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  1. GoatLord

    Bye Bye

    Right, I’m out of here. It’s a tough thing being a Dee these days....and has been for a few seasons . But, my God, it’s much harder when I waste my time with the torrent of drivel that passes as “passionate debate” on here. Whether it’s the anti-Cammy Kerr squad (sure, he’s no world beater but we’re a championship club and there are plenty premier teams would be happy to have him) or any number of misguided, repetitive ranters, I’ve had my fill. Todd and McDaid seem to be the main “Elgin scapegoats” from what I’ve seen from some. I think they’re decent...McDaid has taken a man on and beaten him more times this season than Danny Williams managed over the entirety of his contract. Todd has featured occasionally but looks to me to have two good feet and a decent physique. Anyway, I could go on...but I won’t. I’ll confine my conversations about my team to fellow Aberdeen Dark Blues who at least manage to bring a modicum of balance and sense to their comments. Goodbye
  2. GoatLord

    All Blue

    Trivial point, I’ll admit, in the wake of that hideous Friday result but.....yet again we wore blue shorts. Why? frankly I’m fed up with it. Our colours are (dark...) blue shirt, white shorts. End of.
  3. Think this is particularly relevant in the context of the attitude of many spectators on Saturday...that lot beat ICT 4-1 so we’ll do similar. This ignored the facts: ICT have been a bogey team for us for years. We haven’t shown any significant ability so far this season to score from open play (2 pens v Dunfermline, 1 pen v Aberdeen, single goal victories against Ayr and ICT league cup tie Add in the fact Inverness were night and day improved over what pitched up at Dens a few weeks ago in the cup and it made for a tough day. some folk need to appreciate we are in transition from two of the worst managers to have been in charge in my lifetime
  4. Nauseating experience at Dens Park today surrounded by the most hideously negative know-it-all arseholes berating a hard working Dundee against a well organised and resilient ICT. I often find my team’s “fans” to be an embarrassment
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