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  1. Yeah I'll admit I find it strange that staff especially weren't given masks. It would have made me feel much more comfortable doing the shopping seeing staff in masks I think. I wonder if masks in public will just become more common here like it is in places like China or Japan. Ideally once the test/trace/isolate system has been proven to be fully functional and successful in locating local breakouts then masks really shouldn't be required long term. Hopefully anyway!
  2. I think they've been recommended since the start of lockdown, just that nobody was really doing it. My guess is that with more people being out and about, including those who were shielding before, you're more likely to be in more crowded places with people who are more vulnerable to the virus. In all honesty, if it reduces the risk even slightly, I'm all for it. Get it stamped out as much as we can, as quickly as we can, so we can all move on and get back to normal. If everyone wearing masks indoors makes those who were shielding for 12+ weeks feel more comfortable about leaving the house then it's worth it IMO. I don't think it's asking too much compared to those who were asked to shield, to be fair. I know people who haven't left the house since the beginning of March at all, and they live on their own, out in the country. That's tough. Wearing a mask for 30 minutes to do my shopping isn't for me.
  3. Yeah that's a good point too. He will want total control.
  4. Tommy Wright would probably be a sensible appointment given his record of having St J seriously punching above their weight, but I honestly can't see their fans accepting the style, and also the inconsistency. He would frequently go 6/7 games without a win. United fans I don't think will be as understanding as those up the road.
  5. McGhee for me. Has done the role in the past and has captained us a few times also. Gowser might not even be guaranteed a game as daft as that sounds. With Byrne showing more promise, Dorrans still here and Robertson another year older and more experienced I don't think he'll necessarily be first choice every week which I think is important for your captain.
  6. Harder to take because of how we stuck by him through all his injuries. Was starting to come into a bit of form, and McPake always talked him up. Think they were quite close after doing rehab together so it must sting a bit for him.
  7. Scott Wright would be a great signing at this level I think. Clearly has ability just needs a run of games to allow him to produce consistently.
  8. Bids allowed until Friday I think. The latest I saw was about £400. My £250 lasted about half an hour 😄
  9. I would take him if we weren't pretty well covered for centre mids because he was a decent enough player with decent potential. We have better options in there now though.
  10. Think everyone has tried to wipe that season from their memory!
  11. What about Simon Lynch? Seemed to be a bit of a poacher who got a decent amount of goals in an awful side. Did her not get about 14 or 15 that season?
  12. Will always be a hero for his contribution during the Deefiant season. Absolute joy to watch on his day!
  13. an-dee


    The Dykes of Grey development? Walking distance to the New Campy too, surely a no-brainer 😀
  14. Caballero or Nemsadze. Unbelievably gifted footballers, Caballero is up there as one of the best first touches I've seen in the flesh who should have played at a much higher. Post Admin 2 I would say Harkins and Stewart.
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