even when you enter that stage the standard public objections will crop up, which you might need to overcome if the planning committee or in some circumstances court decide (Aberdeen FC stadium went to court). Hope that makes sense!
  6. GregTeamDee

    John Nelms

    Three lone voices then, I'm with you on this. Very easy to sit back and criticise from the sideline (I've done it myself). People discussing his wages is irreverent, as Keyes pays his wages. Nelms is highly thought of with other MDs and CEO of football clubs in Scotland hence why they gave him a place on the board.
  7. Thought McIntyre & Boyle got it spot on today. I thought defensively that was one of our best displays this season, just need some more composure in the middle of the park to hold onto the ball.
  8. GregTeamDee

    The New Stadium Thread

    Scottish Government are supporting and giving the club guidance on the PPP deal (Public-Private Partnership). It's a very complex deal, with a number of different groups involved which is causing the delay. However, seems that the majority of the groups are starting to agree on the finance side of things. Many more hurdles to go, including the planning permission side of things, the tree huggers will no doubt reject it and cause delays. On a side note; I see a lot of supporters on a number of social media/forums, moaning how long the stadium is construction is taking to get underway. These projects take years and years to get going before a spade is in the ground. It's very naive to think that this is the same as people putting an extension on their home, the timescales are the polar opposite. Look at Aberdeen FC and their stadium plans. Taken years to get a spade in the ground.
  9. GregTeamDee

    Six Minutes Added On

    Scottish refs say they are neutral, sadly none of them are, they have a preferred ‘like’ to one of the old firm teams, they will never admit it though neither will the SFA who are corrupt to the core and have been for decades. If Scottish football ever wants to progress you need a total clean sweep of the SFA & for the Old firm to leave. The old firm who brings Scotlands reputation down will never leave though. The SFA are governed by the Glasgow sides. Some journalists do try to investigate it but get death threats or banned from the clubs.
  10. GregTeamDee

    Dundee V Celtic

    No player did wrong today, all did very well. If you slate the players today after that performance, then it's embarrassing and pathetic. Some posters love to moan. Very unlucky not to get a point today, hard when the referee is doing all he can do help Celtic. SFA are corrupt to the core. 6mins?! Massive match against St Mirren, must win.
  11. GregTeamDee

    John Nelms

    Thats what annoys me. Even the finance option isn't available for the 2 week period, so really its just for the supporters that can afford such an outlay in one go. The rest have to pay the bigger prices. The club needs to rectified this. However back onto his comments, good to see communication but would prefer a video on the website.
  12. GregTeamDee

    John Nelms

    Managing Director John Nelms speaking in the match programme for tomorrows game against Celtic. He speaks about the Youth Academy, season tickets and new stadium. The official Dundee FC twitter, put this up;
  13. GregTeamDee

    Relegation Battle

    Just got to hope we can get enough points to at least remain in the play-offs. I fancy our chances against the Championship sides. If we never let Hamilton score against us in the 90th min and if Miller scored against Killie, St Mirren would of been away and just us and Hamilton. However, Hamilton are grafters we aren't. We have no midfield, been our problem for seasons which is putting pressure on our weak weak weak defence. There still will be twists and turns, so not all lost, however Hamiltons win today is massive for them. David Hopkin is free for next season .....
  14. GregTeamDee

    Relegation Battle

    1-0 Hamilton

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