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  1. Where do I start with this one.... I absolutely love Kane Hemmings and he's probably my favourite Dundee player over the past 5 seasons. His first spell at the club was magic and he was a goal machine for us in the premiership. Ever since he left we've tried to replace him but couldn't. He's now back at the club and we were all delighted especially as on paper, he brings guaranteed goals. Our star player now finds himself on the bench and it gives me a touch of anxiety knowing the quality we have stuck on that bench. Dare I say it, but do we really need him? Johnson is more than capable of being that goal threat and plays a similar game to Kane. I know it's early days and I'm desperate for him to perform but I worry we don't create enough for him and his second spell with us will be disappointing plus we only play one up top. A waste in my opinion...
  2. tbh if you think it is bad on here... have a look over on the Hearts forum I agree though about getting the win is all the matters! Hopefully we can improve on that. I still want 2 strikers to be playing though.
  3. I'm sure it is the manner in which we won and also the fact that it could have gone the other way near the end. Quite scary! The midfield is still rank rotten.
  4. J_Kitamirike

    Alloa On Saturday

    How McDaid can still get a game blows my mind...then again there is nobody else to take his place. Big call dropping Hemmings (although not up to speed yet) and sticking to 1 up top. Happy to see Johnson and Robertson back.
  5. J_Kitamirike

    Alloa On Saturday

    The last two games have been soul destroying and a real disaster in terms of our expectations this season..... However this will only be our 5th league game of the season and it is time to put it behind us with a big confidence boosting win. Let's get back on track and play quick attacking/pressing football and dominate this game. We have the fire power to destroy teams so lets f*cking do it! Dundee 5 Alloa 0
  6. During Duffy's 2nd spell at the club as Manager we played 4-3-3 the entire season. It worked! Ness, Byrne and Robertson as our 3 in the middle might just work again. I would give ti a try Actually the more I think about it, those 3 are quite similar and may not offer any creativity so scrap that idea.
  7. J_Kitamirike

    Graham Dorrans

    We need to sign an energetic midfielder who can drive forward and get us up the park. Dorrans for me does not fit that bill, injuries nd all.....
  8. J_Kitamirike

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Yes in Ibiza where he got knocked out sadly
  9. J_Kitamirike

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    When was the last time he played? About 2 years ago? That's the worry here. He will be no use if he's crocked.
  10. J_Kitamirike


    I thought that Julen was pretty pish tbh, very prone to giving away fouls or penalties and totally f**cking up games. Konrad was prob the best out of the few mentioned above but he wasn't that great either. Especially when it came to derby games and he was always getting beat in the air to smaller guys.
  11. J_Kitamirike

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    I take it Ferrie didn't impress then on Sunday? Despite the criticism, it looks like Hamilton is the best keeper we have at the club.
  12. J_Kitamirike

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    What would he bring to our squad? He undoubtedly has quality and is a big name player who many clubs of a higher pedigree( especially down south) would love to sign him. My fear is not about ability but rather his age, injury factor and if he can even play 90 mins these days. We've seen with Ness that injuries have really impacted him in terms of how he gets around the pitch and he's only 28. I'd fear that Dorrans would not be energetic enough to drive us forward and would be missing large chunks of the season due to injury. We need someone with quality who can last 90 mins and move around the pitch with ease.
  13. On paper our front three look like the best forward line in the championship and perhaps even better than teams at the bottom of the premiership.... The biggest problem which everyone already knows about is the lack of chances we are creating. There is just no drive or support from the midfield. When you look at our stats, when was the last time we had something like 18/20 attempts on goal? It's not even as though our forwards as missing great opportunities or open goals. There is just nothing being created. No wonder the likes of Hemmings is looking fed up, I'd be too if I came back expecting to be scoring for fun with great service.
  14. J_Kitamirike

    Alloa On Saturday

    They look like bang average championship players in my opinion and have so far shown absolute nothing that suggests they will be any good for us. Stewart was a bit underwhelming in a few friendly appearances but he quickly turned into a quality player once he actually got a chance and started games. Ralph was brutal in the pre season games but turned it around once he was fully fit. McDaid and Todd have already played quite a few games for us and have been very poor apart from Dunfermline second half (for Todd) and then the sheep game. We shall see but so far they have created nothing and struggle to beat their men going forward. Offers no support to our forwards etc.
  15. J_Kitamirike

    Alloa On Saturday

    If we're playing McDaid and Todd every week then we won't be picking up many points. It's a worry just how poor our midfield is, especially as on paper it looked the strongest position before the season started. Our whole team is a mess at the minute. You know yir f**ked when you worry about playing Alloa.
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