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  1. travellingdee

    St Mirren V Dundee

    Wanted to vote for relegation but voting in just one category is not allowed. Anyway--if anybody else had posted this a few years ago I would have said he was nuts--but right now I feel if anyone gets us relegated it won't be the other two clubs but lady luck.
  2. travellingdee

    Relegation Battle

    I got pelters on here for suggesting we were nowhere near goog enough after we drew with Brechin, but here we are fighting relegation again.
  3. travellingdee

    Relegation Battle

    I can't believe another poster thought you were a pessimist!!!!!
  4. travellingdee

    Get Doon

    tae the bookies Sunday moarnin' lads DTV say they're showing the match Saturday night. Yi',all man a killing.
  5. travellingdee

    Senny Dieng Interview On Dee TV

    I hate myself for listening to these crap questions but being so far away I'm desperate for anything DFC.
  6. travellingdee

    Rangers V Dundee

    IMO K has had more than a few good ganes, but at the moment--as the BBC guy says--he has lost his tenacity so maybe a couple of games on the is needed.
  7. travellingdee

    Dundee V Hibs

    I"d like to say I told you so but I kept my p#s shut because I was well in the minority,. But I always felt there was a little bit of the showboater in him and sooner or later it would cost us goals.
  8. travellingdee

    Hamilton V Dundee

    I'm afraid these cards are not very reliable, the BBc's tells a vastly different story.
  9. travellingdee

    Hamilton V Dundee

    And we're just the team to end that run!!!! I'm hoping we'll at least get a draw.
  10. travellingdee

    Do Our Players Listen To the Boss?

    He says in the post match he told the central defenders to mark Dobbie Which to me was a no-no he should have had O'Dea man marking him.
  11. travellingdee

    St Mirren V Hibs

    Have to agree with you there Rocky, not one cross into the box yesterday.
  12. travellingdee

    Andreas Hadenius - Officially Signs

    By NM signing I meant from a lower league european team, which if memory serves me NM signed a few. I wouldn't presume to call a player any type of signing without seening him play.
  13. travellingdee

    Andreas Hadenius - Officially Signs

    On Saturday I thought we played like an NM team. now it looks to me we've started making NM type signings!!!!!!!!
  14. travellingdee

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    How the hell did you see the guns!!! My eyes were glued to the picture.
  15. travellingdee

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    My computer thinks it's frozen on DFC pages

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