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  1. an-dee

    St Mirren V Dundee

    If we don't win here, I think we can hope for play-offs at best. If we lose, then we're in real trouble. Obviously there would still be enough points to play for to overtake Hamilton regardless, but a defeat would be so demoralising I think we'd struggle to come back from it. Praying that Nelson is fit.
  2. If only I'd captained him!
  3. Had a brutal few weeks mate. Taking Aguero out my team was a rookie error!
  4. an-dee

    Livingston V Dundee

    Some are, but not all. I watched the Hearts game. The stream was from Hearts TV mind you.
  5. Think your last point is a good one, there’s plenty top class coaches who have failed in management. It’s a totally different set of skills that are required. McCann may fall into the good coach/poor manager category. From what I heard, he was a good coach and his training was always really good and enjoyable. Probably poor man management and a bit of naivety let him down in the end.
  6. an-dee

    Poll: New Players In Dark Blue

    Definitely has all the ability to help drag us out of this mess - but you're right, it's all about how we fit him in and get the best out of him. I always thought he was more of a 10 than a winger so it'll be interesting to see where he plays.
  7. an-dee

    Hamilton V Dundee

    Really excited about Wright. Always looked like a tidy player with a few tricks up his sleeve anytime I've seen him play. Scored some crackers too, one against Thistle comes to mind. Dying for some creativity and I think he can provide that.
  8. an-dee

    Hamilton V Dundee

    I think we might see: Dieng McGowan O'Dea Kusunga Ralph Wright Robson Woods Dales Miller Nelson
  9. an-dee

    Jan Transfer Window 2019 Closes.

    4 stars, impressed with McGowan and Wright on deadline day. Two players who have proven to be good enough at this level before. Managing to clear out so many has been a big positive for me too.
  10. If Motherwell train how the play he'll last about 30 seconds!
  11. an-dee

    Speroni In Goal At Anfield Tomorrow

    Best save I've seen in the flesh, by miles too.
  12. Heard Kamara hasn't even been training. Will be off to Rangers this month by the looks of things.
  13. an-dee

    Kamara Recalled.

    That is true, although I do think Kamara will be a good player for Rangers. Some of his performances last season were outstanding. Partick Thistle away when we lost 2-1 after dominating was pretty special. Not many players in his position can drop the shoulder and glide past players the way he can. The amount of times he did that last season and wiped out 3 or 4 players was unreal.
  14. an-dee

    Kamara Recalled.

    Agree with this. I think playing in a team of players at his level and who have a lot of the ball will bring out the best in him. He's so comfortable in possession and (last season anyway) had one of the highest percentage of completed passes into the final third in the league. Think a lot of guys are underestimating how much we will miss him. Without him in there we don't have anyone capable of retaining possession under pressure.
  15. an-dee

    Cost of Being a Mascot

    I remember being a mascot at Dens in December 2001. I was a Junior Dark Blue at the time and luckily got the chance to do it for free, both me and my brother. It was a great experience especially with the players we had at the time. Don't believe the club should be charging for this kind of thing.

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