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    Born in Cambridge. Moved to Dundee when I was two.
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    I enjoy most sports,but not too keen on cricket unless it's The Ashes as I worked for a short time in Adelaide. I enjoy watching Aussie Rules Football.
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  1. The Leeds team of the 70’s were a bit of a dirty team - to put it mildly- team . I can remember Jack Charlton saying on the television show “Parkinson” that he had a black book which contained names of opponents he laid into. He really had it in for Everton player Johnny Morrisey. Charlton got into big trouble from the authorities if I remember correctly. I remember some instances such as when Billy Bremner getting sent off with Kevin Keegan in the F.A. Charity Shield at Wembley, Norman Hunter having a running fight with Francis Lee when he played for Derby County and the 1970 F.A.Cup replay against Chelsea when both teams had some right tough players getting right into each other - the aforementioned Leeds players and Chelsea’s Ron “Chopper” Harris and David Webb.
  2. So very true . The joys and tribulations,agony and ecstasy etc supporting Dundee Football Club are second to none. Always and forever. Dundee F.C. till I die
  3. Hi Ian. Hope that you are having a great day. Just in case you haven’t seen it Tuesday’s match report is now on the official website. Regards. Neil
  4. My nerves are jangling. Don’t chuck it Dee. Into the last five minutes 😳
  5. Hi WoodStein Ths Leeds fans went on the rampage in Paris after losing 2-0 to Bayern Munich in the 1974/75 European Cup Final. The Leeds fans around that time,like other clubs had a nasty hooligan element. I went to Elland Rd that season to see Leeds play Newcastle and the atmosphere was toxic and I was glad to get back to Doncaster,where I was working at the time in one piece. I think that it was that season when a Birmingham fan got crushed when the rival fans clashed outside Birmingham’s St. Andrews ground and a wall caved in.
  6. Some more facts about Bobby - thanks to Wikipedia. Bobby played 296 times for Dundee scoring 8 goals. He also played once for a Scottish League XI cap when playing for Dundee. Away from Dundee Bobby is an inductee in the Cowdenbeath’s Hall of Fame. Going into management Bobby’s Ross County team won The Highland League 3 times.
  7. Another memory of the Leeds game was I waited ages - in the end of the I was the only one as far as I can remember- for the Leeds players autographs. In the end only Peter Lorimer,Eddie Grayand Paul Madeley obliging. A grumpy Jack Charlton did scrawl something.
  8. Hi BCG. If you google dundee v leeds icfc all lowercase hopefully you’ll get the match report. All the best. Neil
  9. Reading about Bobby Wilson and his goal against Cologne (I was there and was,like many others went mental when he scored and rushed onto the pitch at the end of the match) he also scored another memorable goal in Europe against Leeds United in the Inter City Fairs Cup Semi Final first leg at Dens. The game ended 1-1with Leeds winning the second leg at Elland Road 1-0.Dundee lad Peter Lorimer (whose mother lived very near me) was in the Leeds team. That was an epic foray in Europe we had that season. For an excellent account of the Leeds game at Dens I can thoroughly recommend one on the ozwhitelufc.net.au website As a footnote. What a great (old name) full back combination he and Dave (Biffo) Johnston were.
  10. Sorry I missed it was John Hartson who has survived.
  11. Jackie’s mate and ex teammate has overcome many cancer battles but he has survived thank the Lord so praying that Jackie will have a quick and complete recovery.
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