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  1. Had lost interest during the peak of Lockdown with nothing going on and was just casually browsing the forum without logging in. After the news today though I have decided to end my self exile and make a few comments. Was relieved when the wage cuts were agreed by the players but always had a sneaky feeling this could happen with Hemmings. My favourite player in recent times but I think this is very poor on his part. Clearly isn't all that bothered about the club and only goes where the coin is. He can't seem to get away from Dens quick enough can he? Disappointed in you Kane. Will be remembered fondly for your first spell but not supporting the club and leaving at the earliest opportunity leaves a bad taste. Mon the Si Murray
  2. This is the fault of one person only - John Nelms
  3. Firstly, f**k those Arab c**ts.... They have done us a favour tonight so there will be no complaints from me. As much as I'd want them to lose every game, I'd rather they win if it allows us to creep up the table at the expense of our rivals. Would you be wanting United to lose if it was last game of season and a win for them against another team meant that we would win the league?.........nae chance!!!!
  4. The type of goal he scored in his first spell with us. Delighted for him. If we created chances on a regular basis and provided him with the service he'd be on at least 15/16 goals by now.
  5. Disappointed as he brought us a lot of energy in the midfield.
  6. Am I the only one who thought that Hemmings was injured near the end of the first half and looked f**ked most of the second (due to injury) He still put in shift though that second half. Playing through the pain barrier.
  7. Thought it an easy home win. We never got out of 2nd gear. Partick on that showing are in no way in a false position at the bottom of the league. They were stinking. Special mention to Hemmings who ran him into the ground first half and I waa surprised to see him come out in the 2nd. His 2nd goal btw reminded me of the type of goal he would score in his first spell. Berra strolled it and Christie Elliott came onto a game in the second half. Was solid and wasn't afraid to stand up for himself. Shame about Callachan though. He may lack quality but the effort is there for sure. Doesn't look good on the injury front.
  8. Got to be Caniggia's debut goal late on in Pittodrie. I was 13 and still remember like it was yesterday! Crazy celebrations from our lot. Has to be up there as one of the most mental the fans went. Such a buzz coming out of the stadium.. great memories.
  9. Potentially dropping to 7th or 8th in the Championship with the team we have is quite frankly a disgrace. The BOD would have to ask themselves, WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON???? How anyone can say that McPake needs more time if that were to happen is a scary thought.
  10. Hearts are bloody awful but I wouldn't be hoping to meet them in a play off etc. We are the ultimate bottle merchants so would lose so easily without putting up a bit of a fight. Give me St Mirren and Hamilton every day over Hearts. Hearts being in the championship next season would be bad business for us. They still have some quality players like Boyce and Naismith.
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