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  1. GoatLord

    Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way.

    Ha ha. Brilliant. Made me laugh out loud!
  2. There seems to be a common trend to some posts on this forum which (often eloquently and always passionately) debate the ups and downs of being a Dee then finish with some variant of “and I wouldn’t want it any other way”. It’s like some perverse re-working of “Here’s tae us, wha’s like us” as if being a Dundee fan necessarily has to be accompanied by chaos and (lots of) disappointment. Well, baws to that I say. Quite frankly, this season (and much of latter era Hartley plus almost the entirety of the failed McCann experiment) has been a miserable, frustrating and dispiriting experience. I’m a season ticket holder but wasn’t at Dens yesterday. I couldn’t face the prospect of a 3 hour round trip to witness a backs-to-the-wall siege for 90 minutes. As a Dee in his fourth decade of support I can actually remember when scraping a 0-0 draw against Celtic didn’t represent the pinnacle of our aspirations. Through those four decades I’ve seen us participate in only two major cup finals. Our recent cup record is so abysmal that getting to a quarter final seems a distant hope. I’ve seen us lurch from one under-achieving season to another under, predominantly, average to poor football management. We’ve been “run” at boardroom level by a variety of chancers, charlatans, criminals and crazies. And just when we seem to have some boardroom stability under the Americans we’re suffering what is possibly the worst season I’ve ever had to endure. I’m a Dee. It’s part of my DNA and that won’t change but, my God, I do wish it wasn’t so damn hard!
  3. GoatLord

    Relegation Battle

    Wow...isn't it incredible what's achievable when a team appoints a manager who is capable is getting an upturn in results without having to sign an entire new team of players and actually seems capable of organising things so that nil in the goals against column is a possibility
  4. GoatLord

    If We Played Man City

    I think the Shakhtar defenders were so astounded by the blatant calumny of the dive they were unable to mount a coherent protest. Unbelievable swicking.
  5. GoatLord

    The Best Signing Dundee Can Make

    Would Eric Drysdale possess the requisite experience and abilities to fulfil the role? I’m coming from the perspective that he’s with us already and has a long track record with Raith Rovers. Keyes isn’t a bottomless pit of money and we already have punters calling for mass recruitment. I just don’t envisage there being any likely enthusiasm from the owner to fork out yet again.
  6. GoatLord

    Kenny Miller

    I think there was a post from Woodstein a few weeks ago where he wrote about the challenge of adapting to work in a foreign country as a non-native language speaker. Kallmann, at 20 years old, is pretty much just a bairn and we're loading expectation levels on him as if he was an experienced pro. He's come into a woefully performing team and is playing in front of what has been a pretty much abject midfield. Personally, I'm willing to cut the guy quite a lot of slack. The (dearth of) options we have available to choose from up front are down to the lunatic signing strategy of one man.
  7. GoatLord

    Martin Woods

    Nick Ross has signed some sort of short-term, flexible deal with Brora Rangers but is clearly hoping to secure a gig at a higher level than Highland League.... from Press and Journal about a week ago: Although Ross remains on the lookout for a full-time move, with America a possible destination, the 26-year-old has made a flexible arrangement with Brora boss Steven Mackay to feature for the Sutherland club in the meantime. Brora are now waiting to receive clearance from the Romanian Football Federation for Ross to feature in Saturday’s second round tie against East of Scotland League side Coldstream at Dudgeon Park, and Ross said: “I have been training with them in the last few weeks. I’m friends with Gavin Morrison who has been there for a few years, and was on to me every week to see what I was up to. “The cup game this weekend is quite a big one for the club so I said I could be available for that if we can get something sorted. “Brora have been pretty flexible with me. I don’t want to say I’ll play five or 10 games for them and then I can’t do that. I don’t like to let people down. “With no disrespect to the Highland League, it’s not where I want to be but I need games. Training is all well and good. “If Brora have a few big games coming up I’m more than happy to help. If I’m still free I will look into it, but if anything happens on my side things might change. “There is no pressure from the club at all. We are just taking it as it comes.” Ross began his career with hometown club Inverness before moving on to Dundee in the wake of Caley Jags’ Scottish Cup success three years ago, with his four-month spell in Romania his only action since leaving the Dark Blues in 2017. Ross wants to put himself back in the shop window by impressing for Brora, with America an option he is considering. He added: “Hopefully people can be reminded I am still around, as people forget quite quickly about what you have achieved in football. “That’s the problem I had over the summer. People look more at the fact I’ve not played many games recently, but before that I played over 200 games in the top level of Scotland. “There was a time when I wasn’t even thinking about football, just waiting to see what would happen but after one training session I was hooked again and desperate to get back playing. “America is probably my best option at the moment. The league has just about finished there and teams are looking for new players. “If an opportunity came I would jump at it, but with the amount of times I have thought I was going somewhere but it didn’t happen, I don’t want to jinx it. “I know boys out there who really enjoy it so we’ll see if it’s a possibility.” Brora boss Mackay said: “It’s fairly fluid. We are hoping we can get him for two, three or four games and if that leads to anything more, great. “It will be good if we can have a former Scottish Cup winner involved in a second round tie this weekend.”
  8. So impressed by this. Scott, for me, is an absolute Dundee FC hero for his tireless efforts to save our club in its darkest days. Regarding this latest endeavour- and speaking as someone who has struggled with the “black dog” of depression for several years and is aware of the dearth of support mechanisms available to sufferers - I offer unreserved praise and admiration.
  9. Scathing but accurate account of a failed tenure.
  10. GoatLord

    Golden Oldies

    Matt Lockwood, Tommy McQueen
  11. Criminal. Indicative of the footballing pygmy brains in charge of our club at present,
  12. GoatLord

    Has NM Lost the Support?

    He lost me last season after the 0-4 Dens humiliation against St Johnstone. That debacle, albeit one that occurred with Gowser and Kamara missing, precipitated a Sunday debrief and a changed approach away to Aberdeen the following Saturday. O’Dea featured more often from then and we reduced the tip-tap crab football and back passing. Cue the new season and McCann has taken us right back to the slow, narrow and painfully laboured rubbish that got us into trouble before. O’Dea would appear to be the latest of his scapegoats or targets for ostracism. Ayr last week was a depressing shambles. McCann would appear to be stubborn, divisively confrontational and I was alienated by his broken-record press conferences and post match analysis before now. I don’t think Nelms will pull the trigger right now but we are approaching a tipping point where a sufficient number of fans have no confidence in the incumbent.
  13. GoatLord

    Clean Sheets

    And Elliot saves penalties...!
  14. GoatLord


    5 home league victories over the whole of last season, 4 wins at Dens so far this term. It's a pretty awful record. The poor fare on offer most weeks doesn't help.
  15. GoatLord

    Post Transfer Deadline Day Dundee FC

    100 per cent agree with original post. Serious question about the "backing" of our Yanks. You could see the impact of serious financial investment, yet again, by McGregor at County. We were brutal, absolutely brutal. Absolutely sick after today and utterly fearful for the rest of the season now.

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