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    Born in Cambridge. Moved to Dundee when I was two.
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    I enjoy most sports,but not too keen on cricket unless it's The Ashes as I worked for a short time in Adelaide. I enjoy watching Aussie Rules Football.
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  1. I was wondering what sort of reception Scott Bain will get on Sunday as he will more than likely play. I for one hope that he gets a reasonable reception. He was a reasonable keeper in my eyes and was a bit unlucky not to get a Scotland cap whilst he was playing for us.
  2. Neil Cameron

    Dundee V Celtic

    Time for watching the game from behind the settee with no finger nails and tufts of hair on the carpet and this is as we are beating Celtic and this is in my dreams !!
  3. Neil Cameron

    Dundee V Hearts

    It’s going to be very hard but yes we can beat Hearts. Time to get really behind the team. Come on Dundee do us proud.
  4. As eluded in previous postings the real sickener was Hamilton’s win against Aberdeen although given Aberdeen’s poor home performances It wasn’t so much of a shock as was Rangers beating us.
  5. Neil Cameron

    Rangers V Dundee

    Our goal advantage is being evaporated with this horror show.
  6. Neil Cameron

    Rangers V Dundee

    Wishful thinking. I was hoping that we might get a draw but no way is that going to happen now
  7. Neil Cameron

    Dundee V Hibs

    Like some of the recent postings I was very encouraged by last night’s performance. We played some very neat football at times and we’re competitive to the end which was appreciated by the crowd. The referee was shocking and so biased to Hibs. It’s going to be a very hard run in to the split and beyond but I am quietly confident that we will survive.
  8. Neil Cameron

    Dundee V Hibs

    Really bad goals to give away but imo pleased that the heads didn’t go down and hearing tans get behind the team. Our two goals were very good and if their keeper hadn’t made a brilliant save early in the second half I wonder how things would have transpired. Unlucky that Kenny’s goals were ruled out. Stewart so stupid. Retrospective red card possible. Looking for Hearts and Rangers to do us some favours over the weekend.
  9. Neil Cameron

    1967-68 Leeds Fairs Cup Semis

    I remember waiting for ages after to get the Leeds players autographs outside Dens and was disappointed that only Peter Lorimer ( his mother lived near me in Douglas and Angus) Eddie Gray kindly obliged. Jack Charlton grumpily scrawled something on the programme. What I remember of the game was Dundee nullifying the threat of Charlton standing on the goal line at corners. If I remember correctly I have read somewhere he got clobbered once by big Aly Donaldson. Perhaps that was why he was so grumpy !!!
  10. Neil Cameron

    Julian Speroni

    Sad to see Julian not even being on the bench. I believe over 1700 Dees went down. Julian was brilliant before the match with lots of selfies and autographs given (myself included),during the match especially when he put on the Dundee top for the last 20 minutes and seemingly he was back signing autographs late into the night. I know that David Young (I think) took some brilliant photographs on the night which are worth viewing if they are still available.
  11. Neil Cameron

    Dundee V Hibs

    Match live on BT Sport for those who can’t make the game.
  12. Neil Cameron

    Dundee V Hibs

    Live on BT Sport for Anglo Dees and others who can’t make the game.
  13. Neil Cameron

    Happy Valentines DEE

    Dundee 4 Cologne 2. UEFA Cup.1 down from the first leg and also 2-1 on the night. Won 5 - 4 on aggregate. What a night !!!!

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