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  1. Most keepers will make the odd howler or mistake, but he is regularly costing us goals and has done his entire time here. We have to bring another keeper in for me.
  2. I think there was a noticeable change when Callachan came on because he has a bit of athleticism. You’re right about being one dimensional. We don’t do anything at pace. We’re so painfully slow in and out of possession.
  3. Ness is completely finished. So slow. We’ve got no legs in the midfield at all. Gowser is never a wide player in a million years. We’re slow in possession and out of possession. No urgency, no clue, no balance, no support for Hemmings up top. Completely clueless. Slightly better second half but still nowhere near good enough. I’ve generally been supportive of McPake and still do think he’ll stay unless we’re miles off a play off place but we won’t improve under his management. I’ve no doubt about that.
  4. This is our best chance of winning IMO. Get right in their faces and make things difficult from the start. If they're a bit rusty then this will hopefully stop them from getting into their stride. They look a good side this year with some really good players going forward. We've seen Premiership clubs struggle with this round every season since the introduction of the winter break.
  5. As much as I dislike the Arabs I have to give them credit for following their local team!
  6. Enjoy watching English football, Spanish football, German football and sometimes Italian too - get more goals now than you used to I think. Wouldn't say I support any team other than Dundee though. I hate when I see potential Dundee (or any local team) fans actively supporting a team hundreds of miles away that you'll only ever get to see in the flesh a handful of times. IMO that's almost worse than glory hunting and supporting the Old Firm. I cringe if I'm in the pub and locals are watching Liverpool/Man U/Chelsea kitted out in their colours rather than support a local side. That's just me though.
  7. Any idea if we had any other trialists playing mate?
  8. We don't really have anyone in the same mould as Callachan I don't think. From what I have seen he is someone who likes to run beyond the strikers and get into the box, scored a few at Raith before signing for Hearts. We don't get enough of that from CM I don't think. Having said that, CM is still not where I would strengthen if we're only signing a few players. We're in need of a CB and another winger so much more.
  9. McPake wasn't ready for this level, became clear pretty early on. Doubt it'll free up much in terms of wages!
  10. Would take Wighton back too, can play out wide in a 4 or upfront in a 3. Gives us more options and will hopefully have the creative spark to break teams down when they're happy to let us have the ball.
  11. Berra has been absolutely horrific this season. Looks well past it and that his injuries have finished him. Maybe still a better option than Forster though...
  12. There was a point late on in the second half where there was an awkward ball to deal with coming over his head, and he had Butcher charging towards him ready to take him out. He pulled it down on the chest, held two players off and won the foul. Can’t believe he’s only 17, he’s a proper all round midfield player. What a pass to Gowser in the first half too. Dorrans would be proud of that one.
  13. Bit part is a bit harsh but I agree with you that Boyle needed to drop down a level. He wasn’t ready with us to play in the top league. I hate when the swap deal gets brought up on Twitter every time Boyle has a good game, like we were swapping the Boyle that we know now rather than what he was like then. Would also take Wighton back. He’s a good player and would give us good options right across the front line. McPake doesn’t fancy Todd, McPake isn’t ready and Mackie (although decent last night) isn’t the answer out wide either.
  14. Only change I've gone for is Forster out and Meekings in although it probably won't happen. Meekings isn't great but Forster needs a break I think. His confidence is gone completely.
  15. Yeah that's the biggest problem we've got. We're not really suited to a midfield 2 (IMO) but we've got three quality strikers and we should probably try to get two on the park at the same time (even though it doesn't necessarily make us more threatening if we're still too slow in the build up). The back 3 was a disaster against Dunfermline but worked well in the cup against Inverness...if we were a bit smarter about it I can see it working again but I don't think McPake will ever give it another go. I think another CB in January who is quicker and more mobile than Meekings would give us that option, or we could play Kerr there like he has done before but it's not ideal.
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