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  1. DBDU

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    I know exactly where the braes is and my experience is different from yours then so we can agree to disagree but regardless it doesn't matter if its like Piccadilly Circus the point is our manager has a right to go for a pint without fear of being hassled by some bampot .
  2. DBDU

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Yes im down there regular . Pubs are dead on Sunday nights .
  3. DBDU

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Well the point stands as Sunday evening is even quieter .
  4. DBDU

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    I disagree with this . The guy is a human being like everyone else and should be able to go for a pint with a couple of pals without being involved in anything unsavoury simply because he is a football manager. Its not like he was in the Dolphin on a Saturday Night, the Perth Rd on a Sunday afternoon is hardly teaming with people and even if it was busy why shouldn't he be able to go for a beer with friends . I often seen Ray Mckinnon out and about whilst manager at the DABS , Neil Lennon has been spotted in bars as well in Glasgow while manager of Celtic so I fail to see why our manager should have to live a sheltered life . Its obviously not a good situation but we don't know the full scenario yet so I think we should wait and see as it could be the case of a drunk DAB causing trouble then when he has received a deserved skelp in the pus then playing the victim card . Everyone has a breaking point and if that's the case the boy on the receiving end will maybe think twice about doing it in future !
  5. DBDU

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Do you know the details of what he has " Allegedly " done ?
  6. DBDU

    Arbroath Game.

    I agree about us being more direct and I think one of the guys we need to drill that in to is young Finn . I really like him , he's got stacks of ability but he needs encouraged by the coaches now to be making more forward passes as he has the ability to do that . He is very tidy on the ball but we need him to start using his ability to hurt sides by looking to play more earlier forward passes and going on to join in the forward play himself once he has did that .
  7. DBDU

    Arbroath Game.

    442 for this one for me as well and this line up looks pretty much what I would run with but for me if Ness is fit he needs to start alongside Dorrans . Perhaps go with Kane alongside Johnson but am happy with any 2 from our 3 strikers to start as all 3 are very capable if given the service . that would give us a strong starting 11 and a very strong bench . Hamilton Kerr Forster McGhee Marshall Todd Dorrans Ness McDaid Johnson Hemmings Subs- Ferrie, Gowser, Mcpake, Byrne, Robertson, Nelson, Meekings
  8. DBDU

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    I'm torn on this one . United obviously head a had start on us going in to the season with their side pretty much in place then adding a very good goal scorer . I 100% agree we don't look like title contenders at this stage and there's no getting away from the fact that results and a lot of the performances have been poor on the whole so far and that's obviously disappointing but I also think we have a very decent squad and will only improve . We played well and deservedly won against an Ayr side who have shown they will be up near the top again and totally blew United away a couple weeks after we beat them and likewise we really ought to have beat an Aberdeen side who are up at the top end of the SPL after being the better side that day too and if we can find that kind of form consistently there is still plenty time to mount a serious title challenge I think the manager has struggled to find his best starting 11 and formation and perhaps that's understandable seeing as he has had to assemble an entire new team but if we can find a way to get Ness & Dorrans in the centre of the park and at the same time manage to start 2 out of the 3 strikers most weeks then I think we will soon find our feet as the ability is there . Lets not give up all hope just yet there's a long way to go yet .
  9. DBDU

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    I agree that we should start Todd against his former team and in his favoured position in a free role behind the striker and see what he has to offer .
  10. DBDU

    Jack Hamilton

    He should have made the journey ..the pehs wur ace... AND you could get a chips so all in all well worth the long treck to the kiosk !
  11. DBDU

    Jack Hamilton

    Id say the difference is that firstly a lot of the chat regrading Hamilton, on here at least , I wouldn't class as abuse . As far as I can see , on the whole ,its more peoples honest opinions on a player and given that's what a fans forum is meant to be about then I don't see why that's an issue as long as its not bile that's being spouted . Secondly a lot of players would choose not to read these forums anyway where as someone shouting abuse to your face means you don have much choice other than to hear what's being said and particularly if that happens during a match its hardly going to improve the players performance .
  12. DBDU

    Jack Hamilton

    Yeah I seen that and it then kicked off a bit of handbags between a few groups of our fans who were agreeing with the guy or telling him to shut up . Id say its a build up of pressure and frustration but Its no excuse the guy was out of order and that's certainly not going to help improve Hamiltons performances .. The ironic thing is maybe you can be unhappy with our keepers performances at times this season but last week against Alloa and the on Saturday I wouldn't say he did much wrong and that's coming from one of his biggest critics .
  13. DBDU

    Our Best Line Up

    I wouldn't be against that line up at all and agree on paper you would think it wins most weeks but for me id stay with the 1 striker to allow extra bodies in midfield to protect the back 4 with perhaps Johnson getting the nod just now as the lone striker although to be honest all 3 could do that role without weakening the side . Id like to see Todd get a start in the No10 role as QOS fans seem to think that's his best position and I think there's a player in there if we can get him games in his favoured role HAMILTON KERR FORSTER McGHEE MARSHALL McPAKE NESS/FINN DORRANS McDAID TODD JOHNSON / HEMMINGS/NELSON
  14. DBDU

    Our Best Line Up

    Harry it gets back to the fact that we are STILL trying to accommodate players and in particular our 3 strikers to get them game time and keep them happy and its upsetting the balance of the side for me . Nelson is very good but he is not a wide player and its unfair on him to be put out there in my opinion but James McPake will be wanting to get him on the park . Todd would have been the obvious replacement for Mcpake when he brought him off .
  15. DBDU

    Our Best Line Up

    I agree with this to a degree but firstly I've never seen McGhee ply at RB so I've no idea if he would be any better than Cammy Who I don't think has been that bad this season if truth be told anyway ( although I do agree he needs competition for his position ) . Secondly if McGhee is moved to RB we have nobody decent who can be a regular starter to fill that CB hole . Meekings has struggled anytime I have seen him this season so we are probably where we are at in terms of our back 4 unfortunately . I agree Re Gowser , he is a good player , im a fan and he is capable of retaining the ball and keeping the game ticking over so would be very good to bring off the bench in matches once we are in winning positions but we need drive from that central midfield position and as it stands all we are doing is playing the ball around in front of oppositions back 4 going left to right ten back again without any end product and no real punch We need someone who can pick that pass and when in possession driving at teams at the heart of their defence . Our Wide men need to start getting past the full backs and getting crosses in that our strikers can attack as well , there's no point having 3 very good strikers if they aren't getting the balls in to the right areas .
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