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  1. FanDee

    Speroni In Goal At Anfield Tomorrow

    Remember it well,was with a sheep pal in the derry. We couldn't believe it!
  2. FanDee

    Karl Madianga

    It's a no on madianga for me,guy does not have the heart for it.
  3. I get your point,but we need a centre half and he is available
  4. If we get another Celtic player on loan,hopefully it's Jack Hendry.
  5. FanDee

    All the Best Marcus Haber

    Paul Dixon should be on that list.
  6. Steve wonder could see who needs punted.
  7. Cant see him signing for us being honest, unless boro paid all his wages.
  8. FanDee

    Craig Curran

    Always thought our players arsed about!
  9. FanDee

    Craig Curran

    Should we not be giving henvey a chance rather than signing a dab reject?
  10. FanDee

    Thank You Martin Woods

    Yeah but he is gash,very limited footballer.
  11. Agreed there,but they play in different positions. What about deacon,wage thief!
  12. FanDee

    Thank You Martin Woods

    The only one in the whole team who put effort in.
  13. FanDee

    GTF Please

    Spence wasn't playing today,why blame him? Kamara don't nothing today.
  14. We need fighters,and he is not one. Powder puff the majority of the time. If he can't score in the championship,he won't in the premiership.

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