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  1. I’m sure all Dundee fans are as delighted as I am with the recent announcement that Craig Wighton has extended his contract until the end of 2019. Add that to Cammy Kerr’s extension to 2018 at the back end of last season and it demonstrates that the current board of directors is very much focused on the future of the club. For Dundee FC to now have two of the most exciting prospects in Scottish football tied down on longer term contracts is an excellent example of the shift in footballing powers that has affected our club so positively over the last three seasons. The manager has moved prudently in the transfer market and once again the club has done its business very early and very well. The additions of James Vincent, Danny Williams, Mark O’Hara and Yordi Teijsse before some clubs had even made one signing for the coming season has strengthened an already good squad. There is no reason to think the progress of the club is likely to stop, or even slow, any time soon. With this in mind, I feel it is hugely important for all Dundee FC fans to do whatever they can to support the board in their efforts to place our club back at the top of the sport where we all believe it belongs. As Dundee supporters, getting behind the team and driving the players on to perform at the top of their games is our domain and is where our focus should lie at this time. Now is the time for us to step up, show our support for the club and get down to the ticket office to buy a season ticket for the forthcoming season. Prices have been frozen for season tickets this season - a great gesture from the board. The price freeze already represented excellent value for money before the fixtures were released and now that up to six home games against the three sides which are arguably the most likely to be challenging at the top of the division have been confirmed, there is all the more reason for us to be doing everything possible to ensure a sizeable, strong and vocal support at our home matches. So come on fellow Dees; get down to the ticket office, get your season ticket and let’s all look forward to the coming season with serious positivity, trust in the team, trust in the manager and trust in the board. Let’s make Dens a place that other clubs hate to visit but that we love going to. Let’s roar on the best squad we’ve seen at Dens for many, many years and help them strive toward the success they want to deliver for us.
  2. DFCSS would like to thank everybody who took the time to complete our SPFL reconstruction survey. You have been sharing your views on the future of Scottish football by engaging with our survey that was open for responses from 20th January - 5th February. We received a fantastic 841 responses and to ensure that the voices of Dundee supporters are heard as clearly as possible; we will be sharing the results with the Dundee Football Club board of directors, the SPFL and Supporters Direct. As we have previously stated, there are a multitude of opinions on which direction the future of professional football in Scotland should take. Our results below show that there are not only significant areas of agreement amongst Dundee supporters but also issues that split opinion wildly. At this early stage of discussion amongst the SPFL member clubs, we would urge all stakeholders involved within any decision making process to set self-interest aside and to put the views of the nations football supporters at the front and centre of the debate. ​The results can be viewed in full at the DFCSS website by clicking here Dundee FC Supporters Society SPFL League Reconstruction Survey Results:
  3. With dialogue beginning recently between SPFL clubs on the potential for league reconstruction, the Dundee Football Club Supporters Society would like to make every effort possible to ensure that Dundee Supporters voices’ are heard loud and clear during any forthcoming meetings and ultimately any decision making process. There are compelling cases to be made for our national game to move in one direction or another, however we believe one of the most important factors to be taken into consideration are the views of the life blood of the game – It’s supporters! DFCSS are posing ten questions to Dundee supporters. We would like to find out what you really want for the future of football in Scotland and we’re not alone! Several other Scottish Clubs Supporters Trusts will be asking the same, consistent questions and we plan on presenting our results to the relevant member clubs and the SPFL to ensure your views are heard during the coming weeks. Please share this survey link with as many Dundee supporting friends and family as possible and please do take the time to fill it out yourself. Please take our survey here! The survey will close on Friday 5th February and we will publish our results shortly after the closing date. Thanks, Dundee FC Supporters Society DFCSS website
  4. Thanks for all the comments so far everybody. There has been a tremendous response to this idea on the forums, social media and e-mail already with lots of differing views. The idea of keeping the original picture in the boardroom whilst looking into the possibility of hanging an alternative or replica picture in the Bobby Cox stand seems to be a popular one. Thanks again for the feedback and keep it coming..
