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  1. That's interesting. I mixed up the goals against Saints and Partick, but as soon as I saw the film I could visualise watching them from the Coxy.
  2. That was also 2007/8, between Christmas and New Year. I remember McDonald's composure. He passed the ball just inside the post.
  3. I can't think of a later goal. It caused a bit of a row in the press box because of the celebration of one of the Dee media team, who has since departed. A hack's laptop took some collateral damage. Edit to add; I don't remember being particularly bothered at the time by the stooshie. 🙂
  4. You're both right. It happened in both home games against Saints in 2007/8, at the Coxy end both times. I remember my report for Dee Mad the first time was headlined "Tonto Time". Then for the second it was just "Tonto Time Again". A personal favourite of mine was AJ's 98th minute winner at Hamilton, because it was so, so, late and obviously because it was Hamilton.
  5. In strictly footballing terms Alloa are one of the better teams we've faced this season. Even in the 3-0 win at their ground they caused us problems when they had the ball. They play good football, and if that were the only criterion they'd have more points than some in this division who are set up to shitfest their way to the points. Alloa have certainly looked a far more organised and dangerous outfit than a clueless Queen of the South did in our last game.
  6. James Vincent did ok for us until things fell apart at the end of Hartley's time. If you think back to some of our best performances under Hartley in 2016/17 you'll see Vincent played the full game. Ross County away at the start of the season, the win over Hearts just before Christmas (well, the 2nd half anyway), beating Rangers at Dens in February. But the highlight was the 5-1 win at Motherwell exactly three years ago when Vincent and McGowan totally bossed the midfield and allowed us to set up a endless succession of chances. Williams never really fitted in, but he could do a job when required. The trouble was he was no Greg Stewart and couldn't create much. He provided good cover for the left back (usually Holt) and he could make us tight in games when the aim was avoiding defeat. At home to Aberdeen in August Hartley hooked him to send on Wighton with the game at 1-1, to try and sneak a win. It backfired. Aberdeen immediately overloaded their right and took advantage of Holt's lack of protection to win the game.
  7. I wasn't long married and decided to treat the new Mrs R to a front row seat in the knee cracker stand for the derby. November 2000. Georgi's chip sails into the net and I'm leaning over the railings, screaming, gibbering, and flailing my arms around, as one does. Eventually I wonder what Mrs R is up. I turn round and see her being vigorously groped by a big, fat, drunken Dee. Fair enough, I think, and carry on celebrating. I got pelters afterwards for failing to protect her honour. Apparently the Dee with the wandering hands was stinking of beer, and had something of a charm deficit. But still, I mean, it was a special goal. I was entitled to focus on what mattered wasn't I? Don't telll me I was the a**hole. Btw - anyone want to fess up? I won't shop you to the Mrs.
  8. United's attitude goes back well before the Doon Derby. I've been doing the match reports for 10 years and I've done it all the clubs in Scotland except five (Stranraer, Albion Rovers, Elgin, Edinburgh City and Annan). In that time Dundee United have been consistently the least welcoming. The media team members are supposed to wear club gear at games to identify us as official club representatives. We don't do it at Tannadice because we're more likely to be treated with a basic level of respect if we're anonymous and just look llike random members of the press.
  9. Watch Dorrans' movement immediately before the goal. Dundee players are breaking into the penalty area. United are racing back. Then when Hemmings is about to cross, with everyone else charging into the goalmouth, Dorrans takes a few steps backwards into the space that is opening up. When the header comes out he is all on his own waiting for the ball, with time to take a crucial touch before scoring. The touch was delightful, but it was his movement that made the goal.
  10. McCall was always saying something. In fairness most managers are like that. Switching the dugouts means the away manager is now in the face of the assistant ref, who has to pass along the edge of the technical area. Of course that might give managers the chance to play mind games, but most lack the charm and guile required to manipulate the officials successfully and just end up antagonising them. Perhaps the ref's thinking went along these lines. "FFS, there goes that McCall again. Well, there are some perks to being a ref, so wny not enjoy it now an again? Here we go." "Hey, you! Yes, you Mr Moaning Pus. Shut it! See this card? It's yellow and it's got your name on it. Any more crap and you'll be taking the walk of shame with the Derry baying at you all the way up the tunnel. Got it?"
  11. Fair point, but there are exceptions.
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