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  1. @courier_dundee How deep is the reflection pool? Just thinking about the toddlers. :)

  2. RT @catalannews: ⚠ #BREAKING Catalan president to officially declare independence if Spain suspend self-government https://t.co/drg9ZDsJUU

  3. RT @CatalansForYes: We are European citizens, just like you, and we need your help to defend democracy and freedom. Help Catalonia. Save E…

  4. RT @AlexSalmond: Scotland back in the top 30 of FIFA rankings under Gordon Strachan. Now, why was it a good idea to let him go again?

  5. RT @GreenpeaceUK: BREAKING: Scottish government says fracking "cannot and will not take place in Scotland". Share the good news! https://t.…

  6. RT @TheDerryCoo: Anyway, f**k thum! https://t.co/MPS4yJkmv5

  7. RT @gardenscape05: The grand opening @VADundee @DDWaterfront community garden https://t.co/od8LLsC2F0

  8. RT @VADundee: Good morning! The haar has shifted and it's a glorious day in #Dundee. Everything is blue again ? https://t.co/mbGZK7zfHt

  9. RT @nytimesworld: If Catalonia votes on Sunday to break from Spain, it could declare independence within 48 hours https://t.co/Tfwe6VMyxo

  10. RT @DundeeDelboy: How good does Dundee look in this aerial photograph? #CityOfCulture2023 https://t.co/2Kqc8mplnT

  11. Dundee population just under 150k and has 2 stadia housing under 30k fans ..

  12. I have a six pack for the game tonight #DundeeFC https://t.co/Atdti8Xu7X

  13. RT @Jeggit: We are about to witness the independence of Catalunya, proof that Scotland can and should do the same. https://t.co/ki3RoLJOb3…

  14. @DFC_Commercial Really? Next to a Masonic Lodge. .. don't the club have people to stop this kind of stuff!

  15. RT @DeesDownSouth: WTF we have hailstones.. https://t.co/o2egPbvVhe

  16. @BjCruickshank @theSNP @scotgov All the old routes still there just need relaying and signalling ( not if moder… https://t.co/Sio8ZHeDjq

  17. @sarahloulou82 Kylie says You should be so Lochee :;

  18. RT @VADundee: Happy birthday to our wonderful neighbours, @McManusDundee ! ? #McManus150 https://t.co/pF98u5YQk8

  19. RT @JamesMcPake5: Horrendous machine! Even worse on a Saturday night ????‍♀️?? @IndoorSportsUK https://t.co/AAJHRKWRWU

  20. 2 Dundee fans playing on the Scrub land that will be the new home of Dundee Fc :) https://t.co/fpFpM3AMen

  21. RT @VADundee: Removal of our 12.5k tonne temporary cofferdam has begun (and will take about 3 months)! Are you as excited as we are? ??‍♀️?…

  22. @bee_gibb83 Same https://t.co/iBp3kchHIm

  23. RT @FootbaIlBibIe: Retweet If You Agree... Modern Day Football Summed Up In One Pic https://t.co/2mC6gNCnh6

  24. RT @VADundee: Hey @DiscoveryDundee, when our powers combine it's pretty special! https://t.co/gH8gt1sKUO

  25. This is why Dundee is Scotlands Sunniest City. ? https://t.co/nhbXSKW6WL

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