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  1. Dorrans new contract 😀 who would have thought that?
  2. Di Stefano as the kit man with Davids inside Deewok?
  3. Been quite a few new posters on here the night....surely not a coincidence?
  4. We are a Joke club. A figure of fun to other clubs. McPake is never a Football Manager in a million years. Our club is f**cking rancid. The "manager" has to do the honorable thing and leave his post if we have any chance to go up via the play offs. How many more miserable seasons are our long suffering fans gonna have to go though?. Other clubs in the premiership and championship are outperforming us with less funding. How can we continue to get it so wrong?
  5. Tbf if Todd was any good he would probably be playing regularly regardless of who signed him. Offered very little when he did play for us and looks like a lack of effort maybe in training is the reason why he's been punted.
  6. I agree plus he is a little rat. Rumours that he played in a bounce game for us along with the Kosovo guy though.
  7. Never worked out for the lad. Whenever I seen him he looked pretty poor and has contributed very little but his game time was limited. Probably the right decision to move him on. Can see us signing a couple of wingers in this window. Danny Swanson one of them? 👀
  8. This Kosovo lad has just had his contract ripped up at his Turkish club. Looks like he's on his way......... to Hearts.
  9. Not heard many good things about Callachan but will give him a chance also. Gives plenty of effort but is not much of a footballer. Can maybe chip in with the odd goal with late runs in the box. Bit of a box to box type but of a poor standard and not good enough for the premiership! Sounds like he will be ideal at Dens!
  10. I thought on paper we could compete with United this season but they thoroughly deserve to go up. No doubt have a good season back in the big league too. Shankland has scored 22 goals himself so far in the league.... our entire team have scored 26 overall. Let that sink in!
  11. He's a prick but I think we need someone like him in our team. Dirty git who gets stuck. Obviously no much of a player mind you. Gowser is prob our Imrie, MacKinnon type of player that other clubs like to hate although he's extremely tame compared to them.
  12. I get what you're saying cobra but I don't think he has improved at all since his last spell. If anything he's become an even poorer player and with the injury problems I think he's not gonna get much better now. Who knows though and yeah I get that he's still only 22. If he comes back and is fantastic then happy days! I really hope that will be the case. There was a wee spell where for 2 or 3 games (including the Motherwell game when we had the pink strip) he was very good and I thought he would crack on but he never.
  13. Craig Wighton is not good enough. Probably the most overrated player ever at Dens. You can roll out the same few clips of him and his superior skill but that's all they are. Flashes. Until he performs to a decent standard week in /week out I will have the same opinion. The way some people talk you would think he was the next Messi. I really don't see this creative genius that others do? Compare him to Scott Wright who was only at the club for a short period and he made more of an impact in terms of individual performance and despite the fact that he wasn't great either. El Bak had more skill than Wighton! The Hearts fans are absolutely delighted he's getting punted as he's been dreadful for them. Has not scored a single goal. You could show a higlights reel of Elton Ngwatala and it would make him look good. Don't let those clips fool you into believing Wighton is our saviour. He is gash.
  14. I would keep Hemmings over Johnson personally. A better all round player and although he's not scoring as many as he did previously, his work rate is still very good. Johnson has been pretty poor recently and doesn't work as hard or offer much off the ball. Give Hemmings proper service and play him as the last man - goals. Unfortunately he's having to come deep to retrieve the ball most of the time. Nelson for me is the worst out of our forwards. After an initial good start in the premiership against the likes of Hearts and Killie, I feel he has been pretty poor ever since and maybe just not good enough.
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