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  1. Sorry Wattie hadn't read your post before I posted.
  2. For me I don't see any need for a ballot, the lowest ST numbers get the first game up to the number allowed, the second 1000 (or whatever) the next game and so on.
  3. No argument with yourself Harry, but it's beginning to look to me that every single player who ever put pen to paper had "better offers"
  4. Sorry if I got that wrong but an English friend of mine (while watching the weekends match) said he was 39.
  5. Like your self I'm a bit wary about his age, but is Milner not approaching 40. Not everyone is the same. Hope he does the business for us if he comes.
  6. Maybe I'm dreaming again but the new page seems harder to read, any chance of a slightly larger and darker typeface for us "auldanes"
  7. To be fair COBRA I noticed he did get MOM yesterday.
  8. Doesn't that tell you something? That's 3 teams now where he couldn't hold down a place.
  9. Don't think I'm up to your standard, but I am getting itsy for some Scottish football
  10. Thanks for that GD but I was thinking of something more elicit😀😀
  11. Hi guys, sorry to show my ignorance again, but are the current SPL games being shown live anywhere at the moment?
  12. All that experience and he still lets the ball his his chest and fall to the opposition.
  13. Maybe I'm a bit behind the times here, but could it be the loss if Gallagher.
  14. As usual I know very little about players out side Dundee have no doubt what you say is true, but taking your first line I have to ask myself why the hell did he come back to Dundee , he knew what he was getting himself into.
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