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  1. Is Wighton injured? That's the second match running he hasn't been named in the Hearts lineup
  2. McIntyre got some decent results as County manager against Aberdeen so he knows how to set up against a McInnes side
  3. Thought this was a really good interview with Maurice Ross about how to get the best out of players with limited/varying ability and adapting tactics to suit http://90minutecynic.com/across-the-north-sea-interview-maurice-ross/
  4. I was a bit distracted at the time but sure it was along the lines of the Rangers are short of defensive options and are interested in Kerr Waddell
  5. I think Billy Dodds is just after saying on the radio that the Rangers are interested in Kerr Waddell
  6. It's like the wa'paper in a late 80s hulltoon tandoori.......I quite like it
  7. I heard the same rumour and the GMS one too. Good on Lennon if true
  8. They play The Rangers on the 23rd of September at Ibrox sandwiched between a host of European fixtures.....now is the time
  9. Surprised Owen Coyle not been mentioned.....there is a Houston Dynamos connection
  10. Tele early edition running a story on possible return of Stewart
  11. https://countingdownto.com/countdown/dundee-utd-relegation-countdown-clock
  12. Strange that the last time Utd were relegated Ivan Golac was manager......the last foreign managerial appointment they had prior to mixu. I'm hoping he stays or they get Remi Garde
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