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  1. an-dee

    Speroni In Goal At Anfield Tomorrow

    Best save I've seen in the flesh, by miles too.
  2. Heard Kamara hasn't even been training. Will be off to Rangers this month by the looks of things.
  3. an-dee

    Kamara Recalled.

    That is true, although I do think Kamara will be a good player for Rangers. Some of his performances last season were outstanding. Partick Thistle away when we lost 2-1 after dominating was pretty special. Not many players in his position can drop the shoulder and glide past players the way he can. The amount of times he did that last season and wiped out 3 or 4 players was unreal.
  4. an-dee

    Kamara Recalled.

    Agree with this. I think playing in a team of players at his level and who have a lot of the ball will bring out the best in him. He's so comfortable in possession and (last season anyway) had one of the highest percentage of completed passes into the final third in the league. Think a lot of guys are underestimating how much we will miss him. Without him in there we don't have anyone capable of retaining possession under pressure.
  5. an-dee

    Cost of Being a Mascot

    I remember being a mascot at Dens in December 2001. I was a Junior Dark Blue at the time and luckily got the chance to do it for free, both me and my brother. It was a great experience especially with the players we had at the time. Don't believe the club should be charging for this kind of thing.
  6. I think Curran might be one of these players that suits playing for a team scrapping for points rather than one who is expected win win most games and dominate possession. He probably isn't the most technically gifted footballer we have, most likely nowhere near it, which is why he would possibly struggle in a team where he is expected to contribute more to build up play, keeping possession, creating chances etc. In a team where he's expected to put defenders under pressure, scrap and fight for second balls, chase passes into the channel etc. he's probably likely to look like a better player.
  7. an-dee


    What annoys me most about retrospective bans for simulation is that if the ref sees it at the time, it’s a booking, but if he misses it or gets it wrong it’s a two game ban?! They should either be dropped, or the in-game punishment should be upped to a red and subsequent two game ban. The way it is at the moment punishes players for referees mistakes. Add in the other news today about Morelos getting away with blatant red card offences (and not for the first time), it’s no wonder managers and fans get pissed off. Make the most of contact (as much as O’Dea cheats there is still some contact that could have at least resulted in a booking), two game ban. Kick out, stamp etc. and you get away with it. It’s just so infuriating.
  8. an-dee


    I think a Director of Football role should be something we seriously look at in the summer. We need a clear strategy when signing players/offering contracts/renewing contracts/releasing players, it’s too much to ask a manager to source, scout and sign almost an entire squad. A DoF with some sort of recruitment team should be in place with the manager having an input too. It’s what happens at most big clubs now. The days of managers doing everything are probably over IMO.
  9. an-dee

    Aberdeen V Dundee

    Aberdeen are definitely beatable. They haven't looked anywhere near as dangerous in the final third this season. Cut out the silly mistakes and defend like we did against Rangers and we've got a great chance of taking something from the game.
  10. an-dee

    Killie V Dundee

    Yeah possibly mate. Definitely doesn't seem to enjoy the defensive side of the game much!
  11. an-dee

    Killie V Dundee

    I'd be tempted to give Elton a go at left mid and move Calvin back to left back. He has pace and a decent left foot. I think he has ability it's just that he always seems to want so much time on the ball which he just wasn't getting playing inside. Maybe on the wing will be better for him.
  12. an-dee

    Another Kenny Miller Thread

    I'll admit he's more than proved me wrong, and I'm delighted that he has!
  13. an-dee

    The New Stadium Thread

    I got my tickets on itison or Groupon so only paid £5 which was much better.
  14. an-dee

    The New Stadium Thread

    Bit off topic but the 71 Brewing stuff is really nice. Did their tour in the summer and there's a nice little bar there. Would definitely recommend them.
  15. an-dee


    I really don't understand this argument at all. Dundee is about twice the size of the next biggest town in Scotland. More than twice the size of somewhere like Kilmarnock who seem to be doing well enough and have been steady in the top flight for 30+ years.

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