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    Been a Dee since 1960.
    Was a ball boy in front of the Derry for a short spell in the mid sixties. A 5-0 humping in the Scottish cup comes to mind. I think it was the same day Rangers lost to Berwick, but my memory's not what it was.
    I don't get much chance to got Dens these days due to work commitments, but having supported them through thick and thin I still consider myself a loyal Dee.

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  1. A friend told me(In case Mrs Dandy’s looking over my shoulder) that’s why their feet are smaller, so that they can get nearer the sink.
  2. One for the older viewers.
  3. Absolutely right. They tore us to bits every time they attacked. It was the start of Dutch total football. The same thing happened the following season I think when the Belgian side Racing White Molenbeek came calling.
  4. Greenham Common was shut that night.
  5. I was in the back of the Derry. The whole place seemed to lift off their feet as one and a tidal wave of dark blue surged towards the dyke.
  6. I jest. Big Lee Ashcroft’ll have him in his hipper.
  7. As for not remembering the other ties, the famous Snug heavy was a bit too strong for an 18 year old. It’s a wonder I remember any games from back then.
  8. I think it’s brilliant. Can you imagine if we done that? Paul McGowan snarling and growling his way through announcing a signing.
  9. Well thought through Harry, I hope you’re right.
  10. I must have been at every game but only remember the Cologne and Milan ties for obvious reasons.
  11. With the bulk of that squad It’s a mystery why they were so bad. Man for man they should have comfortably been in a position to avoid all the nonsense.
  12. Peaso still looks fit, sign him.
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