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    Born in Cambridge. Moved to Dundee when I was two.
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    I enjoy most sports,but not too keen on cricket unless it's The Ashes as I worked for a short time in Adelaide. I enjoy watching Aussie Rules Football.
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  1. A couple of really good YouTube videos one being his last training session and the other his addressing the crowd at Selhurst Park at the end of the last game of the season against Bournemouth. Great respect from his teammates and crowd. Absolute legend. Fifteen years at one club something I doubt will ever be seen again.
  2. Much as I like Kenny Miller I think that having him could have a disastrous effect on the club unless they also appoint an experienced assistant to work alongside him not some rookie. Out of interest who was his assistant when he was manager at Livingston ?
  3. Neil Cameron

    Steven Caulker

    Listening to the news on the radio this morning that Steven was in a minibus accident in Turkey that he was in was in a crash that sadly took the life of a teammate. This was after a game in which Steven scored. My prayers and thoughts are with him at this sad time.
  4. Neil Cameron

    To Be a Dee

    Yes it has been a shocker of a season and yes (sorry) I am worried for the future of the club but always and forever a Dee till I die.
  5. Neil Cameron

    Motherwell V Dundee 27th April 2019

    Nelson off Miller on . Why oh why.
  6. Neil Cameron

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Yes it looks like relegation and yes Jim McIntyre needs to go but who is going to come in. I shudder to think. I am genuinely worried for our future short and long term or perhaps I am overreacting.
  7. Neil Cameron

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    St Mirren 3-1 ahead.I fear for our long term future.
  8. I am wondering how people are keeping as we prepare for Saturday and the remainder of the season. I for one am a nervous wreck even before the first game has started praying for a miracle.
  9. Neil Cameron

    Anyone Going Tonight

    All the best to all who are going through. Hope that the team reward you with a gutsy performance and a win. Come on Dundee.
  10. Neil Cameron

    St Mirren V Dundee

    Come on Dundee. My nerves are shattered. Always and forever - Dee till I die.
  11. I was wondering what sort of reception Scott Bain will get on Sunday as he will more than likely play. I for one hope that he gets a reasonable reception. He was a reasonable keeper in my eyes and was a bit unlucky not to get a Scotland cap whilst he was playing for us.
  12. Neil Cameron

    Dundee V Celtic

    Time for watching the game from behind the settee with no finger nails and tufts of hair on the carpet and this is as we are beating Celtic and this is in my dreams !!
  13. Neil Cameron

    Dundee V Hearts

    It’s going to be very hard but yes we can beat Hearts. Time to get really behind the team. Come on Dundee do us proud.
  14. As eluded in previous postings the real sickener was Hamilton’s win against Aberdeen although given Aberdeen’s poor home performances It wasn’t so much of a shock as was Rangers beating us.
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