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  1. and here we go again with the nelms out reactions...just wait and see what the club say!! As someone has said above promotion/relegation hasnt been mentioned.
  2. We are no longer run by crooks and failed businessmen who were only in it for themselves. These guys may have their fails from time to time, but i 100% trust them in their intentions and in their genuine care for our club but also for the whole of scottish football. They came from the US with no ties to scotland yet they want the best for all. This speaks volumes for them. The sooner all fans realise this and get behind them the better. Stop believing the west coast media who actually do not have a clue whats going on.
  3. just the professional response i was expecting from the club. i hope this puts to bed all these bulls**t stories and conspiracies that the likes of the daily ranger spout and actually get behind the club and support the fact that they want whats best for us but also for scottish football and didnt just think about themselves like alot of clubs have done.
  4. mcpake has said this morning that he believes whatever the owners have done it will be for the benefit of all scottish football aswell as them. Surly he would have a good judge of character on them having been here for years now. Take from this what you will. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/1263319/james-mcpake-john-nelms-dundee-fc-spfl/
  5. I have never and will never believe a word the daily ranger has to say. Too many people still take what they print as gospel, lets wait to hear from the club.
  6. Surly if we were to change vote to a yes, that would f**k up the insurance payout because it was a vote to end the season now and not ordered to do so by government etc?....
  7. I still have no concerns that dundee are in the wrong here. Nelms wont be pressured into pandering to the press and giving a statement, for all we know the club may be taking legal advise or as others have said talking to insurer etc. Absolutly no doubt in my mind that we have nothing to hide.
  8. my thoughts on it today now is that nelms had full intention on voting no, sent that slip to them. Was then contacted by spfl to reconcider, with whatever addons or promises offered and nelms has gone away to think about it over the weekend, so this email they sent saying not to accept their vote yet would make sense. Since then rangers have got wind of this and now its a shitstorm and we just happen to be the club in the middle, could easily have been ICT.
  9. Got to trust the owner. Maybe silent for a reason, truth will come out soon i hope!
  10. a wee bribe or something perhaps. Dundee getting the pelters the now but they chunts at hampden will soon be outed. Nelms too smart for them.
  11. this statement from rangers has now got me thinking that is the reason were now saying nothing, doing nothing. maybe dundee have this "evidence" too. whatever it is, its clearly something to do with this vote. Why would dundee tell other clubs and show evidence of their voting slip but its now gone missing. Very strange. Our owners are not dishonest or are they crooks. Something has happened or been found out and now the club possibly halting it until something is done about it.
  12. Clubs should never be asked to vote on a thing like this. Doncaster and his mob only sh*t scared to upset the old firm so thinks a vote would be better cos then it takes away any decision they have to make. f**cking pathetic, league reconstruction??....how about a clearout at the top first! what a farce.
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