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  1. DBDU

    Dundee V Hibs

    Same Side As last Weekend but swap The Big swede out for Gowser . if we aren't starting him I would like to see Kenny Miller introduced in order to allow him a chance to make an impact as I still think he still has goals in him and for all his effort Curran for me doesn't . I would take a draw but certainly think we are capable of grabbing the win !
  2. DBDU

    Our Loan Signings

    I agree . I think most have shown enough to suggest they would be valuable additions but don't think we have any chance of landing Wright im afraid , not unless Aberdeen would be interested in a season long loan next season if they feel he wont start most weeks there and they want him to get game time . Dale looks as though he has plenty ability (ooks as though his shooting is pretty poor though ). Horsfield looks solid as does Mcgown and I think Dieng would be fantastic signing if we could get him . Jury is out on the big Swede I though he had a good first half against Kilie but was poor on Saturday if im being honest but early days !
  3. DBDU

    Jim McIntyre

    I have expressed many doubts over the appointment of JMc and since he came in there have been many things ive seen that have concernbed me and have been the first to say so. Yesterday was a masiive result for me though and when you consider we really ought to have taken full points against both Killie & Hamilton then credit where it is due . Not getting too carried away just yet though and although slightly more convinced the jury is still out for me !
  4. DBDU


  5. DBDU

    Livingston V Dundee

    We simply wont be able to maintain the type of high tempo pressing game for 90minutes im afraid . If we are going to be winning matches during the run in we will need to do it in the 1st half then try hold on to our lead in my opinion because as we showed against Killie once the legs go we are short on ideas . hats not a criticism its only my observation and how I see the new mangers style of playing . I think we should have enough against the lesser sides to hopefully see us to safety above both St Mirren & Hamilton but Personally I think the better sides will crucify us once they wear us out but as always I hope I'm wrong . Id take appoint on Saturday in what has been a very tricky away fixture for every team in the league this year .
  6. DBDU

    Play Off Place.

    I believe we will do enough to finish above St Mirren & Hamilton but its going to be a battle . Even if we do though Big improvements in the personnel will be required . There is a big hole in the middle of the park to fill with a quality central midfielder now that Kamara is away and the loan players will be returning to their clubs . If we could somehow manage to get the keeper from QPR on a permanent deal and add a creative player or the unlikely scenario of getting Wright from Aberdeen that would go a long way in my opinion but for now lets just make sure we do enough to avoid any play-off or relegation spots and I think we should just about manage that !
  7. DBDU


    Bottom line is Its SH*%E .. It should be banned and the stats don't lie. Look at Livingstone that is NO coincidence the points they have picked up at home this season . Its horrible to play on , the huge majority of players and managers don't like it , players run a higher risk of injury and it hands an unfair advantage to those who have it . There is a reason most PROPER leagues don't have many clubs, if any at all , that have it but being the joke of a set up we are in Scotland our powers that be allowed it . If clubs cant afford the basics as in a grass pitch then I'm afraid they should simply be told they will need to find a way or wont be allowed to compete I the league and I'm pretty sure the grass pitches would be reinstalled .
  8. If they haven't already contract extension talks with Ralph need started 6 weeks ago .. We have a very good LB on our hands here who will only get better. Lets not do the usual here and wait until he has a year left because it will be far too late then !
  9. DBDU

    The New Scott Allan

    He certainly looks a talented player on his 1st half showing and I agree he is the type of Scott Allan type player we have badly needed .
  10. DBDU

    McCann the Pundit

    perhaps he would have .. Jim McLean's Dundee United survived by the skin of their teeth early in his managerial career on last day of the season at our expense and they never looked back . I would guess that when United were down battling relegation that year with a young inexperienced manager in charge there would have been plenty people calling him clueless and wanting him punted . We will never know if Mcann would have turned it around but maybe its time we stop knocking the guy and move on regardless . NMc was a great player for the club and saved us on more than one occasion as a player and then a manager so don't think constantly slating the guy is warranted !
  11. First half the tempo we played at seemed to have Killie on the back foot . I think what tonight shows is we will be able to compete by sheer work ethic alone . We will be buzzing around and closing the opposition down at a high tempo all of that is good but I've said it before that will only get us so far at this level .. What is a worry for me is once teams wither the storm , once the game settles down and we start to tire as will inevitably happen when we are putting so much in to the grafting side of the game , then teams will simply play around us and we don't seem to have any kind of back-up plan certainly not In terms of having any real quality coming from the middle of the park . Once our legs went early in the second half we couldn't get near Killie . Positives are another point away from the bottom spot and a point against one of the top sides should be looked upon a positive due to the spot we find ourselves in . Nelson looks a really good raw talent and certainly seems to know where the goal is and in the first half the lad scott wright looked to be the type of quality player we have been screaming out for since Scott Allan left .
  12. DBDU

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    Kamara was excellent against rangers , keeping the ball and linking the play while playing in a side with 10 men for the majority of the game . Every single player were outstanding to a man that day so to say he was poor is a ridiculous statement in my opinion . Maybe he wasn't nutmegging guys or hitting 40 yard screamers but he played a huge part in the result that day as he did in the Hamilton match before bizarrely being dropped in favour of lewis spence at Aberdeen and that was the end for Glen at Dens as far as I can see !
  13. DBDU

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    Been saying this for WEEKS !! Looks like he is happy to forgo any sort of creativity from centre midfield now . We have had NOBODY in the middle of the park who can influence the match since Mcann left . We have left Kamara out when he ought to have been playing him and we had two players who were better options than Odea that he hasn't given a chance to and who he has now actually released. If Odea was brought back in it should have been at CH at the expense of Innes who gave away a howler on the weekend NOT to play in the middle of the park, a worrying decision from the manager if he thinks that was ever going to work !
  14. DBDU

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    I think this is a bit harsh on Nelms and the board. I think they have backed every manager we have had ,as they should, and my understanding is Nelms is in constant contact with the managers who have been in charge with daily briefings . I would say ultimately our troubles lay at the door of the managers we have had and the players they have brought in and although you can argue a case that he is responsible for hiring those managers I think we can all see the reasons why he went for Mcann & Hartley at the times he did and most of us were in agreement at the time they were good appointments . I hate to say this and I realise its early to judge but of the three managers he has hired I will be honest, on the early performances I've witnessed , the one I am least convinced about is our current boss but I hope he proves me wrong.
  15. DBDU

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    I know its early days and I realise he has walked in to a real dogfight but I have seen little to suggest we are now better off, In fact in terms of how we are playing in footballing terms I would say we have gone backwards . I agree we seem to have more dig and work rate about us but ultimately I think in terms of a footballing side we are not looking like in a good way at all . We will soon find out as this is now undoubtedly JMc's team so lets hope the results & in the long run performances improve because what ive been watching up to now has been pretty poor in my opinion .

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