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  1. Big_Black_Donald

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 0 Arbroath (05 Oct 2019)

    Mcghee was good at right back, defence looked much better with him there. Dorrans well ahead of this level of football.
  2. Big_Black_Donald

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    I quite liked our attacking play, it’s gradually getting there and McPake looks like he can create a chance. Defensively struggled especially the space in front of the back 4. We also have balls coming in easily from the opposition left and a keeper who can’t take a cross, and when he does come creates chaos. Puts the centre halves under a lot pressure.
  3. I thought we were really good. Having a couple of big strong midfielders makes such a difference. When we lost Ness and Todd we became weak and Aberdeen took over. Wee Robertson did really well and Johnson’s hold up play was excellent brought the whole team up the park.
  4. Big_Black_Donald

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    Could have been 4 or 5 down by half time and the set up just didn’t work at all. Ultimately however the keeper gifts the second goal and with someone half decent in the sticks we would have had an extra 2 points. If we don’t get a reasonable keeper it will cost us 15-20 points over the season.
  5. Big_Black_Donald

    Raith V Dundee

    Thought we looked good, especially through the middle. Number 3 McGhee looked really decent and the 2 new central midfielders, plus McGowan and Nelson - good spine. Areas to improve would be right back and right midfield, we’re still weak down that side, and we could do with another striker. If we could only sign one more player though it would have to be a goalkeeper - I fear Hamilton is just in the wrong job unfortunately. Biggest plus was the coaching and style of play. Team looked organised, lots of movement, co-ordinated pressing, some nice passing with an attacking intent and good to watch.
  6. Big_Black_Donald

    Team v St Mirren

    Goalkeeper has to go. He’s in the wrong profession unfortunately.
  7. Big_Black_Donald

    Season Tickets

    Unless the strategic objective is to cause a complete collapse of the season ticket base, surely the club must announced revised pricing this week. Sadly United seem to be getting their act together behind the scenes and are £279/£289 in the lower tiers to renew, irrespective of league. At a minimum we have to match that.
  8. Big_Black_Donald

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Dales and Nelson looked strong, athletic, skilful young lads who will give the team something in the final third. We simply must sign a right back and at least two midfielders.
  9. Big_Black_Donald

    Post-Split Fixtures

    All the SPFL need to do it seems is predict the top 3 (Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen) and the bottom 3 (this year probably would have been Hamilton, Dundee, Motherwell) and have alll these teams finishing on 16 home games at the split. Unless one of the predicted top 3 finish in the bottom half or any of your predicted bottom 3 finish in the top half you ensure that each team at least finishes with 19 home and 19 away. Looking at how things will finish at the split Ive no idea what on earth they were predicting - just looks like a random pot shot. I think a couple of the top half teams will get only 18 home games this season and a couple of the bottom half will end up with 20 home games.
  10. Big_Black_Donald

    Fosters Red Card

    Studs in at the knee. Deserved a red
  11. Big_Black_Donald


    Never seen a warburton team play but read and heard a lot about how good Brentford were and that he was putting a good team together at Rangers. First time I've seen them and was very impressed. Fast, direct, passing football. Best team we have played this season and they will win the premiership comfortably next season unless Celtic make big changes. We underestimated them and our manager definitely did with the way we set up. Some lessons learned today, take it on the chin and move on.
  12. Big_Black_Donald

    Some Pics of The Celebration

    Skip to 3:17
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