  5. Discussions have been taking place recently between the society and the club over this signed picture of our League winning Captain, Bobby Cox. At present the picture hangs proudly in the club boardroom however the society has approached the club to discuss the possibility of re-locating it. We feel that there would be real merit in the picture being displayed in a more public area of the stadium to allow the Dundee supporters Bobby represented so proudly to enjoy and admire the picture regularly. We are delighted to say that the club has been entirely receptive to this suggestion and we are now looking for your feedback. Supporters who watch the match from the Bobby Cox stand will be aware of the recent additions to the stands concourse and we wondered if this picture would make a valued addition to the displays in that area? Indeed, are there any other areas of the stadium that Dundee supporters feel would be a more appropriate and fitting home for the picture? All feedback on this topic will be gratefully received and you can provide your view directly to us at [email protected] dee4life.com. Alternatively, you can add your thoughts to this thread and they will be picked up. Many thanks, Dundee FC Supporters Society Link to article on DFCSS website
  6. You may remember that back on 30th November we announced we were assisting The Libero Football Travel Guide with their new section on Dundee. We are delighted to confirm that Libero has been back in touch with the society today to advise that the Dundee section of their Football travel guide is now live on their website. DFCSS assisted Libero with information on the Dark Blues, some of our supporters pre and post match drinking haunts and more general information on the city itself. @ - The Bowser even gets a mention and a picture! You can view the Libero Football Travel Guide here
  7. The Dundee Football Club Supporters Society is currently looking into commissioning a commemorative plaque in honour of all Dundee FC players and staff members who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War One. Given the fact that we are now in the 100 year anniversary period of the Great War, we feel that this simple but poignant gesture would be a fitting tribute from Dundee Supporters to those from the club who lost their lives during the First World War. Through investigations with the club and with the assistance of local historians we have already managed to confirm nine of the individuals from the club who were killed in combat during World War One; but we still need your help. We are only at the early stages of planning this project and we do not have any pressing timescale constraints however we are more than conscious that we need to be certain that EVERY Dundee FC player or staff member who lost their life during the Great War is not only engraved on to the plaque but is given the lasting tribute and recognition that their sacrifice so clearly deserves. We are looking for feedback from our supporters and local community members relating to this matter. Are there any other individuals who we should be paying tribute to? Is there any further information out there relating to the names we have already uncovered? Do you have any thoughts or ideas on the initiative as a whole or indeed where do you feel that this commemorative plaque would be best located in and around Dens Park? To assist in visualising what we are proposing, we have included an indicative design of the plaque bearing the names of the nine fallen players we have identified at this stage. Any and all feedback will be gratefully received. You can contact us directly at [email protected] dee4life.com with your comments or any information you may have. Alternatively, you can add your feedback to this thread and it will be picked up. Thanks, DFCSS http://dee4life.com/news/99/dundee-football-club-great-war-memorial.html
  8. Just a quick post to let you all know that the fans rep update of 20/12/2105 can be found on the society website along with a collection of other recent updates. Thanks, DFCSS Link
  9. Hi Chomp.. hope your well mate. We're currently starting to address the DFCTV fallout and any payments made since the launch of DeeTv. Every member who has 'chipped in' since that time will be contacted directly and provided with some options. We've been dealing with lots of legacy issues but once that particular piece of work has been brought to a conclusion, our feet should just about be cleared to move forward early in 2016 with news on how to continue contributing and new membership packages etc.. Last seasons goals DVD will be produced and distributed early in the new year as well. For now, all 2014 / 2015 memberships have still been extended and are currently valid. All the best, Al
  10. DFCSS are delighted to announce the election of our new Membership Secretary. Jamie Keith was proposed and unanimously confirmed by the DFCSS directors during our board meeting on Thursday 17th December 2015. Jamie will take up his role immediately and co-ordinate all society administrative matters. In addition to the traditional functions of society secretary, Jamie will also be leading the much-needed project of updating and calibrating our membership database. This important role will ensure that our membership details and the ways in which we interact with our members are fully aligned and consistent going forward. Link
  11. Motherwell FC has been in touch with DFCSS today to let us know about a special VIP package they are offering Dundee supporters this weekend at Fir Park. Details of the package being offered by Motherwell include: Arrive at Executive Box any time after 1230pm, Complimentary cold beer on arrival, Match programme for each guest, Pre-match munchie buffet inc - pakoras, chicken wings, spicey wedges etc, Inbox pay as you go bar facility, Watch the match from behind glass in the heated viewing area, Half time tea served in the dining area tea coffee pies and cakes, Bar remains open for an hour post match. This package is being offered by Motherwell at £55 per person with a minimum of 6 guests per party and a maximum 20 guests per party. For more information please contact Diane on 01698 338012 or email [email protected] Link
  12. The next DFC seniors meeting will be on Monday 14th December at Showcase the Street, Manhattan Works, Dundonald Street. The meeting will start at 11am. Come along and have a look at the STS indoor facilities and have a blether with Bobby Glennie too! Link
