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  1. Some week to finish mate, fair play!
  2. an-dee

    Who do you think will be next?

    If it’s Miller (I thought it would be, we're probably still paying off the last two managers), then I hope Nelms will at least show he’s learned from his last two appointments by either insisting Miller appoints an experienced number 2, or he gets him working with a DoF.
  3. an-dee

    Next Season

    I feel sick saying it but I hope United go up now. We can do without another club in the league with a budget to match ours. Could also do without the distraction of 4 Derby games. In saying that I’ll still be pishing myself in they lose to Inverness or St Mirren/Hamilton. I’m hoping to win the league obviously but a play off place has to be the absolute minimum.
  4. Going for the treble next year! Maybe I should pass my number onto Nelms?!
  5. an-dee

    David Tanner.

    The mans a complete and utter tool. Trying to make himself relevant cause he can’t get on the telly anymore.
  6. an-dee

    Who do you think will be next?

    I’ve got a feeling it’ll be Miller. Would rather we didn’t but I think it might be. Goodwin would be my first choice or even Robertson from ICT.
  7. an-dee

    Dundee V Hamilton

    Yep it’s like it gets to a certain point in the game and he’ll make a sub regardless of how well or badly we’re playing!
  8. an-dee

    Dundee V Hamilton

    He was the only threat we had in behind. Curran and Miller don’t have that threat and won’t run the channels. Crazy decision to take him off.
  9. an-dee

    Relegated Today

    There were some chants but I’ve heard a lot worse. More just waking out than chanting IMO.
  10. an-dee

    Relegated Today

    I was the same. Almost total apathy amongst the support which is worrying. Punting McIntyre might help improve the atmosphere for the St Mirren game.
  11. an-dee

    Dundee V Hamilton

    Absolutely crazy.
  12. an-dee

    Dundee V Hamilton

    Brutal performance. Zero fight or quality. Mental system too. Kusunga and O’Dea totally out of their comfort zone playing wide in a back 3. Kerr man marking Andreu in the first half. Looked like Horsfield was playing in midfield too quite narrow. Mental. Nelson wasn’t great but was the only threat we had in behind. Just awful all round really. Get him punted. Get Woods punted.
  13. This thread will be a good read later
  14. I'd definitely keep Jesse, I said on here before that dropping down a league was the best thing for Boyle at the time. I think Jesse has a lot of the same attributes and would benefit from learning the position properly and playing a good amount of games there. Might turn out to be a really useful player for us if we are relegated.
  15. an-dee

    Another Ticket Deal

    Hopefully we can shift a decent amount of tickets at those prices.
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