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  1. J_Kitamirike

    Team v St Mirren

    No u feck off u and take yir blue nose blinkers off. We are f**cking stinking and would be beat fae most of that lot in the championship. Who you trying to kid? We are a f**cking laughing stalk and a minter of a club. I warned all you chunts in pre season that we would go down this year because of the non league pish we brought on. Idiots creaming themselves over a front three of Moussa, Mendy and Henvey... seriously wtf.
  2. J_Kitamirike

    Team v St Mirren

    Bearing in mind that St Mirren still have everything to play for to avoid the play offs , we could possibly end up on the end of a major hammering if we play all the youths. It is on TV and we've been humiliated enough this season already. Ps there was no fecking danger we were beating the arabs in the play offs. I expect them to go up.
  3. J_Kitamirike

    Julian Speroni - Departing Palace

    We are a diddy Championship club.... What's in it for him? Same as the other ridiculous suggestions about Adam etc. Expect to sign lower league journeymen for a wee while.
  4. J_Kitamirike

    Something To Lift The Gloom

    With Macron now making the strips, I can see some crazy design down the sides like County had.
  5. J_Kitamirike

    Nick Walsh

    Clutching at straws?
  6. J_Kitamirike


    Won't be very exciting if we fall short again though and they get the bragging rights.
  7. J_Kitamirike


    Since his wee purple patch of scoring and looking a real threat against the opposition, he's been subbed quite a few times and has been injured etc. Has he still been impressive or has he looked quite poor? I've not been to the most recent games but get the impression he's been struggling?
  8. J_Kitamirike


    Personally I hope United go up. I think it will tougher against them in the Championship and would rather we had either St Mirren or Hamilton in with us.
  9. J_Kitamirike

    What Culture Is At Dens?

    Possibly to do with the whole playing out from the back stuff? The last two Managers made us play that way. Just a guess
  10. J_Kitamirike

    Relegated Today

    Same here mate. We thoroughly deserve to go down this season and I don't actually care. I don't feel sad or angry as I've been expecting it for a while now and I'm actually glad its been made official. I wont be losing any sleep over it either.
  11. J_Kitamirike

    Is Dundee Fc Unmanageable

    I'd be up for a merge.. The feelings I have for the club are slowly fading away. I just can't be bothered wasting my time on this shower for much longer. It no longer makes me happy. Quite the opposite actually. We will never be anything other than a diddy yo yo club. The talk of bringing in someone like Goodwin make me want to bang my head against a wall. It's like we never learn.
  12. J_Kitamirike

    This Season

    We signed sh**e and had a pundit as a manager who thought we could play it out from the back and pass teams to death. Not the best way to start the season off. How on earth was our team full of "gems" from non league supposed to compete? I recall being concerned about the striker options and someone on here saying we don't need another forward as we had Moussa, Mendy and Henvey. Feck me
  13. J_Kitamirike

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    Ps I have concerns about Nelson due to his injuries. Could see him being a crock who only plays a certain number of games. We can't rely solely on him for next season
  14. J_Kitamirike

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    Honestly I'd keep Ralph , R McGowan Nelson and bin the rest. Hamilton will be fine for the championship also. Look at Partick, they kept most of their squad from last season and have done extremely poorly and have just started picking up now. This team is utter sh**e and deserve to go.
  15. J_Kitamirike

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    I think McCall could do a decent job to maybe get us out the championship but that's about it. No ex Dabs though as mentioned is the issue. The championship is gonna be a real struggle to get out of. I think the teams in the league now are harder than what we faced previously down there.
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