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  1. travellingdee


    I'm first to admit I know very little about football manager's credentials, but from my limited knowledge I would guess that JR's CV is no where good enough to make JN change his own guidelines or even risk bending the rules a bit
  2. travellingdee

    Who do you think will be next?

    AS I understand it we have asked permission to talk to several people.
  3. travellingdee

    Who do you think will be next?

    And is the USA not dripping with evangelical "glory seekers"
  4. travellingdee

    Team v St Mirren

    Are you really Mystic Meg and know things we don't know
  5. travellingdee

    Team v St Mirren

    Because in my opinion people tend to remember the highs and those left will mostly remember the two (hopefully) final wins of the season.
  6. travellingdee

    Team v St Mirren

    I'm sorry guys but as much as I advocate giving youngsters a chance and loanees should be on the bench where possible I think McPake should pick what he thinks is the strongest team. hopefully to go into next season on a high.
  7. travellingdee

    Inundated With Applications

    To be fair Islay-without going back and watching it again-I think what he said was, 300 games would probably mean someone had been a manager for around 10 years.I also think he also intimated that the "criteria" was not set in stone.
  8. travellingdee

    Cammy Told To Go By Jm, Now Reprieved?

    Gordon I was completely baffled by you post and what I saw was miles away from your perspective, so I watched the first half again and how you can say a player who only touched the bal l 8 times in a half is dominating I'll never know. He only got in 3 crosses 2 of which he beat Cammy (one almost went in under the bar the other almost went out of play at the other wing). All his other touches were back passes. I'm sorry but Cammy would have a much higher score from me than Menga.
  9. travellingdee

    Next Season

    I can't believe it, we have no manager something like half a dozen signed player an we're trying to guess our next season.
  10. The guy on the audio's guess was about 100!
  11. travellingdee

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    As usual I've probably got the wrong end of the stick, but does his "rolling contract" not mean he can be punted at the end of any month? And I seem to remember it was only to the end of the season.
  12. travellingdee

    Kenny Miller

    Agree with you Kemback he maybe can't do it for a whole match these days but in bursts he can do allright (left one lad standing in one sprint down the line yesterday) I feel if we can play a more attacking game in the Champ. and get in the opposition box more often he will bring us goals.
  13. travellingdee

    Match Preview: Livingston (Away, 11th May 2019)

    If you click on the "little birdie" it tgakes you straight to the updates.
  14. travellingdee

    Match Preview: Livingston (Away, 11th May 2019)

    Thanks for your help mate but I restarted again for the third time and now it's finnaly working.
  15. travellingdee

    Match Preview: Livingston (Away, 11th May 2019)

    Yes mate, but when I press the play icon nothing happens. And I've tried both players.
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