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  1. You see Cobra this is what keeps me defending Cammy as I would any of our players. Let me expand that for you. A few weeks back Cammy was sponsers MOM and in the SFL team of the week but there was still some plonker on here saying something like "that was a terrble cross" Somebody doesn't like Cammy as a player fair enough BUt IMO there are too may incidents taken way out of context. Would you critisise other players to the same extent. no you wouldn't cos you would be stuck in front of your screen forever, because of the amount of mistakes we make.
  2. Agreed Harry is one of our better posters and I mostly agree with his posts, it was just on this ocassion I felt-as I read it-he was trying to state (as another poster would put it) a fact. Had he put -IMO rightly-it wold have changed the whole ethos of the post.
  3. I'm sorry Harry but there is no definite RIGHTLY here. In your's and the other posters opinion it's rightly but there are many others who would say WRONGLY.
  4. I'm sorry Harry but I have to agree with Blue as I see it most of the "I like Cammy but" is only lip service. Is Cammy should have marking their centre half not like shouting in his face?
  5. Once again I think you got it right. It seems to me there are a few posters on here who either like or dislike a (moreso those who come with a big reputation) and no matter what transpires they will never change there mind
  6. BC, not sure about the need to replace Johnson, IF he is to continue with gowser up front he now only has two strikers to try and keep happy.
  7. I'm the same, despite the wee voice keeping on saying it was only Partick. It's early days yet but on the face of it Berra, Callagan and Elliot seem to be mch better than most of the earier signings.
  8. Cobra, hard to point out Mc Daid as he was playing as a wing back-not his best position. Personally I think if we had lost there wold have been a few on here shouting "what was JMP thinking".
  9. Your not alone mate -at least two agree with you-. Byrne wll have to play a lot more games like Saturday before he lives up to the hype he got when he signed.
  10. As usual I know [email protected]#k all about our new players. so would anyone like to give their Idea of what the formation might be. Thanks
  11. Not bad but I'd have Fin or McGowan long before Byrne!!!!!
  12. Hard to visualise considerng Partick have scored nearly twice as much as us.
  13. Can I get back on theme and just add that my first actual footballing memory was a brilliant two handed penalty save by Brown.
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