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  1. Hamishlebaux19

    John Nelms

    I know that Islay, my reason for not attending the game today is how bad the referees are nowadays, I get so annoyed that they are dictating people’s lively hoods with their incompetent displays for want of a better description, I know it may sound petty on my behalf but i am so passionate about Dundee football club, as are many thousands of supporters, it really gets me so annoyed, upset etc etc, that they can get away with it, some people say it is only a game of football, IT IS, and it isn’t when you have to watch these so called referees, who make a decision, just because they can, one instant we all watched, Jones of Kilmarnock dives in the box, Dundee lose a goal, Jones gets a suspension a few days later and the referee gets of Scot free, until they are fined or suspended without pay, it will never end, i can go on for a long long time writing about their decisions in other games, but my fingers would be red raw, and don’t get me started on the so called committees that give out the after thought of suspensions, all the same incidents and all with different outcomes, NO consistency whatsoever,
  2. Hamishlebaux19

    John Nelms

    My season ticket stayed in my coat pocket from last week, as I said I wouldn’t be going to the game today, because of the crap referees, with their so called power to the top teams, I was nearly proved wrong which I would hold have held my hand up and said so, I had my apologies, of sorts, ready to be typed in this section, then lo and behold I checked bbc scottish football on my I pad, and guess what, 0-1 to Celtic, I never watched game on tv, reasons as above, I read the reports on the forum and I was proved right, unfortunately, again,
  3. Hamishlebaux19

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Exactly what I said before the game, we have no one to challenge the big players, he would have been a match for them today, I know we can’t get everything right as fans but surely the swede should have played today,
  4. I stopped going to the games many years ago because of the very poor referees and linesmen, It looks like I will be doing the same again, as I get so annoyed at them, ( I cant put down what I really want to say as I would get banned for life from the forum) the other teams get away with murder and we make a silly foul and our players get booked, no wonder odea went crazy, why McGowan got booked on the halfway line after the big centre had his arms around him, it’s was ridiculous the number of times the ref and linesmen let them away with that, I think he blew once just after halftime for a foul for the centre having his arms around our player, I left with 15 minutes to go after yet another crazy decision from the ref, as many people have said our refs must be the worst ever just now,
  5. Hamishlebaux19

    Scottish Cup

    My first English game, Halifax and Man Utd, a friendly, around 1970,( was there visiting relatives,) fans on the pitch kissing the boots of the king Denis Law and George Best, loads of shop windows smashed before the game, I left early so avoiding any other trouble, read in paper next day most windows in the town centre smashed, cars windows put smashed, that was a friendly, was at Leeds and spurs cup tie about 97/98, utter chaos, police on horses picking on spurs supporter for nothing, then all hell let loose when Leeds supporters joined up with the spurs supporters and battled with the police, never waited to see outcome, but it was brutal in the few minutes before I got on the bus,
  6. I saw that as well, like you I thought someone would have said something about the goalie saying wow,
  7. Hamishlebaux19

    Livingston V Dundee

    St mirren penalty, 1-0
  8. Hamishlebaux19

    The New Scott Allan

    One is 2ft 6 the other is 6ft 2, so if someone out there knows who is who, we can sleep at nights
  9. Hamishlebaux19

    The New Scott Allan

    Thanks for that, that’s the guy who does the warm up and takes the wee training session at halftime, so still in the dark on the big (old) baldy guy,
  10. Hamishlebaux19

    The New Scott Allan

    Thanks for that !!
  11. Hamishlebaux19

    The New Scott Allan

    Thanks for that, it’s the first time I have seen him actually out the dugout, unless he had just got a skinhead haircut recently ,
  12. Hamishlebaux19

    The New Scott Allan

    Everybody put their body on the line when defending, noticed a few times when Ralph was up the park, Scott was back in covering for him, Curran, Nelson and Dales werecback defending many times as well, fingers crossed we can replicatec the first half performance in the remaining games, but obviously for a longer period, no wonder these guys were knackered, question, who was the big baldy guy in the dugout last night, I thought maybe james mcpake, but to small, could it have been Davies as I have never seen him, does any know
  13. Hamishlebaux19

    Glen Kamara

    The only ones that know what we received for Kamara are the board and rangers board, as long as we got something after all the crap that has been going on !
  14. Hamishlebaux19

    Deadline Day

    Main thing for me is that he has shipped the dross out, !!

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