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  1. Alec Bryce for me, I know it’s a while back, but I always liked the way he played, from what I remember, he always made the ball do the work, if you get my drift, rather than try beating too many players,
  2. Nope, he txt to say Dundee , I didn’t reply as he is obviously hurting about all the crap going on in Tannadump, especially if Ashgar, if that’s how you spell it, is thinking of jacking it in as well
  3. I got a txt from an Arab, he said we were going in admin, !!!
  4. My thoughts as well, I thought Alex Bryce was a very good footballer,
  5. Why does everyone assume including Sky tv or BT sports, that The Rangers or Celtic, would be having 4 games a season, it MIGHT just be a miracle that one of them doesn’t make the split, if there is going to be a split in the new reconstruction of leagues, AGAIN I SAY ASSUME, so please no derogatory remarks
  6. John might be one the chairman of the other 3 or so clubs that are assisting the reconstruction !
  7. I would be happy if it worked out that Nelms was the good guy, but not on the Inverness angle, as I said there are quite a few scenarios out there,
  8. Fingers crossed you will be genuinely surprised
  9. As I have stated before, maybe Inverness will go bust and we get their place in the premier, I know it’s a long shot but who knows, anything is possible with all the different scenarios that people are bringing up, anyway as said by many people, let’s wait for a statement from the club, then we can all decide who is the good guy or ?
  10. Can we not wait and see what the club have to say, there has to be a reasonable explanation, after the statement today which everybody thought was great, then we change our minds, why ? We will find out soon enough
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