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    Been a Dee since 1960.
    Was a ball boy in front of the Derry for a short spell in the mid sixties. A 5-0 humping in the Scottish cup comes to mind. I think it was the same day Rangers lost to Berwick, but my memory's not what it was.
    I don't get much chance to got Dens these days due to work commitments, but having supported them through thick and thin I still consider myself a loyal Dee.

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  1. Julian Peroni..... Well it’s food to me. 😁😁😁
  2. Josh Meeking duck Paul McGowan’s highland toffee Trigger Robinson’s barley water
  3. I think the sash was navy blue but I wouldn’t bet on it Donny. You’d think if it was bespoke for the testimonial it would be written on the shirt. Or was it it too early to do that?
  4. I’ve just noticed there’s no badge or crest on the strip. I can’t think of any other of our strips without one.
  5. Can anyone enlighten me as to why we brought the strip out but never wore it other than in Denis Gillespie’s testimonial? Was it produced solely for the testimonial? Back then it wasn’t like nowadays where clubs bring out new strips for any old excuse.
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