  13. Following on from the announcement of Brian Lawrence as the new fans rep to the board of Dundee Football Club, the society are delighted to announce the election of Alan McEwan to the position of DFCSS Chairman. Alan was proposed and unanimously confirmed by all directors as the new Chairman of DFCSS during the board meeting on Tuesday 1st December and will take up his new position with immediate effect. Alan is a new member of the board being elected at the October SGM, however in that short time Alan has shown true leadership qualities coupled with an incredible drive and determination to begin the evolution of the society. It is the view of the DFCSS board that these attributes will prove to be invaluable in assisting the society as it develops and moves forward positively with the club and it's supporters. The board of DFCSS wish Alan all the very best in his tenure and greatly look forward to working with him. Link to announcement on DFCSS website
  14. DFCSS are delighted to announce the election of our new Fans Rep to the board of directors at Dundee Football Club. Brian Lawrence was proposed and unanimously confirmed by the DFCSS directors during our board meeting on Tuesday 1st December 2015. Pending the conclusion of formalities, Brian will take up his position immediately. Brian has today met with Dundee Football Club's Managing Director John Nelms in what was a very positive discussion. During the meeting he shared his vision for the role and emphasised his desire to place engagement between the clubs leadership and Dundee supporters as a core value to his tenure as fans rep. DFCSS look forward to Brian's appointment signalling the start of a new beginning between the club and the society. A full introductory statement from our new fans rep can be seen below, on the society website and on Twitter. Link Hi everybody, Having been elected by the DFCSS board of directors as the society's new fans rep to the board of Dundee Football Club on Tuesday 1st December 2015, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to all those of a Dark Blue persuasion. One of the reasons I wanted to introduce myself immediately is because I realise there is much work to be done to begin re-engaging with the club. Right from the outset, I'll do my utmost to ensure the voices of the supporters of our proud club are heard as prominently as possible amongst the club’s leadership. I have followed the Dee all my life, being a season ticket holder since about 1999. For much of my adult life before then I served with the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Technician. I was stationed across Europe; which prevented me from attending as many matches as I would have liked during that time. Since leaving the RAF I’ve been locally based and I’m currently employed as a Quality Manager at a company in Aberdeen that produces rubber-moulding solutions, mainly to the oil industry. The good news is that for the last fifteen years or so, I've been able to watch the Dark Blues week in, week out and experience the roller coaster ride of being a Dee during that period. During matches I currently sit in the Bobby Cox stand with my brother, my son, my two grandsons and one of the kids’ cousins. I first became involved with DFCSS when it was clear to everyone that the fans ownership model was broken. When inward investment was offered by FPS and it became clear that the incumbents in the society were dead set against releasing the reins, I got involved with the society development committee that formed most of the society board after the vote to accept FPS’ investment. I was not elected to the society board at that time but was fully supportive of those who took their places on the board. The society has struggled to find a focus for itself since then for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst these has been its lack of a clear strategy or purpose since the FPS investment was accepted. I have been heavily involved in discussions with other board members recently aimed at addressing that and other issues within the society. I certainly don’t believe that simply because the society no longer administers the club that it is irrelevant; there are many directions we could take and it’s vital that we get it right now in order to both support the club and to properly represent the fans going forward. There are new members involved with the society at board level who, along with the rest of the board, are working extremely hard behind the scenes to get the building blocks back in place that will allow DFCSS to move forward with the club and its board of directors. My vision for my tenure in the fans rep role is simple; I want to represent the fans at the club by ensuring the club’s leadership is aware of and take into consideration the thoughts, expectations and ambitions of the clubs life blood - its supporters. That can only be done by speaking to fans, listening to fans and by asking the questions and putting the points raised by fans to the relevant people at the club. I plan to do this in various ways (in person at games, meetings, events, via e-mail and online) and will make myself available to our supporters as the conduit to take your feedback into the club. If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me in the first instance at [email protected] dee4life.com I look forward to working with the club board, the society board and most importantly the Dundee FC fans in an effort to propel the club forward both on and off the park. All the very best, Brian Lawrence DFCSS Fans Rep
  15. Just a quick post to inform all Dundee FC supporters that the renewed focus on improving communications from DFCSS is continuing a pace. All of our announcements and updates in the coming weeks and months will be on our website however our social media feeds have now been re-activated and we are once again engaging with all Dundee FC Supporters online. We felt that it was important to regain momentum in this area as part of the re-building job taking place within the society and to ensure that all DFCSS news is shared as swiftly and as widely as possible. If you don't already, please start following us on Twitter: @_DFCSS Facebook will be our next area of focus and plans are in place to update the existing society page and begin communicating with supporters through that platform very soon. We look forward to an improved level of communication with all Dundee FC Supporters going forward. Many thanks, DFCSS
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