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  1. Things weren’t looking good at all for McPake after the Dunfermline game but in terms of players he has since fixed the two biggest weaknesses in the team, GK and right back, plus adding Berra who is excellent. The change of style with quicker balls forward and higher pressing make us much more effective. The last two home games have actually been enjoyable matches to watch!
  2. The form table for the past 10 games shows Dundee bottom of the league. Unfortunately this now looks like a team that’s spiralling and things could get much worse. If I could go to sleep now and wake up in June with 8th place and a new approach in place for next season, I’d take that.
  3. The death rattle of most manager’s time at a club tends to include the dreaded vote of confidence (Nelms ramble in ICT match programme), random and desperate changes in team selection (take your pick) and then finally, beginning to turn on your own players. However, despite it all I just can’t see Nelms moving on it now. This could be very long and drawn out and I fear things could get much much worse before the change is made. It will take a complete Lazarus for McPake to recover from where he is now.
  4. I must admit I thought we had a reasonable group of outfield players who just needed to be better coached and organised. However watching 30mins of the Wigan under 23 lad in our team has me not so sure. He looked like someone who plays football for a living alongside a group of Sunday amateurs. He was so much more athletic than the rest of our players.
  5. My wife knows nothing about football but is sitting watching with me and observed “Dundee aren’t trying to score goals, they’re just passing the ball about. They have no plan”. Pretty much correct. What a shambles that first half was and a continuation of what we’ve seen developing over the season. It’ll be a miracle if McPake comes back from this.
  6. You have to feel sorry for him as it's a guy trying to do a job under the public gaze, but any observation of him in action shows you this is someone who is in the wrong profession. His co-ordination, body positioning, spacial awareness and basic techniques, he is just never ever a goalkeeper. Football is about scoring goals and not conceding them. I'd have GK as one of the two most important positions in a team. Somehow we went into the season with him as first choice and it is now 19 January and we still haven't got a replacement. That's probably the most worrying thing for fans trying to cling on to any hope that the manager knows what he's doing.
  7. The replays show what was perhaps clearer to those of us sitting up the far end. Perhaps some criticism of Kerr’s fresh air and Forster’s tracking on the 3rd goal but those are definitely two goals chucked by the keeper. Team had been doing ok at 4-1, keeper throws away two goals and brings panic onto the team. A good keeper can make all the difference to the defence in front of him. At any level of football goal scorer and goalkeeper are probably the two most important positions in a team. United are a team of very average players but they have the best keeper and best goal scorer in the league and they bring confidence to the players around them.
  8. There was little celebration at Johnson’s stoppage time equaliser. The result really didn’t matter in the end. The 90 mins that went before was a real disaster and the team have fallen apart. Looks like the players don’t know, or believe in, what they’ve been sent out to do and unfortunately after just 15 games it looks like the manager is in trouble.
  9. We played and passed at snails pace for most of the first half - pretty ineffective. Better second half when centre half’s started stepping forward into the gaping spaces (freeing up other players) and the ball started moving quicker. Dorrans coaching his team mates through the basics of the game at times - like an adult playing with children.
  10. Midfield collapsed in the second half and Partick could have scored their goals long before they did. To be fair Byrne was abandoning his position and chasing early second half but instead of getting instruction to him to get back sitting in front of the back four he was hooked and things went from bad to worse. Robertson’s a fine player but I don’t think that was a situation to put him into. The team needed to get reorganised early in the second half rather than changes in personnel. The team was weakened by all 3 subbies.
  11. Mcghee was good at right back, defence looked much better with him there. Dorrans well ahead of this level of football.
  12. I quite liked our attacking play, it’s gradually getting there and McPake looks like he can create a chance. Defensively struggled especially the space in front of the back 4. We also have balls coming in easily from the opposition left and a keeper who can’t take a cross, and when he does come creates chaos. Puts the centre halves under a lot pressure.
  13. I thought we were really good. Having a couple of big strong midfielders makes such a difference. When we lost Ness and Todd we became weak and Aberdeen took over. Wee Robertson did really well and Johnson’s hold up play was excellent brought the whole team up the park.
  14. Could have been 4 or 5 down by half time and the set up just didn’t work at all. Ultimately however the keeper gifts the second goal and with someone half decent in the sticks we would have had an extra 2 points. If we don’t get a reasonable keeper it will cost us 15-20 points over the season.
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