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  1. McCall was always saying something. In fairness most managers are like that. Switching the dugouts means the away manager is now in the face of the assistant ref, who has to pass along the edge of the technical area. Of course that might give managers the chance to play mind games, but most lack the charm and guile required to manipulate the officials successfully and just end up antagonising them. Perhaps the ref's thinking went along these lines. "FFS, there goes that McCall again. Well, there are some perks to being a ref, so wny not enjoy it now an again? Here we go." "Hey, you! Yes, you Mr Moaning Pus. Shut it! See this card? It's yellow and it's got your name on it. Any more crap and you'll be taking the walk of shame with the Derry baying at you all the way up the tunnel. Got it?"
  2. From the referee. He got booked for being annoying.
  3. Rumple

    Kane Hemmings - Officially Signs

    Fair point, but there are exceptions.
  4. Rumple


    It was indeed Nicol. That route shaves hours off the journey, provided you take your bikes, or have someone willing to drive you around once you get to Jura. To be honest I haven't noticed the sign or whether it has gone. Islay and Jura have, I think, ten whisky distilleries and two gin distilleries between them for about three and a half thousand people. If they go independent and can ensure the tax duty stays in the islands then we'd be looking at a chillier version of Dubai.
  5. Rumple


    Not usually. They can be bad from mid June to the end of August, but that's mainly in the evening. During the day, at Lagg anyway, I've rarely found them a problem. The house at Lagg is a cracking place by the way (on Airbnb).
  6. Rumple


    Lagg is beyond the back of beyond. We generally time our stays on Jura to fit the football, though this year I did miss two matches because we spent most of March there. That's the only time I've missed games because we've been on Jura. A few years back I managed to get to a game at Alloa by taking the fast passenger ferry from Craighouse toTayvallich where we'd left our car. The timing worked well.
  7. Rumple


    Yeah, Craighouse is where we head for a big night out. To be honest the place we stay is on the outskirts of Lagg, not really in the beating heart. When we're sitting outside in the summer we look up when he hear a car pass (not that you can actually see the road from the house). It's quiet. Very quiet.
  8. Rumple


    Yes, I can picture whereabouts you are. I suppose Jura must seem a bit out of the way and quiet compared to the bright lights of Islay. Bowmore always feels like the big city when we head over there from Lagg (four houses).
  9. Rumple


    What's your view of? I know Islay quite well and like the island. We're on Jura a lot (four and a bit weeks so far this year).
  10. Rumple

    A Wee Gem On Dailymotion.Com

    You're right.
  11. Rumple

    A Wee Gem On Dailymotion.Com

    In fairness to Tommy Coyne I'm posting this. One year on and an unrecognisable Super Tommy destroys United at Tannadice. (I love the stat that he scored more goals at Tannadice after he left United than he did when he played for them.) The second goal is a classic. Big hoof up the park by Stewart Forsyth. Keith Wright makes a donkey out of Narey. Malpas tries and fails to handle TC's shot on the line. Ian Angus delivers a celebratory salute to the Shed.
  12. Rumple

    A Wee Gem On Dailymotion.Com

    The celebration scenes after the goals remind me how good it was on that big, covered terrace when we won at Tannadice in the 1980s.
  13. Rumple

    A Wee Gem On Dailymotion.Com

    November 1986.
  14. Rumple

    A Wee Gem On Dailymotion.Com

    Those highlights tie in with my memories of that team. It wasn't silky football, but they were fit, hard running, tough and they'd keep going. On their day they could run over the top of most teams in Scotland. We beat Rangers (champions that season) 1-0 at Dens and hammered Celtic 4-1 after being a goal down at half time. We beat St Mirren (the Scottish Cup winners) three times out of four, including a 6-3 win at Dens. Hamilton were beaten 7-3 at Dens on the last day of the season to bring up 100 goals. We blew Clydebank away in the cup quarter final at their ground. It was 4-0 and we steamrollered them in a blistering opening half hour, scoring three times. We really should have won the cup that year. The team in that derby seems to have been 4-3-3. Geddes Forsyth, Smith, Duffy, McKinlay Rafferty, Shannon, Angus Jack, Harvey, Stephen There's no sign of John Brown or Bobby Glennie. This must have been one of Ray Steven's last games before he went to France. I'm happy to admit I wasn't hugely impressed with Jocky Scott's signings to boost the attack. I though Keith Wright might be ok in time, but he was a gamble. Tommy Coyne seemed a bizarre move. File me under clueless.
  15. Rumple

    A Wee Gem On Dailymotion.Com

    Yes. If he'd had pace he'd have been with a big club in England, not with us. Am I right in thinking Alex Ferguson rated him as one of the best forwards in Scotland playing with his back to goal?
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