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  1. dee1893

    On the Other Side of the World

    They have a problem with smaller teams because they have this arrogance about them that they think they just need to turn up and win now. Long may that attitude continue because it will be there inevitable downfall:)
  2. dee1893

    Strachan To the Rescue....

    This season was always going to be about recovering from a brutal previous season and maybe challenging for the title. We have to remember that united have been in this league for a few years now and so probably know how half the teams in it will play. Yes they have started well but this will not last and they will begin to fall back to earth. Let them have their moment. We should concentrate more on supporting this young manager in his first full season and stop calling for his head. We are crying out for stability at this club and that starts with mcpake. Give him a season because I am confident he will turn this around. He has the backround staff that most managers in this league would dream of. We are all desperate for success but manager after manager, whole new squads will not give us that. Believe!
  3. dee1893

    Graham Dorrans

    fantasic bit of business, well done to all. He keeps fit and it'll be some signing! No one can criticise this owner for the amount hes put into it, were lucky to have them.
  4. dee1893

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Will miller looked like a promising prospect when his name was being linked, still without a club. attacking player. Anton Ferninand without a club also, at st mirren last season. tons of experience, could he do a job for us in this league?
  5. dee1893

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    surly the club would confirm no signings tonight if it was that? Not have fans waiting?
  6. dee1893

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    curran gone.i can see a signing happening i think
  7. dee1893


    ffs get a grip! Relegation? Yes we are all hurt and raging from last night about that performance but comments from a few have been mental. either dabs on the wind up or we really do have some belters in our support!
  8. dee1893


    keep shankland quiet and have ness in midfield and we win, simple in my opinion. our defence is looking solid and we have 3 goalscorers upfront to choose from. So for me its all about getting it right in that midfield.
  9. dee1893

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    time for mcpake to really stamp his authority on this absolute shambles! Embarrasing first 45. Hamilton has to be dropped!
  10. dee1893

    New Kit Verdict

    love it. really smart. I prefer the old crested badge so what they have done with that is great.
  11. dee1893

    John Nelms/Fps

    well said! this is exactly what the club needs, rebooted! start again. We have all got to give this man a fair chance and patience is going to be key. He has surrounded himself with experience and he is clearly well respected in the game so this can only be a great thing for us. Time to be optimistic and get back to enjoying watching a team who will fight for everything.
  12. dee1893


    if it is to be mcpake then he'll get my support. massive risk i think but all depends on who the assistant will be. plus the added help from strachan. could be a good mix but also could be a complete disaster and yet another heros name tarnished by failing as manager. I really hope for him that this is a success.
  13. dee1893

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    looking forward to next season. Fresh new squad, mixed with youth we can all get behind and a good steady manager to get us up. club needs rebooted and the feel good factor back.
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