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  1. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Hibs

    Is it just me or does Dieng have a glaring weakness when dealing with shots from distance? He’s a big guy but I think his positioning is a bit suspect.
  2. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Hibs

    Couple of defensive Howlers cost us the game. I thought we were fairly comfortable throughout the 90 mins and were not put under too much pressure by Hibs. I was another who thought that Woods had a good game. Was impressed with Robson and O’Sullivan when they came on. Jesse still pish and offers very little. I’ve come away from that game without feeling too disappointed. We have without a doubt improved all over the park and we are capable of scoring which is something we couldn’t do before.
  3. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Hibs

    Disappointed Nelson is not fit and I no longer feel that confident! I'm surprised that Kenny is not straight in though. Suddenly looks like we might struggle to score.
  4. J_Kitamirike

    The Warning Signs Were There.

    I had major concerns during pre season due to the lack of quality and the fact we were signing project players who had never played at a decent level or played very little in their careers. I was quickly shot down and told 'give them a chance ffs' I knew all along :p
  5. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Hibs

    Have not been impressed by the big Swede so would swap him for McGowan or Robson if he is fit. I would be happy with a point on Friday. No real reason why we can't get something. We now have a team who can compete.
  6. J_Kitamirike

    Livingston V Dundee

    I'm wondering if McGowan will start this one? The big Swede looked pretty rubbish against Killie (in my opinion) so with him playing the reserve game could possibly see him on the bench come Saturday. Gowser is finished though so we do still look a little light in the middle of the park.
  7. I might be a little controversial but I also think that Dieng is not as good as people on here make him out to be. Has pulled off some excellent saves I may add but for such a big guy 6ft 4, I think he should be saving some of the goals he has conceded. I think it is down to his positioning.
  8. McGowan was absolutely shocking when he came on last night. I was actually a bit embarrassed for him due to how poor he was. It also looked like he had put some weight. Has served us well over the years but time to get rid come end of the season.
  9. He has terrific work rate and never gives up. Wins his fair share of headers too. I really like him as a player and someone who we have needed in our relegation scrap. Don’t think he will score many though and I can’t remember if he’s even had a shot on goal in the games he has played so far. Another player who I think has gone unnoticed tonight is Ryan McGowan. He has without a doubt improved our defence. Also thought Horsfield was decent enough and a tiny bit more composed than Kerr. The big Swede though was pretty poor and rightly hooked.
  10. First half we were class and then a total embarrassment in the second. Midfield non existent. Feels like a defeat even though we did not deserve a win based on that second half. That was a dreadful penalty for Kenny and we drop another crucial number of points. Btw, Paul McGowan was a disgrace when he came on. He is finished.
  11. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    Noticed Robson is nowhere to be seen. injured already? He's not played a lot of football recently so perhaps feeling a little jaded from Saturday (poor performance I believe) will be good for him to get his fitness up. Delighted to see Nelson starting. Seems a pretty positive starting 11.
  12. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

  13. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    just kidding
  14. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    I'll go one further... If we don't win tonight, I will delete my account on this forum.
  15. J_Kitamirike

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    I'd like to see Nelson start also. Looked very dangerous before his head knock.

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