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  1. From what I hear one of the guys who runs the company behind it is a red hot Dee and not the type to have did that . I'm gutted its not gone ahead and would have been there if it was still happening but I guess its the right call to make . Something for us all to look forward to at least after all this corona virus carry on has blown over .
  2. Still going ahead to at this stage . I messaged the company and was told as it stands its going ahead .
  3. DBDU


    He has been excellent . The improvement in the team and in particular Meekings & forster since his arrival is clear to see . I actually think that we were too reliant on Forster to win every header ( in both boxes ) and every tackle and it just looks to me now with Berra has arrived that burden has now been lifted almost . We should be doing everything we can to secure him beyond the season and I also think Hazard has contributed to a much more sold defence unit as well and again he may be on ewe should be looking at long term as he will only get better .
  4. I agree that its bit surprising he hasn't been given much game time since signing . I haven't seen much of him but from what I have seen I think he looks a player .
  5. The picture behind Big Rab though ... Touch of Class !
  6. Totally get where you are coming from but id say a night celebrating this side and that achievement was always going to be a sure thing or as sure a thing as you can get.
  7. I was chatting to a guy about this in the pub on weekend and he knows one of the organisers . According to him Events 105 approached the club last year with the idea and offered to work with them and do the event together but they were told by the club , no thanks . If that is the case then I think that was a mistake on the clubs behalf as he also said there have been a lot of tickets sold . Maybe this is something our commercial department can look at in the future as in working with outside promoters to put on events and generate extra income ? Looking at Events 105
  8. https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Dundee/The-Whitehall-Theatre/DEEFIANT---A-10-Year-Anniversary-Celebration/13698309/ or you can get them here
  9. Just seen this earlier.. Really liked Matt Lockwood during his time at Dens . Should be a good night .
  10. Think this is a great thing the club have put in place . It Was a really good day last year and hopefully this year is the same .
  11. I went with Hemmings as it shows what he will do if he is given the ball in the right areas. I've never doubted Kane still has it in him to score plenty goals but he wont if he's constantly forced to play with his back to goal on the 18 yard line . I think his performances this season have actually been very good s was good to see that rewarded on Saturday . I Thought the entire side were good on Saturday without being spectacular and could have easily opted for Berra, Forster or Gowser for MOTM while i thought Elliot was very decent also .
  12. During this transfer window I was calling for a Central Defender , a wide man and a goalkeeper so if nothing else at least it demonstrates that the manger isn't totally blind and can see the areas in our side that we were badly lacking quality . it remains to be seen if those he has signed are going to be good enough but fingers crossed once they've settled they can improve things . The winger looks good from what I seen against Dunfermline, Berra SHOULD be a massive improvement to what we have been running with and lets be honest Hazard simply can not be any worse than Hamilton.
  13. The guy has had a fantastic career and wouldn't be surprised if he goes on to forge a good managerial career as well . I think his goals return was pretty good given how atrocious that team were performing ( particularly once Jimmy Mac took over ). I always felt he looked a threat when he played and when given the service and he then went on a run of scoring in each match which looked very promising … I think I'm right in saying that right at that time he was then DROPPED by the manager (may have been Aberdeen away in same match he dropped Kamara for Lewis spence ?) because l
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