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  1. GregTeamDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Derek Adams being interviewed by the end of the week (Evening Telegraph).
  2. GregTeamDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    I'd ignore it, make ICT look unprofessional, airing their laundry in public. If it comes out that Robbo did apply directly or indirectly, he will have to resign. Why did it take until Wednesday (late afternoon) for Gardiner to respond by a statement? If Dundee responds it becomes a tit for tat game. If you leave it, it will become fish & chip wrapper the next day.
  3. GregTeamDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    I forgot that Scott Gardiner is the ICT CEO ........
  4. GregTeamDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Statement from Inverness CT about John Robertson. They confirm he has no desire to speak to us. https://ictfc.com/club-statement-3
  5. GregTeamDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    I think he would be an excellent appointment with or without Strachan helping Wright/Nelms with the youth academy. Still think Goodwin will need an experience assistant manager at his side.
  6. GregTeamDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    A good interview about Jim Goodwin, saying he has the same philosophy as Jack Ross. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/alloa-athletic/jim-goodwin-from-midfield-hardman-to-sweetie-salesman-1-4432724
  7. GregTeamDee

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    Strachan has his own foundation, a few players have been given trials at English clubs through this; http://www.strachanfootballfoundation.co.uk
  8. GregTeamDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Dundee have asked Alloa for permission to speak to Goodwin (Daily Mail).
  9. Thought I'd make a new topic away from the managerial topic. Dundee has made an approach to Gordon Strachan to become the clubs technical director. His job would be to oversee the youth academy, he is not interested in the managerial post. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4271017/celtic-gordon-strachan-dundee-technical-director/ https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/897479/dundee-approach-gordon-strachan-for-dens-park-return/
  10. GregTeamDee

    Neil McCann

    I liked that McCann had a plan, everyone could see what he was trying to achieve. I liked the way how he treated Dundee FC, always putting us first & giving us good PR at any opportunity. He had an eye for a player as well. The biggest downfall for Neil was he needed an experienced guy next to him from the start. Hope he does well in the game!
  11. GregTeamDee


    He's not the number one target. He has just applied and will be interviewed (if the club can get permission) with a lot of others! This is just the first round of interviews by the club.
  12. GregTeamDee

    Season 19/20 - Championship Rivals

    Signed for Carlise with Elvis
  13. GregTeamDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    I said Burley from the start, think he would be an excellent appointment. Hartley rates him highly and no doubt spoke about him or to him during his reign as manager. Agreed with what you're saying about 'looking at other issues'.....Maybe that was Burley, I did notice that.
  14. GregTeamDee

    Season 19/20 - Championship Rivals

    Morton; Derek Gaston, Defenders Lee Kilday, Rory McKeown and Jack Iredale, midfielder Charlie Telfer, and strikers Denny Johnstone, Gary Oliver and Ben Armour all leave.
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