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  1. DBDU

    How Did They Become Pro?

    Carlo Monti , Alan Campbell & who was the defender we had for a game or two was his name Stefan Pinnawochi ??
  2. DBDU

    How Did They Become Pro?

    Stuart McClusky who to this day is the single worst full back I've ever seen in a Dundee shirt .. Feddie Daquin .. Hopeless ! Danny Williams - Dire ! Frank Van Eijs - Stinking ! The Argentine boy that Ivano signed who also played for the DABS- Atrocious !
  3. DBDU

    Craig Curran

    both had their uses I suppose in that Moussa was a decent target man and someone who could hold the ball in .. Curran is a trier and his effort can not b questioned , he will run all day but neither anywhere near good enough for the SPL in my opinion.
  4. DBDU

    Today's Q and A

    I have been a supporter of the Americans and of Nelms in particular but if what I am hearing is correct In that this get together was handpicked then I may be changing my mind. When I heard this Q&A was happening I thought it was a really positive move by JN and show3ed he was happy to have an open and honest talk about where we are at and what the plan is going forward but if you are going to choose your audience I'm afraid he's starting to lose my faith in the guy and he would have been better not having a Q&A at all .
  5. I do not think for a minute that Woods is Zidane that's for sure and who on earth is telling him he should be taking free-kicks and corners as they clearly must be blind because he hasn't delivered a decent set play since we signed him … BUT I also do not think he is the worst player we have seen at Dens that's for sure! He seems to have become the target for the Boo-Boys now though in a similar way that Kevin Holt was targeted no matter what he did . I was totally underwhelmed when we signed him but when he came in to the side alongside Kamara I think the side straight away became a far more balanced team and he did what he was good at , which is breaking up the play and giving the ball to a creative type alongside him . I don't think Woods or Robson are bad players I think they are too similar though and are suffering because they are expected now to act as the creative players in the centre of the park and they don't have that in them in my opinion . They don't have that creative outlet alongside them that would simply allow them to do what they are good at and the fault for that lies at the feet of the manager not the players . Woods was very poor second half against St Mirren but he was not alone but it seems he is the one being targeted more than most and it was the same again last night where I was sat. We are where we are at the moment so lets get off the guys back and try encourage him because the alternative isn't going to help matters and in a big way its not his fault that getting rid of Kamara early as well as the two French lads in doing so JMc has hung him out to dry .
  6. Not who I wanted to replace NMc and in terms of footballing side I think we have gone backwards under JMc but I don't think we should be sacking a second manager with only 6 matches remaining. Lets all stick together , really get behind the lads and hopefully if we can stay up reassess things at end of the season as I don't believe he is the man for the job long term at Dens !
  7. DBDU


    Thought he looked a very solid player on his home debut against Killie but got to be honest since then in the brief appearances that I have seen him he hasn't looked that great . I think we are all clutching at straws here looking for a silver bullet remedy to our current predicament . For me our problem lies in the centre of the park . JMc has set his stall out from day one in that he wanted a team of battlers and for me has forgone any sort of creativity coming from the centre of the park in favour of ball winning types . That's all very well having someone like that in there but there's no balance Woods/Gowser doesn't work , neither does Woods/Robson or Woods/Hadienus . I actually don't think any of these lads are bad players as such , in fact I think they all offer something and are tidy enough , its simply that they are all very similar for me . JMc didn't fancy Kamara that's very obvious , forget this P*%H about the player having downed tools ,he hadn't , he simply isn't a McKintyre type of player in that he isn't going to be the type to run around daft chasing down opponents and putting in bone crunching tackles ! He got rid of the 2 French lads pretty much straight away without giving them as much as a chance and I personally think Madianga would have gave a more balanced structure to the middle of the park as in he had the ability to turn away from a player and link the play which is something we are badly lacking in their now . Both these lads had ability and had taken a big step up so of course they needed time to find consistency but with the departure of Kamara it could have been a great opportunity for at least one to be handed the jersey and told it was theirs to keep if they performed and that if they step up to the challenge we would build the team around them in the same way we built our side around Kamara .
  8. DBDU

