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  1. Aye, you’re right, in all likelihood him or his agent. Poor turn of phrase from me, apologies. I simply meant that we’ve no way of knowing the exact nature of the clause and so to suggest (as the poster I quoted did) that he dropped us the first chance he got is a pretty wild assumption. For instance the club might’ve accepted other offers that triggered the clause and KH turned down the opportunity to talk to the club in question. During JN’s time at Dens though, I think we’ve all seen enough to know that the only thing we can be sure of is that the way it was portrayed in papers is definitely not what happened. And so I just don’t get why a grudge would be held or loyalty called into question based purely on assumption.
  2. And that’s fair enough. I just don’t see why he should have to demonstrate any loyalty to us. Like WW said above, he’s done us a great (twice) but now, through no ones doing or desire, we can’t honour a contract he signed in good faith. If he wants to move on then I can’t say I blame him. Quite rightly our club are doing what’s right for us so I don’t believe we can really criticise any player(s) for thinking about themselves
  3. Do you work for DCT? That’s a large slice of spin. A bidding club invoked a clause in his contract (not his doing) and then offered him a lot more money to play whilst being closer to his family. Out of curiosity, what would you have done?
  4. Maybe not bias nor conspiracy but your own post clearly highlights how easy it is to put a very negative spin on a situation. I doubt many of us would disagree that our club is notoriously bad at PR however to suggest that JN ‘hides’ behind statements and website interviews simply because he refuses to give much away to local media is, frankly, utter tripe; the likes of which DCT seem minded to print. Whilst some of us may feel JN could say/do more to engage the fan base at times, when he does communicate his decision to do so direct via club to fans mediums, as opposed to local journalists, is one I certainly applaud. The fact DCT can then spin this as the root of all the bad publicity we receive, tells me everything I need to know.
  5. but the clubs have just voted FOR the resolution. The only reason it went through this time though was because of the significant intervention by our MD who believes he has got more for DFC (and perhaps Scottish Football) as a result of stalling. We ain’t going round in circles, I understand how it is meant to work. But it never does! As has been mentioned several other times, whilst the clubs can facilitate change it needs the backing of the SPFL for it to go to the vote. If the SPFL had been serious about promoting reconstruction of their own accord then the first vote would never occurred last week. They would still be talking to clubs about the potential for it whilst having amended articles such that prize money (or an element of it at least) could have been paid to members.
  6. There might have been discussions but don’t doubt for minute that there wouldn’t have been a task force set up already. And my view is that any future discussion between clubs would yet again have been centred on whether to accept a take it or leave it option from the SPFL. IMO at least this way there is the potential for clubs to dictate some change rather than it be simply handed down to them as is usually the way. I get it, we disagree on this and you clearly have a lot more faith in the SPFL than I do. Fair enough. I just look at their track record and think they’ve anything but the greater good of their members at heart. If any other club had stood up to them the way we have, to try and force some proper debate and negotiation on change, then I’d be posting here tonight saying fair play to them. No reason why I shouldn’t be saying the same about our own MD.
  7. Hardly slating us, is it? She had to say something today just to appease her own support. Look at the vitriol contained in her initial couple of statements about the SPFL ‘offer’! As it is, her statement sets it up nicely for her to take all the glory as the Chair of the restructuring committee (or whatever they’re called) that miraculously comes up with a new way forward. And no, I don’t believe as detailed discussions on reconstruction would be taking place right now if it hadn’t been for Nelms’ stance. When has the SPFL ever done anything for the greater good of all member clubs? No one liner, throw away sentence at the very bottom of their proposal, is anything like enough to convince me of that. The word of Nelms or Doncaster et al? I know who I’m backing
  8. See now, if that we’re even remotely close to the truth, how come all these clubs haven’t made statements today slating DFC and Nelms and our flip-flopping? After all, many were publicly quick to do so on Friday without understanding exactly what had happened. Two other club statements have been made today and neither Hearts nor Patrick point the finger at DFC, instead choosing more dignified approaches to address their own fans on the back of previous, more incredulous, statements. I wonder why?
  9. By quite some distance the best, most complete and in touch statement this BoD has made during their tenure. DDYB
  10. You ain’t kidding. When I was typing up this post the iPad highlighted McPake’s name and told me ’No Replacements Found’ We’re doomed.
  11. No apology needed. I think we agree My ‘so what?’ wasn’t directed at you or your post but rather a general statement. Every player at this level gives the ball away and so rather than hanging the young lad out to dry, IMO McPake should’ve been more concerned as to why Nisbet was allowed to run 45 yds unchallenged and get his shot away! As we both said, piss poor leadership
  12. Quite possibly but the one thing he should never have done is sub is him at half time. If the laddie wasn’t quite ready for his debut then he shouldn’t have started but after McPake decided he could trust him to start, then he should’ve backed him to the hilt. So the lad made a mistake in the lead up to their goal - so what? How many of our so called senior pros have made significantly worse howlers this season and gotten away with it? Shocking man management and could knock the young lads confidence so much that it sets him back years. All because our manager has know idea how to set out a team
  13. Abernyte Pilsner and a 12yr old Mortlach chaser. Happy New Year peeps. DDYB
  14. It was a great effort. Some save too. Moves his feet really quickly to enable him to get across and claw it out. In stark contrast to Hamilton later on in the match for their 2nd and 3rd goals where he just attempts to dive from a standing still position. Overall I think he’s been pretty good for us this season but I believe the footage shows he should’ve done a lot better with both those goals. It does though, also highlight our deficiencies defensively. The bit just after Dorrans’ sublime effort from their throw in shows Forster all over the place, nowhere near the opposition striker. He has no idea where he is but then isn’t helped by McGhee; the lack of communication is obvious. The striker just stood still between them at the throw and our two don’t even think about taking responsibility to mark him, until it’s almost too late. Their 1st and 2nd goals demonstrate a similar problem with their striker between our two CHs and a simple ball into the channel exposing them. Dreadful depending. We really do need a commanding CH in Jan to help take responsibility out there and hopefully cut out some of these basic errors.
  15. Not Dumbarton on final day, when we last won this league?
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