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  1. Embarrassing for us that junior games in dundee are on and dens is off!
  2. Anybody hear of any tickets going post on here please. Gutted
  3. The doon derby was far more significant. After the 6-2 we went on a decent run. We also won the next derby, our first in 11 years and quite convincingly. We have only lost 1 of the 8 derbies since then aswell. So you could say we are well and truely over that result and as a team we were quite quickly. They however are still knocking away down in the championship, WHERE WE PUT THEM!! So quite rightly we definitely have one over them in this case.
  4. Wouldnt of cared had o'dea or holt taken it. I'm a believer that your penalty taker is your penalty taker until he misses. Obviously AJ was in with a shout being on a hatrick. Overall probably best for the team to try give moussa some confidence though after his injury.
  5. Cerny (partick) O'dea (dundee) Wallace (rangers) S anderson (st j) Davies (ross county) Christie (aberdeen) Allan (dundee) Walker (hearts) Swanson (st j) Griffiths (celtic) Rooney (aberdeen)
  6. Kamara and Thomson holding aswell ??
  7. Will get my team in tonight cobra! Have we opted for an entry fee?
  8. Bain Kerr Waddell o'dea holt Kamara McGowan Deacon Allan elbak Moussa
  9. Periscope or any other feeds for the game today?
  10. Mcgowan the prime example in our team to emphasise strachans point. The club stood by him and the fans sing about him "hating coppers".
  11. Surely Hartleys finest hour was relegating the other lot?
  12. Couldn't make the game. Anyone got any pictures?
  13. Julen In for gomis but gomis had an absolute nightmare last time round against Partick and was rotten against hearts so no suprise really.
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