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  1. Tommy wright. If he's a dinosaur then em a dab. Another fine effort.
  2. That's my thinking. I hope it is justified or he's creating a problem. Not read anything where he says he got anything wrong so it ain't like he's taking partial blame. Might find oot first ten mins v county whether justified or not.
  3. His tactics seem to suggest that but his comments in the press don't. Could be an interesting team talk v county if the players think he's blaming them unfairly. I was actually pleasantly surprised he had the balls to have a wee go.
  4. Too me "the can do" attitude shud come from management. Now ph seemingly having a pop at the players suggests that the cant do attitude ain't coming from him. Whether it is or isn't who knows. Managers cant help individual errors but they can instill belief.
  5. Beating Celtic at dens is one of the things I long for again. Ridiculous length of time.
  6. Agree, nae need for abuse ( unless its against the boy That wants to close the Derry), I don't think I dish oot abuse but no sure if you mean me or no. Last line I was trying to give an example of entrenched views. English journalist tries to extract the p, ally mcleod bites back like a true fan. Passionate game fitba.
  7. Rorros


    Agree with that as well, it was a daft thing to say but he winnae be trained in how to do an interview. Sometimes fans want to hear what a player thinks for real and then when we hear it dinnae like it.
  8. I think in that scenario the other man wants to get real. Fitba fans moan/complain/vent/over celebrate, that's what they do. What you gonna do after you win the wc ally? "retain it". Spoken like a true fan.😊
  9. The bit that I don't understand is I was encouraged to sl*g aff some players whilst anything against the manager is frowned upon. Like slagging aff the cleaners when the managing director cant get the rotas right.
  10. Rorros


    Ken what take that back a and b arnae really borderline acceptable its unacceptable as well just not as unacceptable as c.
  11. Rorros


    He said a and b after the game which is factually correct and borderline acceptable. Part c is unacceptable before, during, after or in his sleep.
  12. Big players ain't the be all and end all but a bigger team would help to be less muscled out o games.
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