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  1. Hamishlebaux19

    Dundee V Dunfermline

    more than likely
  2. Hamishlebaux19

    Dundee V Dunfermline

    why do we never got for the throat, always slow it down instead of going for more to help the goal difference, shocking !!!
  3. Hamishlebaux19

    Nail On Head From Allan Patullo.

    I think there is a sell on clause, as we bent over too easy, and as stated above it could have been muted when he signed for us, so maybe arsenal will get another slice of the money, I don’t think Nelms is that stupid, maybe on the playing side he is, but on negotiations I think he will be switched on,
  4. I have been saying this for years, it worked for grumpy Jim across the road, make them work for their money,
  5. Apologies, Fortunately for me then as I missed a few games last season through various reasons,
  6. McDaid missed 3 easy chances, game over, Mackie should have been hooked before halftime, Johnson should have been on at halftime, we can all see it, why can't the so called management team, that's me finished this year, followed the dees for 60 years, and I can honestly say that this is the worst team for NOT playing for the jersey,
  7. Hamishlebaux19

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 0 Arbroath (05 Oct 2019)

    I was speaking to tony Docherty around April time, and we were discussing Cammy, he said Aberdeen were looking at Cammy, he said you couldn’t fault his dedication etc, but he lacked what tony described as Cammy,s distribution, final ball etc, so there were teams looking but !!
  8. Hamishlebaux19

    Help Required - Alan Gilzean Biography

    Of course we are sir !!
  9. Hamishlebaux19

    Help Required - Alan Gilzean Biography

    Of course we are sir !!!
  10. Hamishlebaux19

    Help Required - Alan Gilzean Biography

    Similar thing happened to me, playing in the Scottish cup for grove amateurs at the esplanade, 1971, early second half, about to take a crack at the goal from about 30 yards, got walloped from the back, knocked out for however long, at end of the game I was a bit disappointed that we drew, but as it happened I had scored, which was the winner, I didn’t have a clue that I scored never mind winning the game, still gets mentioned when I meet guys from away back then,
  11. Hamishlebaux19

    Man of the Match: Ayr (Home, 10th Aug 2019)

    Back in the day, a long long time ago, if you were with a successful team, in the juveniles, amateurs and played with a Sunday league team, you played every NIGHT in cup quarter finals semis etc, and had to work a full time, go out on a Friday and Saturday night, and we were still raring to go, I know it’s different with being a full time professional, but you get my drift, anyhoo, it’s great to get a victory especially with no goals against, AGAIN,
  12. Hamishlebaux19

    Season Ticket Poll

    Brilliant ,
  13. Hamishlebaux19

    Lyall Cameron

    This ! Thought he was excellent, wanted the ball all the time, very composed as well,
  14. Hamishlebaux19

    Have You Got a Season Ticket

    Bought my 2 the Monday after McIntyre left,
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