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  1. I have a season ticket, but I haven’t been to dens or even watched a game when we were on the tv, since we lost to Partick at dens, as I am the same as most supporters I can’t get it why those players cannot be arsed trying, I know it is stupid to say but I would rather have 100 per cent effort and playing for each other, and getting beat, than watching what has been on show for a long long time, when we were younger and playing any sport, we always went out to give our best, and also play as a team, I don’t think I will be renewing my season ticket, unfortunately!!
  2. Thanks for that, I will never call the Chinese that again 😎
  3. Hi Rev, I never even thought that it was about mocking their facial features, I have always said let’s go for a chinky, even my mother used the same saying many many years ago, There is only one racist saying I say, and I think most dark blues would agree, D A B 😎
  4. When you go for a Chinese take away, how many of us say chinky, that’s not racist or offensive, it’s a nickname, 😎
  5. Great poetry B, hope fully all meant, maybe we can rechristen Paul, To — Gerry, 😎
  6. Born 1952, me thinks first game around 1957, can’t remember who against, my gram stayed in 86 clepington road right next to chemist (now) and of course the clep bar, which I frequented then with my dad and uncles, in the snug, every home game as far as I know, sneakie in or over the turnstiles, brilliant, 😎😎
  7. As the saying goes, we are all jock Thomson’s bairns, I only treat people as I would expect people to treat me, as far as I am concerned there is nobody better than anybody else, except of course Dundee supporters 😉 ( obviously not the Arabs 😉😉😉😉)
  8. Here is a question we should ask all these racist so called human beings, you or someone in your family need life saving surgery of some sort, and the only person/doctor who can perform this operation is coloured, what would they do and say to that, I think we would see a different response from these people 🤔
  9. When I win the lottery this weekend, I will buy every ticket for the way end at double the price, so the club can get more money and these Arab b/;;:,.ds, get f/; k al tickets, the only problem with that is, who will eat all the pies, 😎
  10. why do we never got for the throat, always slow it down instead of going for more to help the goal difference, shocking !!!
  11. I think there is a sell on clause, as we bent over too easy, and as stated above it could have been muted when he signed for us, so maybe arsenal will get another slice of the money, I don’t think Nelms is that stupid, maybe on the playing side he is, but on negotiations I think he will be switched on, 😎
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