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  1. Decent signing, now let's sort out the midfield
  2. I'm thinking our budget must be limited if these are the names we are looking at
  3. Could be a long hard season if some of the names mentioned come to be true, early days but not excited so far
  4. More talks this coming week,dragging on now,if he's not committed then move on
  5. Nice strip,disappointed no new player modelled it
  6. 1st game in 16 days,any truth we are in talks with brechin about making it 5 a-side
  7. Did we re-sign Paul McGowan, last I heard he activated a clause for another year but haven't seen it official
  8. Unless signings pick up soon,its going to be an interesting return to training nxt week with about 10 signed players.
  9. If we get Forster and waddell in that gives us 4 CHs,although a couple are crocks I would go with that.We will have a smaller squad so other areas need attention
  10. Anyone heard about season's sold to date
  11. Bit surprised Jesse Curran hasn't signed up yet,hope he does and waddell too,need movement this week.
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