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  1. You ain’t kidding. When I was typing up this post the iPad highlighted McPake’s name and told me ’No Replacements Found’ We’re doomed.
  2. No apology needed. I think we agree 👍 My ‘so what?’ wasn’t directed at you or your post but rather a general statement. Every player at this level gives the ball away and so rather than hanging the young lad out to dry, IMO McPake should’ve been more concerned as to why Nisbet was allowed to run 45 yds unchallenged and get his shot away! As we both said, piss poor leadership
  3. Quite possibly but the one thing he should never have done is sub is him at half time. If the laddie wasn’t quite ready for his debut then he shouldn’t have started but after McPake decided he could trust him to start, then he should’ve backed him to the hilt. So the lad made a mistake in the lead up to their goal - so what? How many of our so called senior pros have made significantly worse howlers this season and gotten away with it? Shocking man management and could knock the young lads confidence so much that it sets him back years. All because our manager has know idea how to set out a team 😡
  4. Abernyte Pilsner and a 12yr old Mortlach chaser. Happy New Year peeps. DDYB
  5. It was a great effort. Some save too. Moves his feet really quickly to enable him to get across and claw it out. In stark contrast to Hamilton later on in the match for their 2nd and 3rd goals where he just attempts to dive from a standing still position. Overall I think he’s been pretty good for us this season but I believe the footage shows he should’ve done a lot better with both those goals. It does though, also highlight our deficiencies defensively. The bit just after Dorrans’ sublime effort from their throw in shows Forster all over the place, nowhere near the opposition striker. He has no idea where he is but then isn’t helped by McGhee; the lack of communication is obvious. The striker just stood still between them at the throw and our two don’t even think about taking responsibility to mark him, until it’s almost too late. Their 1st and 2nd goals demonstrate a similar problem with their striker between our two CHs and a simple ball into the channel exposing them. Dreadful depending. We really do need a commanding CH in Jan to help take responsibility out there and hopefully cut out some of these basic errors.
  6. Not Dumbarton on final day, when we last won this league?
  7. No argument here Rocky. I thought we were lucky to get it as well tbh, would’ve been pretty annoyed if that had been against us also. But that doesn’t mean that our whole end wasnae screaming at the ref to give it when the two pronged challenge went in. There was an almighty roar, only bettered seconds later when DJ dispatched the pen! Even from back behind the goal, watching the Fifer seethe in the main stand was a sight to behold 👍
  8. 😂😂😂 I agree with a lot of your post but FFS, our whole end was screaming for it!
  9. We can debate back 3 or flat back 4 forever, I think what our last 2 games (both against Championship rivals) have shown is that either system CAN work depending on the opposing set up and getting our own deployment of it correct. Last night, for me, the biggest problem was the bit in bold above and was again another glaring example of why this needs sorted if we are going to contend the title this season. Yes, in the first half they pressed us high up the park and caused us problems down the wings but it was our inability to hold the ball up top and bring team mates into play which perpetuated the problem and failed to stem the waves of attack. I’m not necessarily blaming the front two for this as the vast majority of passes they received first half were above head height and it was a slog for them. However there will be games like that in this league and we need to be able to make the ball stick, play a pass, relieve pressure and move the game 40yds further up the park. Thought Todd (in particular) and McDaid were both excellent second half and showed we have enough creativity in the team, especially alongside Johnson’s movement which was excellent at times. This is only helpful though if we are playing the game in the opposing half! So, in summary, if we could just get Willie Falconer to come out of retirement........
  10. Totally agree. In fact I’d go so far as to say it is the smart work as opposed to the hard work. Its only my opinion but I think it is the main reason why Scottish teams are so far behind the rest of Europe. We do actually have some very good technical ball players but generally our players are poor off the ball, both in an attacking and defensive sense.
  11. Not Gowser specific but that’s exactly the way I watch the game (it’s what I was taught) and also how I am attempting to enlighten the wee lad. Its an ongoing battle though where I sit in the Coxy, having to contend with shouts of ‘don’t pfaff around with it there, get it up the park!’ immediately followed by ‘aww FFS stop just lumping it aimlessly!’ 😂 Trying to explain to the wee lad why these things occur (due to a lack of movement off the ball) can be difficult when he hears such contradicting mentalities within the stands. But then, we don’t all see it the same
  12. New ones are nice but still not as cool as this one......😍
  13. Can we not just use 💪 💙
  14. And then bring Juan Sara back to net the rebound.....
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