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  1. we must be the unluckiest club in the country with our signings. he was the type of player we were lacking in midfield. all the best to him hope he recovers quickly, good player!
  2. Had a good feeling about this game all week, i f**cking hope this is the turning point we need! Playing some good stuff mon the dee💪
  3. Clueless yet again mcPake. Someone said on here after the 6-2 at tannadump that we would be in a relegation battle and me along with others thought he was mad..... forget top 4, mark my words we are in a relegation battle now. Rotton from top to bottom. I f**cking hate being so negative about this club/team but i really do not see any positives this season at all, an clusterfuck in everyway.
  4. dear o dear 1 regonized striker and hes hardly banging them in either. What a position to be in, lets hope this crankshaw boy is what hemmings needs to provide chances for him. Mon the Dee!!
  5. looks the business, would he be available for the playoffs if we get that far, does anyone know? because sometimes loan players leave at the end of the regular season.
  6. havnt seen it but if so then says it all really!
  7. We have an owner in keyes who isnt afraid to put his hands in his pocket and provide funds, only for it to be completly wasted on guff. If we had a football man making these decisions, with the money keyes has already provided over the years, we would have been in such a different situation. Yet now we are talking about not even finishing top 4 in the championship. Everything about the club right now is rottom and its all down to this one man and his suicidal decisions.
  8. Still cant believe we have a guy in strachan with all that experience but has nothing to do with the first team. bizzare.
  9. Was he not doing a no bad job with the youths? atleast had a part in the devolpment of players like finn. There is a massive difference in youth coaching to first team management, some guys just cant do that step up with the pressure it brings. He seems a good guy but 100% needs removed as manager.
  10. I would love mcpake to hold his hands up and admit this job is too big, too soon for him. Would love to see him remain at the club in another capacity because he has been a good servent to us, but that rarely happens now. He needs to go for the sake of his relationship with fans and for the sake of our season. To have even a remote chance of going up via playoffs, because we do have a team capable of doing so, but with him were now beginning to look behind us.
  11. Nelms is the reason we where we are now. It has been non stop misery for about 2 years. No wonder fans are turning away. The clubs losing its soul with these muppets in charge.
  12. I just cant believe the guy is still in a job here, the amount of keyes cash he has spouted and got absolutly nothing out of it. Nou campy is a pipedream, a cover up for the shambles the club is. This isnt going to end well if he continues in his role.
  13. yes but i already worry about whos next. nelms is the problem here, he is destroying our club.
  14. nelms should be no where near making any decisons on the team/management. the guy is ruining our club.
  15. Hes done nothing but his hair last few games.
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