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  1. Maybe a bit too soon for him but young Cameron seems this type of player. Probably can’t rely on him to produce consistently at his age though.
  2. an-dee

    Brechin V Dundee

    Nice movement to get those chances though to be fair.
  3. If rumours are true then United are already paying some players around £3k a week! Shankland had an unbelievable season last year but there’s no way I’d want us to be committing to those kind of wages in this league.
  4. an-dee

    Strikers Needed.

    Think Cameron, Robertson and Mulligan will all be in and around the match day squads this season. Really exciting prospects.
  5. an-dee

    Brechin V Dundee

    Yep, definitely a back three with Mulligan at RWB. Front three too.
  6. an-dee

    What's Our Squad Need?

    Yeah squad looks more balanced with good flexibility. Todd can play as a 10 so I suppose he could play in behind the front two in a 3-5-2. Maybe even go all out 3-4-3 with Todd and McDaid up top with Nelson!
  7. an-dee

    What's Our Squad Need?

    I think we’ll play a back three next season with McGhee one of the three and Cammy as a wing back.
  8. Don’t think any Dundee fans would be dying to sign him if he didn’t come through our academy to be honest. Decent enough player but Arbroath is probably his level for me.
  9. an-dee

    Jamie Ness Signs.

    Probably the closest thing we’ve had to Kevin Thompson since he left. Let’s hope he can have the same influence. Loving the balance of the midfield as it stands. Byrne getting in peoples faces and Ness getting on the ball and making things happen. Neither would look out of place in a mid table premiership side I don’t think.
  10. an-dee

    Brechin V Dundee

    Stevie Campbell. Also Barry’s assistant at Brechin.
  11. an-dee

    Kenny Leaves

    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4286352/kenny-miller-james-mcpake-dundee-interview-boss-search/ Apologies for the link to the Sun but this article says he was interviewed alongside McPake and Goodwin. I’m sure it was reported in the tele too. I also heard from a good source that he was definitely given an interview.
  12. an-dee

    Dave Mackay

    I'd imagine Miller will want to move on too after being overlooked for the managers job.
  13. an-dee

    Scott Roberston Welcome To the Dee

    It was obviously hard to take when he signed for United but he did what the vast majority of pros would do, he signed for a team in a higher league that represented a step up in his career for more money without having to uproot his family. Could he have signed a year's deal to make sure we got money? Probably, but I doubt anyone would be willing to pay a decent fee. At the time nobody outside of the Old Firm were paying fees (not much has changed in that respect). The situation is completely different to McDonald who was pretty much guaranteed a move down south and there were plenty clubs willing to pay for him. He was also 4/5 years younger and much more talented. Football is a short career, I don't really think we can blame him for putting himself and his family first to be honest. By all accounts he's a good coach and will no doubt do a good job. Happy to have him on board.
  14. Heard we’re in for Jamie Ness. Released from Plymouth this summer. Maybe keen on a move back to Scotland.
  15. Liam Kelly signing for QPR. Dieng might be available. Would be a decent keeper at this level for me.
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