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  1. These 3 are all definitely possible, James has wanted the 1st 2 in the past and I liked miller when he was here before
  2. I think you may well be correct. Surely they cant go ahead with nxt season and leave decent sized clubs like us out in the cold for months
  3. I think apart from possibly callaghan, we wont sign anyone and will resign the likes of meekings and McGowan. There is just too much uncertainty about nxt season, so clubs won't take chances.
  4. I see Strachan is getting backchat from some lower league chairman, it seems the truth hurts
  5. Pity this link up never happened, could of been good for us, opportunity lost imo
  6. Loads of talk about saving hearts etc,but nothing about us and other full time clubs who might have no league to play in until nxt year. Its about time nelms and Keyes came out fighting for DFC
  7. The boy lee Ashcroft is a decent player, thoughts
  8. Dunfermline have released all out of contract players 17 in total to protect the club.
  9. Good bit of business by the club,happy with signing. Nice to see us looking after the others in the short term also.Does anyone know who is out of contract.
  10. Fox could be a good shout ,I'd be happy enough to keep hazard
  11. Definitely a no from me,apart from that save, I never rated him.
  12. We voted no,only ICT in the championship voted yes. Disappointed to say the least
  13. THIS, Have my doubts though, really hope we do the right thing
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