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  1. GoatLord

    Team v St Mirren

    Thank God this utter shambles of a season is over. Beyond hideous.
  2. GoatLord

    Team v St Mirren

    Thanks again, McCann....
  3. GoatLord

    Team v St Mirren

    My God, our midfield is absolutely honking
  4. GoatLord

    Most Damaging Signings

    All about opinions on here of course and, while I readily admit McCann pulled off an impressive achievement in keeping us up post-split following seven defeats in a row under Hartley, I feel we were an utter shambles this season before McCann was rightly punted. Last season was a mixed bag but largely depressing-particularly at Dens. This term we were miles off the pace against Dunfermline and Ayr. The “if my auntie had baws” conjecture about what might have happened with the rag tag bunch of English non-league misfits and dubious foreigners McCann lumbered us with is largely pointless. Much like his team. Also, McCann for me was an embarrassment with his constant berating of officials and a liability for his fall outs with players.
  5. GoatLord

    Who do you think will be next?

    I chose the Kenny Miller option, not because I want him or think he’s the best option but because I think it fits what appears to be a financially expedient approach by our owners. I feel their ongoing involvement is all based around the stadium development. Tim Keyes said in an interview at the start of the season that they got involved in the hope of making money. He also said that having to continue bailing out failures was not desirable. The stadium represents a chance to create some sort of self-sustaining or revenue generating vehicle. the fact Kenny Miller is moving nearer Dundee and is reported to have been telling journalists he’s going to be in charge suggests he’s been tipped the wink by JN
  6. After reaching the hideous milestone of ten defeats in a row, allied to presiding over some of the most spineless, abject performances I've had the misfortune to witness in four decades as a Dee, I'd have thought McIntyre would have been sensible to just keep his mouth shut. Instead he wants to deflect from his own shambles. I didn't think it would be possible to surpass McCann's team for garbage but, amazingly, McIntyre has made us even worse. He surely can not survive this.
  7. Woods and J Curran will be out of contract at the end of this season.
  8. GoatLord

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    No idea who should be appointed but one thing is for sure. McIntyre, a potentially divisive appointment at the outset ( and apparently overlooked by our superannuated CEO) is now a cancer with many long term Dees unwilling to return while he continues to wreak his pitiful managerial havoc. worst managerial appointment ever...and that’s saying something after the McCann debacle
  9. This. In spades. McIntyre has a hard on for players who are limited beyond belief but he seems to love them because they run around like headless chickens. McIntyre is a clown of a manager and it is an inevitability we will have to bin him. Delaying the inevitable is stupidity in the extreme.
  10. GoatLord

    Fans Meeting

    Ah, okay. Thanks BCG
  11. GoatLord

    Fans Meeting

    Change to the Bosman situation moved the goalposts after Marr had embarked on his strategy. I am not sure any banking official could be expected to have anticipated the change which resulted in players being allowed to move at the end of their contract with no fee due to the employing club.
  12. GoatLord

    Fans Meeting

    Peter and Jimmy much maligned by many but I remember their willingness to engage with fans fully and openly. Complete contrast to current ownership.
  13. GoatLord

    Fans Meeting

    Nelms programme notes for the recent Aberdeen game (his rambling, self-justifying haver...) tellingly used the term “unconditional support”. I believe this reveals his opinion of what the place of the fans should be...
  14. GoatLord


    And where has Nelms shown any willingness to tap into such resources?
  15. Does anyone on here have the remotest confidence in McIntyre being capable of building a side to gain promotion next season or, if he’s punted, that Nelms has the capability to make the right decision regarding a replacement. I certainly don’t. In both cases.
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