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    2 tickets bought Monday afternoon and was told over 500 had be purchased ( That includes those put aside for supporters clubs ) . That represents a very decent first half day sales id say so looks like there will be a good few Dee's attending !
  9. DBDU

    John Nelms

    Why is it Nelms fault that the players on some occasions haven't been up to the task ? He has backed each manager as you would surely hope any CEO would do and had he not did that then people would be complaining that the managers hands are tied by financial constraints . If the players aren't good enough then the manager takes the flack . Before you reply by saying then its then NELMS fault for picking the wrong managers I don't recall too many people complaining when PH was appointed seeing as he was one of the countries bestyoung managerial prospects at that time ...I don't recall many people saying NMc shouldn't be offered the job full time after the job he did when he took over what was a sinking ship the saved the season ! As for the comment about Nelms being on a mission to alienate his won home fans that's ridiculous . WHY would he want to do that & what possible benefit would that bring ? He may not be getting every call correct or some may not agree with certain things but I very much doubt he's going out his way to alienate his own supporters !
  10. I'm the first to have a pop at JMc but I don't think he could have did much more than he did yesterday and on the whole got his team selection right . I'm not convinced at all by the lad Robson I'm afraid, On the evidence of the matches I've now seen him play in I simply don't think he has the quality required at this level and if im being totally honest he is pretty much James Vincent !
  11. DBDU

    John Nelms

    I may be the Loan voice here but I think John Nelms on the whole has did a good job from what I know and can see ( Which granted may not be very much ) . If he is on over £100k a year then that would maybe be a tad excessive as I thought his salary would be more around the £70k a year mark . I think Nelms has a bit of a thankless task if I'm being honest as you will never keep everyone happy . He has backed all our managers financially in terms of budgets and that's all you can ask in relation to that and I think we are a far more professional looking organising since the Americans have came on board . I'm not saying he / they haven't made mistakes and I'm sure they will make more along the way , I'm also not saying I've agreed with all the goings on either but I think overall the guys seems to be doing a decent job and that we need to get behind him and Tim Keys and trust them to run our club and hopefully get through what has been a tough couple of seasons and then kick on .
  12. DBDU

    Six Minutes Added On

    Never was there 6 minutes and has been pointed out last week Hearst wasted far more time than what was added on and that's the difference, The old Firm & the refs who are clearly in their pockets are killing our game !
  13. The difference being that matt Lockwood was ,as you rightly point out , a respectable Pro and such a challenge would be totally out of character where as this fella is a self proclaimed animal !! As for why he would do it well I'm afraid it happens all the time in the heat of the moment especially with volatile characters who suddenly are prone to seeing the red mist descend . Why did Graeme Souness break Siggi Johnsons leg , why did Roy Keane end the career of Alfie Haaland , why did Vinnie Jones go straight through steve Mcmahon early doors in the FA Cup final when Wimbledon beat Liverpool ?? The guy is a complete clown ,it was a horrendous challenge and he is nowhere near the ball !
  14. I assessed it from watching the footage of it Harry not from the picture although the picture further cemented what I already seen . the point stands , he is simply nowhere near the ball nor is his intent to get the ball , you DO NOT go in to a challenge like that if you were looking to get the ball . An absolutely horrendous challenge
  15. Sorry but I totally disagree . For anyone who has ever kicked a ball at any sort of decent level you will know he's not looking to get to the ball here , there's zero attempt to get to the ball whatsoever , in fact he's not even close ! He is saying in the interview himself that he is a self proclaimed animal who will do whatever it takes to win and clearly if that means showing any sort of regard for the safety of a fellow pro or indeed potentially ending a young lads career then so be it ! That challenge is horrendous and is nowhere near the ball , and he could have ended the career of a promising young player very easily . He is a prick and has some brass neck looking to play the sympathy card here . I wouldn't want to see any player lose their career but had that been the case following this incident then As far as I'm concerned he would have got what he deserved and gets zero sympathy from me !
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